Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Xenophobia

fear or dislike of strangers or the unknown.

Or, in this case--Llanophobia! Too many invading the PC space?? Tea comes on and yells louder than Carly. That in itself is glorious. Out Carly-CarlyMouth. heh. 

Now, I must tell you the rumors that are going around concerning the BABIES on GH. Some say Tea and Sam go into labor at the same time...some say baby switch (one dies) others say Heather kidnaps the JaSam baby. Are they born in a cabin? In the woods? In a Motel? Will John McBain deliver them? I'm betting that if Tea gives birth in PC, Todd will be there. So, here we go--into the June speculation. 
This is a night early so I can have tomorrow off and bask in the Mother's Day festivities! 

On to this week's show... Let's see. I still say the show is very uneven. I really don't like it when I don't know the timeline--and with Maggie being drugged on April 30th and not seen again until May 9th, well--I'm more than a little confused. I would have liked to have seen Heather practice ol' Maggie's handwriting too. 
Where's Monica? God forbid anyone use Leslie C too much, right? LOL.  And while I'm grateful for Anna/Luke, the whole Haunted Star thing was choppy and just strange. Like I said in an earlier post Dolores should have been there. Where's her hubby? Suing the PCPD?  Lulu staring at the blood...Ronnie laying  there forever and then blinking when the bag was sealed!
Starr and Sonny and the "Showdown" on Highway 12. Hahhhaaa. He and Michael just sit on rocks and talk. Somewhere in there Michael's entire persona changes.  He decides to get Starr arrested. Made no sense to me. I guess they needed the drama to get Todd and Tea there. It's like Michael changed over night.

Then there's the CRAY Connie stuff. Well, I can say this: Kelly Sullivan can sure cry.  You'd think they'd have her evaluated before throwing her in the clink, especially given Ewan's notes.  But ok. Whatever. I need this over. If another "person" is hiding in there I'll lose it. Like "Tony" punk-boy from Bensonhurst--can you imagine?

McBain and Sam do the dance. Where will it lead? That's the million dollar question. Will they or won't they be siblings? Will RC get everyone going with Liason 'run-ins'? Is he a tease? Oh yes. At least Jason isn't the savior every time anymore.

 Thank you for the 3.5 minute Flea-Mac airtime... blink and you missed it! Please give Mac a house--- and I so wish that Felicia would talk to Anna soon. 

Jason Thompson stellar acting despite being surrounded by Pottery Barn Lamps. Too bad Jason Cook is leaving because these two were just getting going. Have to ask: is Noah still in the bedroom??! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: If one scene doesn't stick in my head-- I usually pick it by choosing the first thing that pops into my mind. And this week it's: LULU'S LUST over her "hostage" and gun encounter!! She lit up like a Christmas Tree when talking to Luke, didn't she?! And Luke chuckled--he didn't freak out or treat her like he did Lucky. He was fun about it. Next, Anna will give her the finer points of being a kick-ass and that will be that. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Steven Lars hyperventilating over Maggie's death...I'm sorry but I just can't stand that heavy breathing-acting.  Plus they acted like he and Maggie were soul mates or something. You'd also think he'd realize HIS CRAZY -ASSED mother was involved especially when she gets his mail and "a letter" is in there from Mags.  

EDIT: Almost forgot STUPID MOMENT OF THE WEEK.  This speaks for itself:


So THAT'S the word from the WUBS! I need to get my spoilers caught up.  GH is better but I'm strangely ambivalent about it lately. The Emmy noms didn't help. What a joke.  I can't even begin to wonder what anyone was thinking with half those nominations. 

HAPPY MAMA's day--!!


  1. Jason Thompson shows why he can take a few minutes of dialogue, and then a few minutes of a wordless scene, and no matter what, he makes the scene absolutely amazing! I wish we were seeing more of him, but what we do get when he is on is absolutely amazing! Why the man has been passed over for an Emmy time and again is beyond me. May the Daytime Emmy gods correct this and hand the man an Emmy this year, and most definitely next year for the scenes since this February!

