Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dolores Factor

Just want to say that there seems to be some weird stuff going on writing wise! (Editing too but I'll get to that)

Ummmmmmm,  where's Dolores in all of the Ronnie stuff? It's HER hubby accused of these crimes (who we have not seen well...in ages)-- and she was even accused by Lulu of changing the computer stuff.  YOU'D THINK THEY'D PUT HER IN A SCENE OR TWO regarding this? Why didn't SHE confront Ronnie? Makes no sense. And you know I'm not a dang Mulva fan, but come on. 

More points to ponder (because you know I will Sunday)
Where did Luke and Anna go?
Why take so long with the Maggie death? If you missed last Monday's show, you wouldn't even KNOW she's been killed!!

Again with this but: WHERE THE HELL IS MONICA?
TJ and Shawn..if they are coming back at all then why keep them in mothballs? How about Molly? 
Noah never got a last scene. I thought I'd missed it somehow but then someone told me he was just there, then gone.

And... Patrick called Liz to pick Emma up from daycare.  She hasn't moved from GH to get in everyone's business in forever. Paddy must still be on the couch in a wallow. 

Don't get me started on Felicia. So glad she's "Back". 

There, my bitch is done! I feel better now. I'll try to pop some SCOOPS up before I have to leave today. Have a good one!


My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

I agree with you 100%. Yet for me I keep watching. Out of habit and because it is still a better show than it was 4 months ago. I wonder if any viewer has brought this attention to Ron & Frank?

I know I miss Patrick terribly.
Monica I never got a chance to miss. They never gave her a storyling.
Karen, you tweet, I hope you tweet this stuff too and tptb are reading what you are pointing out.

Delores is all but gone. No ending nothing. She will be put in the closet along with many others. Maybe one day they will take her out and dust her off to bring back.

frisco...I don't take advise from you. We live in 2 different worlds.
I do agree with David, you cried (literally) you were never coming back to this site, yet you are on more than anyone else. Couldn't stay away?? Or blowing hot air again?

carrie said...

For all the things you pointed out..I am still really enjoying GH..I try to watch it live everyday now and I miss it on the weekends..This is so welcome because before Frank came I would read your posts to decide if I would watch the show and sometimes would end up deleting an entire week of shows without watching them..
There are things that I miss..I miss the old Maxie (she was my favorite actress on GH)..But from reading her tweets it does not sound like she is coming back anytime soon..I have gotten used to Jen Lilley and if she is to keep being Maxie well.it is just one of those things I have to accept.
I want more of Anna and Luke and Patrick and Emma..We need a scene with Anna and Emma to make us smile.
I am fine with Maggie just disappearing from our lives..It might be interesting to find out someday where Heather stashed her..(Maybe in the freezer with Uncle Pork Chop..That is a nod to her other crazy role of Janet from another Planet on All My CHildren and where she put her husbands body..What a gruesome discovery that body was)
Delores Delores where are you??I was just getting used to you..How far you came from the days when your hair was in a ponytail all the time..But how many of us kept writing online that she, Shawn, and TJ were characters that we did not care for..Maybe Frank read our opinions and is ending those stories..Or maybe TJ will pop up in the summer when soaps try to get teens to watch..

soaplover said...

Have to say: I like Shawn and I like Delores and feel they could be useful characters. Delores could provide a much needed best friend for Lulu. Shawn could work with McBain. The actor is good and extremely handsome and the show needs more ethnic types. Now that Ronnie is gone there is room on the PCPD for McBain and for Delores and even Shawn. I'd like to see the cops outnumber the mobster for a change!