Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You're ON TV!

Krissy you idiot...really? REALLY? Your Dad is a mobster and you WANT HIM ON TV? ahahahaa. DUH. KeMo's line about Reality TV..hee hee. Don't you have to sign a waiver to be filmed anyhoo? This is so OLTL with the cameras--David Vickers and the Buchannan family! 
"The typical American family doesn’t threaten TV crews with lawsuits and injunctions," says Alexis to the camera!
And Kristina says they HAVE to let her do this or she walks? Um, I'd say GOOD BYE YOU LITTLE WEENIE!!  Alexis needs to not cave.  Geesh!

Tracy can't think of anything she holds dear.  OMG, Luke mentions the infamous heart medication scene. Only the best scene I've ever witnessed!! They realize they didn't do it--and wonder who did?! Luke gets caught with the gun. Whoops.

AZ is hangin around. I want him to rot a bit more each day-- just get really gruesome!! 

Maxie got married in black. Interesting--I know she didn't have anything else but she would want at least pink! Ah, Spinelli is so sad. Wah.

I see that Mulva is still around. Did they ever show her husband again? Maybe getting off the charges?? Nothing right?? Well, that was a waste! 

Flea and Mac out getting a drink! Yeah!


friscogh said...

Possibly the WORST episode of GH I have ever seen. Way to campy for me. Reality show, crazy camera work, marriage without a license, and the never ending weekend at Bernie's. The only redeeming grace about today's show...lots of Alexis and Tracy and no Michael or Starr or Tea.
I feel GH is becoming a campy joke.
Is this material the new guys inherited from Guza or did the new guys come up with this dread all themselves?
Que the dissenters...

kdmask said...

This is ALL OLTL Stuff...the dead ghost (Eddie Ford) the Reality Show (David Vickers) ...

LaTanya said...

It's funny to hear Spineli call Matt a liar and murderer especially since his best friend Jason IS a liar and murderer. As a matter of fact Spineli has helped Jason cover up and get away with many crimes including murder but I guess it's only ok if it's his friends that do it and get away with it! smh

Yeah the reality stuff is campy and over the top but I did like Kristina airing out all of the family's dirty laundry. Now he knows how Claudia and Johnny felt when he did it to them! lol

CareyN said...

OFF TOPIC....About Jonathan Jackson and his band, Enation.

They are performing a live-streaming, 30-minute acoustic set hosted by this Sunday at 5:00pm Pacific time. They are asking $3.50 for a "ticket" (I gave them $5.00). I've never watched a Stageit show before, but I have friends who have. It's a great way to support up-and-coming artists, or to see artists you can't normally see in concert. I'm not trying to sound like a saleswoman, just trying to support JJ in his career.


Karen, if you want to delete this I will not be offended. I'm just tickled to get to see JJ sing. :)

My2Cents2 said...

Mr Grasshopper didn't have a good day today, did he?? Though he has worked my nerves since the beginning of time, still I felt for him today.

Did I see a twinkle in Mac's eye today when he left for a drink with Felicia?? I know I was 'twinkling'.

Papa ghost has to die. FF thru that. Silly.
Luke & Tracey arrested for Papa death.
Does this mean vacation time for these 2?? Or will this get resolved sooner than later??

Tomorrow and the rest of the week look good. Can't wait.

renegade_killerbee said...

This Mob Princess reality TV-show storyline for NuKristina and the "graduate student" she met at the coffee house is a complete rip off of The Naked Heiress reality TV-show storyline Abby Carlton did on Young and the Restless when that character was re-introduced to the show a couple of years ago.

In just a couple of days we will probably meet NuKristina's slimy reality TV show producer boyfriend.

Soaps have no fresh ideas anymore when they keep borrowing (hi, stealing) from each other like this.

Love4dogs said...

I agree that this is a blatent rip off of Abby Carlton and The Naked Heiress. The difference is that the soar of Abby with Marcy Ryland is FAR superior to this recast. (I still say she looks like Skye!) It is out of character for Kristina to air the dirty laundry in public. The former Kristina, as written, would have been totally humiiated by this.

I like Spinelli and Bradford Anderson is a good actor. I felt bad for him.

eygirl33 said...

It's a shame that the new writers have chosen to recycle OLTL stories. It's not really a surprise considering there are only 2 GH writers that remain and at least 5 others that RC brought over from OLTL. So perhaps we should prepare ourselves for OLTL part II. If GH should see it's 50th anniversary, I wonder if the majority of the cast will still be GH or OLTL.

glennash3 said...

I agree with other posters that the new writers are recycling OLTL and Y&R stories. It so blatant it not even funny or that interesting to watch. At least the current Jasam story is a leftover from the previous regime. It has elements of the Bianca rape story from AMC. I wonder if the new writers will recycle the baby switch story of Babe/Bianca/Kelly Cramer from the AMC/OLTL crossover with Sam/Tea this time around. At least the continuity of the scenes are better. Don't shoot me, but I'm not a big Tony Geary fan, but the dead Anthony stuff is funny and the most interesting stuff on GH right now. Can't wait till the baby birth stories start tomorrow. Crossing my fingers, it will be good.

soaplover said...

I didn't see or recall the other stories mentioned above so all this on today is fun for me and interesting, and a BIG improvement over mob crap that was the fare for years at GH. My faves were on: Luke, Alexis, Anna, Mac, etc, so it was a good day.

Jason's thinking is so a left-over from Guza days--'McBain's a COP--you can't trust him. Remember that...' he says to Sam, like being a cop is like being a...hmm, murdering criminal??

I thought today was pretty good. And stories do not drag--big plus.

LSV422 said...

Yikes - I thought the NuKrissy in-your-face stuff was cringe-worthy. Old Krissy would never have done this. The only good stuff - Luke/Tracy, McBain/Jason and Mac/Felicia. Still enjoying dead Anthony and Johnny. Too many newbies front and center on the show. I still want Kirsten S. back.

Sara@iSass said...

dislike the new Krissy...she's too Claudia like. Coo coo. Coo coo, maybe she needs a cell i mean room next to Con/Kate since both haven't different personalities!
Can they please just BURY AZ already...I liked Johnny, thought it awesome he finally shot his old man grnadpa whatever he is. I'm tired of Spinelli, (agreed with LaTanya) what is with all the whiners? Lastly: CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ROBIN?!?!?!? She died, no, wait she's locked in a room, being drugged, now nothing.Haven't seen a scene in months! Who has her? why are they doing this to Patrick and Emma?

renegade_killerbee said...

Isn't two days on the job a little early to be judging NuKristina?

This kind of reminds me of the summer of 2001 when Tamara Braun took over for Sarah Brown in the role of Carly and message board fans were immediately on Braun's case the first couple of weeks (they were downright CRUEL!). Flash forward a year and the majority was in love with Braun and had all but forgotten Brown.

I think three months on the job will be a more accurate time period to gauge Lindsey Morgan's job skills. Two days (and being introduced via a crapalicious storyline just isn't fair for the poor girl).

LSV422 said...

I for one couldn't stand Tamara B. from day one and that opinion lasted until she was finally gone. Sarah B. was one of the finest actresses on daytime ever IMHO. I will never like Starr or NuKrissy.