    It is sad that Jason Cook is leaving GH, and with him goes Patrick's last family connection. Jason and Jason had fabulous scenes together, and I will miss the Drake-Hunter brothers!

    And Steven didn't give two cents about Maggie, and then when she's dying he turns into a blithering mess? GMAB! He didn't go into this much grief about Robin...hell's bells, nobody in the hospital except Liz and Pip did. So his devastation about Maggie doesn't move me in the slightest. Maggie just wasn't a watchable character (no offense to Kodi!), but just seemed like another added newbie who took up airspace that could have been used by some excellent vets on the show.

    Another Fabulous Sunday Surgery, Wubs! Looking forward to the next one!

  2. I find it funny that when fashion-maven Kate is in the hospital she is in a hospital gown, no make-up and looks all dishevelled YET when Saint Jason was in the hospital he was still in a black tee, orange spray tan and perfect hair (despite brain surgery).
    As much as I dislike the character of Kate at least her hospital appearance is realistic.

  3. Is it my imagination or were two of my three least favorite characters - Starr and Kate - on every day last week?

  4. They better not kill Tea and Victor's baby!!!! I'm not saying JaSam's baby should die either just that I'd be pissed if they have Tea come to PC just to kill her and Victor's baby.

  5. Wow, I would love it if mcbain delivered Jasam's baby, Jason is such an idiot lately :)

    Why was Olivia so desperate about maggie?

    McBam better not be related. I hope they find out they have feelings for each other.

    Why don't we get to see sam get ready for the baby? Where is the baby gonna sleep, in a motel room? Why can't we see at least Sam and Alexis go baby-shopping?

    Why don't they ever talk about baby Lila? She was also Sonny's child, they could have talked about it with Mcbain...

  6. I'm hearing two babies but one is kidknapped and they will revisit Sam watching a baby get kidknapped. It is why the kidnapping of the liason baby jake was playing on soapnet.
    The only OLTL characters I have enjoyed are McBain and Todd. I couldn't care less about Tea as I don't know her story, not invested in her. After seeing her added , I am not hopeful for any other GH vets coming back.
    I think RC and FV have their own favorites and that's who we will see as well as sonny, jason,carly, sam and kate front and center.

  7. was choppy this week. This is the first week I didn't enjoy the show.

    Can't believe they have done nothing with Felicia. Angers me.
    Should be illegal to bring her back, dance her in front of us and nothing more. SHAME!

    Sonny was on 4 days, Jason 3 days last week. Don't mind Jason as much, but with Sonny its the same dialog daily..
    Sad Kates story is coming to an end. WOW can Kelly Sullivan act!!That probably accounts for the slight level in viewership. Now what? If it goes back to another bad week like last week, we will be in last place again.

    YES McNostrils will, without a doubt deliver Sam's baby. Then he will turn his back for a second and baby Morgan will be gone.
    Isn't Tea here temporarily?? She on contract? I do NOT see her baby being kidnapped.......Unless TSJ is coming over to GH. Doesn't he have a record of kidnapping babies?

    For me the scene of the week, however short it was, belongs to Patrick. He is mourning like anyone in his place would be doing. He isn't dating yet like they usually write for break ups!!
    But where is Emma?? Surely she isn't stuck at 'grams' with Liz Vining's kids! Hopefully she is with Anna and that is why we saw little of each last week.
    Grams must be 100 years old by now.

  8. Another baby being kidnapped? Last time they went there... wasn't it it with Franco/Aiden/Lucky/Liz/...? Oh and of course Claudia/Carly in the cabin.... Can't they come up with something unexpected, something we haven't already seen so many times? :)

  9. Happy Mother's Day Karen! Thank you for always taking time out of your busy schedule to blog! It's always appreciated! Have a fabulous day Mama :)

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  12. " they will revisit Sam watching a baby get kidknapped"

    Now that would be karma. I'm happy they're going to remind everyone about Sam's past. Her actions with Liz and the gunman in the park and the kidnapping are things some fans have never forgotten. It's the main reason I still gag when I see Jason with her. Some things you never forget!

