Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heather's Got Anthony!

Heather and Anthony driving around... LOL.She makes him smile-- and come on HE DOESN'T STINK to high heaven yet? There's a Dashboard Mary in the car! Nice prop! It's Olivia's car.  Good RC that she is.

Todd to Tea: Can you even get a seatbelt over that belly??
Tea's having contractions
Then Sam has a contraction.
Two cars, one road..a storm! 
Hmmm,.. you know what's gonna happen!! 

Sonny and Jason. yawn. At least I saw the Badger today!!  Sonny actually says Sam "couldn't handle the baby behing FRANCO'S so she went to John... what an idiot. JASON IS THE ONE THAT couldn't handle it. THAT was a stupid scene and I hated the dialog.

And the show ends with Tea and Sam screaming like banshees!


  1. Okay, I adored Tea on OLTL, but she was seriously hurting my ears today!! She really needs to tone down the yodelling a bit...

  2. Sorry! I haven't watched GH for a couple of days! I need to catch up!

    Jason and Sonny: Sonny is trying to tell Jason that Sam needs Jason not McBain!! Through the whole damn show!!!! UGH!

    Tea and Todd: Todd is trying to call Tea and he leaves a message. Tea is passed out on the car garage floor. He drives her to the hospital. He has the line of the day!

    Todd: Can you even get that seat belt over that belly?

    ROFL! I laughed so hard. :) Anyway the phone tower fell because of the rainstorm! So nobody can use their phone! Tea is in labor!!!! The baby is coming now!!!

    Sam and McBain: So McBain didn't have Jason arrested. He tells Sam this. Is he lying? :) OH OH Sam is in labor!!!!! The baby is coming!!!!

    Police station: Luke and Tracy were arrested!! DOH!

    Heather and Dead Papa Z: Heather has Dead Papa Z in her car!! She is talking to him. Oh oh police shows up! Heather has Dead Papa Z smiling! ROFL! That made me laugh hard too!!! The cop is telling her the road is out. Heather decides to bury dead papa Z!!!

  3. I caught some of it online. I'm sorry but I saw an actress over-acting and extremely loud (Tea). I know the bit was supposed to be funny -pregnant woman trapped with the last person on the planet she would want to be with goes into labor. It's been done a million times , at least.I had the same reaction Todd did when she screamed, and it wasn't sympathy.
    Sam (kemo) wasn't loud but I did not find her acting much better and usually , I don't have a problem with the actress, even though I don't like sam.
    Heather was the only thing funny on the show.
    Right now , I am finding the show is dull again.

  4. The baby switch thing is so predictable.

    Can Tea leave once she pops out this kid? I find her really annoying.

    Sonny and Jason could not have been more boring today. Sonny just got on my nerves.

    Hopefully it will be a better show tomorrow.

  5. Todd was downright thrilling today.

    Being a Roger Howarth fan for almost 20 years, I am sure those lines in the car with Florencia Lozano were all ad-libs that he came up with while going over their lines.

    Give this man another Emmy in 2013!!!

  6. Anyone else think Todd was damn sexy after he came in from the rain?

  7. Anyone else think Todd was damn sexy after he came in from the rain?

  8. I loved it today!! Even the stupid 'man' talk with Jason and Sonny. As long as no one is standing there defending the creep or saying what a 'good man' he is or 'great father' or any of the other idiot nonsense, when Sonny is being as stupid as we know he has to be, then I can almost tolerate him. 'She knew he was a cop--why would she trust him?' LOL!

    And Heather with smiling Anthony--priceless.
    And Lulu watching her dad sweat out Tracy's mouth.

    I wonder if the OLTL people seem to fit in so well to those of us who watched both shows is because it seems seamless and natural to us that these characters, alongside GH characters, are on our screens. We're used to watching them. And they are super good actors who match up fine with super good GH really works for me.

    I hated the vampire thing on PC and it finally caused me to tune out, but I am amazed that I can see that very strong chem between McBain and Sam.
    Can't wait until tomorrow!

  9. Yeah, I didn't really buy Sam's (Kemo) distress in the labor scenes. The Sam I know would have much more concerned about something happening to the baby after last time. I think it would be great if the writers had Sam make out a power of attorney note naming Alexis as the baby's guardian in case something happens to her. This way Jason would be left out in the cold and know that Sam doesn't trust him to care about her baby.

    I did not like Roger Howarth as Todd on OLTL, but I love him on GH. His scenes with Sonny are cool too. This is something I did not expect.

    Hopefully, the audience will be in on what actually happens during the aftermath of the babies births, so we root for the truth to be revealed.

    Can't wait till tomorrow's GH.

  10. @alewis Oh Yeah I did! He looked super hot. I was stunned for a second by his beauty!

  11. Hated the Sonny/Jason scenes but maybe that's the point.

    Heather was hilarious as usual.

    Seemed like a really slow epi to me, no movement in storyline for the first 40 minutes.

    Really liking Todd. He's too funny.

    McBam. Love them.

  12. I also found Tea's overacting very annoying, and screechy. And I wondered why Sam was concerned because she was in labour and hadn't finished her birthing classes. That was a dumb line. She's given birth before.

    I grinned like a banshee at smiling Anthony, and at Heather's rain gear. How did that miraculously appear in the car? Not something the owner would have had in the trunk either.

    Let's hope she loses Anthony's body and we never see him again. Luke is just started to be fun again. I don't want him in jail and we've had enough court scenes.

  13. renegade_killerbee said...Being a Roger Howarth fan for almost 20 years,
    Yup! I have been a fan of his for years too!!! Since the beginning! :)

    Give this man another Emmy in 2013!!!
    YES! I AGREE! :)

    alewis said.. Anyone else think Todd was damn sexy after he came in from the rain?
    Oh shoot I forgot to mention that, and I was planning on it too! Damn! YES he is so hot wet! Always has been! :)