Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jason Cook Leaving GH

 On SOD:
Jason Cook, who joined GH in 2008 as Matt, is leaving the soap next month. The actor already has a slew of projects lined up to keep him busy. "I was going to have to take several months off the show for all these other things I'm working on," he reports. "One would have been this summer, to do LifeCHANGE [his project with Arianne Zucker, Nicole, DAYS] and other shoots, as well as my new cooking show, CHOP THIS. It's an on-location cooking show with a different restaurant chef showing us a couple of recipes each week. It's going to start online at If Genreful [his short film with co-star Bradford Anderson, Spinelli] gets funded, I have that to do, too. So, I am stepping away for the time being. There is no talk about me coming back, but I was going to have to take time off anyway."


friscogh said...

Robin, Matt, Lisa and Maggie. 4 less doctors in the hospital then a year ago.

Perhaps Monica will get a little more airtime?

Perhaps time to bring back Bobbie, Kelly Lee, Simone Hardy or Sarah Webber. Or make Lucas Jones a doctor and bring him back.

I just hope OLTL did not have a doctor they are now going to import.

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

How sad. He never was given a fair storyline. So he will leave by going to jail??

Karen what do you hear about KS coming back? WOrd is that she is tweeting she is coming back. I don't tweet, but a funny thing happened, I fell in love with NuMaxie and want her to stay.

I wish Monica would get more airtime. Heck these writers wrote tremendosly for elderly actors on OLTL. They could do the same here.

MatchboxGinny said...

I'm kinda bummed about Jason Cook. He was certainly underutilized. It's a shame they wasted his acting talents. On to bigger and better things for him!

Queenie427 said...

I am sad about Jason C leaving. I liked that Patrick had his brother in PC. I also liked Matt's friendship with Liz. I hope that this doesn't mean we are getting Spixie back.

I do wish Jason all the best in his future endeavors. He always seemed so nice on Twitter, as well as down to earth, and appreciative of his fans.

soaplover said...

I wondered about Matt's staying around once it was established he killed Lisa. We didn't care who cared Lisa, but the writers can use that as a perfectly logical way to let Matt go. Apparently he wasn't staying anyway.

I like Maxie much better with Spin and I never felt they made good use of Matt--and I wasn't that taken with the actor. Making him constantly compete with Patrick had the effect of him seeming childishly tempermental. I'm glad the actor has lots going on for him, though. Never like to see an actor lose a job...

Love4dogs said...

ack! I want Jen Lilley to stay.

Robert said...

Not to be redundant but Jason Cook was little more than furniture for most of his tenure on GH. Wasted storyline opportunities but wish him the best on his new endeavors.

heavanneleigh said...

Michael McBain and Marcy McBain, ya feelin me?

LSV422 said...

I really like Jason and thought he was perfectly cast as Pat's brother.He's a good actor and never boring to watch. Too bad they wasted him for so many years. I hope he does well. Really concerned about Jason T. since he has been virually invisible since his phenomenal performances during Robin's death. Maybe they are just trying to figure out where to take him next. Thrilled KS may be coming back - had enough of JL who is very good but not the real Maxie to me.

My2Cents2 said...

Different strokes for different folks. I could watch Todd & Tea all day and I ff thru everything Starr, Nostrils, Sam.
We all have our own opinions on who we like and don't like. If hiring Todd, Starr, Nostrils & Tea gave GH another year, I stand behind the decisions.
I can ff thru them and pick up on the blogs what is going on if I chose.
Which I do with Sam & McNostrils.

I am still hoping to see Heather again and learn why Ron & Frank dropped the ball on this storyline.

Watchintele said...

Lose another doctor. Thought this show was General Hospital?

We don't see Patrick all that much after Robin "died" and now you have his brother leave too.
Poor guy, is going through the ringer. He's going to blame himself even more about bringing Lisa into their lives.
If they are smart, add it to his current story of depression and grief. But show it.
So the people that he needs are one by one off the show. Sad.

I'm still irritated that they haven't had Jason go to Patrick, Anna & Mac to pass along condolences, considering how important Robin was to him. If you ask me they missed out on some great scenes instead of this crap that we have to be subjected to now.

Matt leaving only means the balance of the show will never shift to where it should. The HOSPITAL!!!!

sonya said...

Oh no! I love Matt!!! The end of SpinMatt-Spatt? :( I hope not. I hope Jason Cook comes back!

sonya said...

I am also going to miss Patrick and Matt scenes. :(

Di said...

I wish that he wasn't going too, but considering his storylines, I'm not surprised. I wish him well.

I'm also concerned that the focus is going to shift away from the hospital again and on to the criminal element. Not just Sonny now, but also Todd, bragging about getting away with murder. I guess we'll be left with the odd scene where Liz "overhears" some crim who's being treated there.