    (And yes, I'm still hoping baby Jake was kidnapped by his evil uncle.)

  13. I swear Steve was hardly on in feb and March.

  14. Maybe Sam will put her baby in a tree.

  15. Maybe Sam will put her baby in a tree.

  16. Tea is a great character but this OLTL stuff is going overboard. Do we really need to have 5 characters forced on us within like 3 month time? Give some of the GH cast some airtime! Geez
    They should have just brought over Todd and McBain and left at that. Todd and Carly showed some chemistry and McBain hunting down Sonny like a dog is great since apparently the PCPD hasn't ever been able to.

  17. Yes we do need OLTL characters. Its either that, or no GH at all.
    I don't want that, so I will go with the flow and enjoy what Ron is trying to do for us viewers

  18. I haven't posted in forever but the suggestion that there may be some (more) baby "confusion" in the near future is too upsetting for me to ignore.

    I understand why people are happy to see OLTL characters on the show; I went into the whole thing feeling positive about it.

    During her first few days on the show I really liked Starr, but now I feel like I need to watch those scenes again cause I can't figure out how my reaction to her has changed so dramatically.

    I was excited/intrigued by the importing of Todd and McBain - I loved Roger Howarth's Todd in the 90s and, although I was not a fan of McBain, I was also a fan of Michael Easton.

    Tea is the last straw for me. Thinking about the scenes of Todd, Tea and Starr, chatting away at the PCPD, still makes my blood pressure rise - I simply DO NOT CARE. The mere suggestion that they may try to further establish these characters, by twisting them in with the Sam/Jason drama, and then use that story to import even more strangers-that-I-don't-need-on-my screen is revolting.

    My biggest gripe with these new actors is the quality of their performances. General Hospital has typically & reliably employed fabulous actors -and I am sorry to the fans, and mean no disrespect to the actors themselves- but I strongly feel that there is a notable decline in performance when going from GH "stars" to those from OLTL. Their emotions don't feel sincere enough to be moved by. Patrick and Anna are impossible to follow, but I find that even characters like NuMaxie and Spinelli feel more sincere than the OLTL actors.

    Honestly, I just think the show is a mess right now. I find myself walking away in complete disgust anytime Jason or the OLTL trio grace my screen, and I'm not a whole lot more excited by the Sonny/Kate drama - which says a LOT because I am typically fascinated by mental illness and any attempts to portray it. All I can say about that story is I'm going to miss Connie; Kelly Sullivan, while never living up to the role of "Kate Howard," has been performing very well.

    I've been watching old GH on YouTube and was really excited about Felicia's return, but I'm still not sure what exactly I was waiting for.

    I am going to continue my hiatus for the time being because if I have to listen to the same dialogue from Starr (or Todd) one more time I'm going to need a TV repair man. <.<

    Again, I apologize to those who disagree with me - I know many, many people here will - but Tea genuinely was my breaking point. While I do agree that someone taking Sam's baby would be great soap karma, I do not want Tea's baby in my life under any circumstance.

  19. I agree, Adora. These writers are doing really sloppy work, especially with Maggie showing up a week later - where was she anyway - starving to death or in Heather's closet? Lulu and Sam get abducted but no one sees it. Ronnie, McBain and Sam are at the same hotel? Todd is able to eavesdrop on a client-attorney conversation at the police station. Heather can get Steve's personal mail at GH. We still have no evidence of an influx of OLTL viewers according to the ratings and I don't think we ever will. OLTL never had really great ratings either regardless of how everyone raved about it. And yes, GH has the real talent. Too bad the new regime loves Starr so much, because we all don't and most of us have to ffwd. when she is on. I'm happy with McBain, and Todd seems interesting, but the long conversation between Starr and Tea was unneccesary and of little interest to GH viewers. These new guys are not as bright as we heard they were. We get newbie Kate on every day and five minutes of our Felicia.

  20. I was thrilled to see Tea. Hands down - one of the best actresses in TV-land.