Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who Shot Whom?

I think you know who is or isn't shot, but I can't wait to see the aftermath!! Alas, I won't be able to watch in real-time today-- I will watch on the DVR and may not look at comments until I do! Do you like Monday cliffhangers? They were a staple on OLTL. 

BTW,  we had the info that NuKrissy was coming yesterday, word now it will be FRIDAY!

GIANT SPOILERS ARE UP!! Hit a sponsor PLEASE!!  Rumor that Helena is back as well. If you can, send Connie Towers a Bday Card at the studio! Her Day is May 24th!! 

address: General Hospital/ABC TV; 4151 Prospect Ave; Hollywood CA 90027


  1. I thought it was Connie/Kate, but didn't we hear Johnny might be leaving?? I just don't see Johnny, as much as he hates Anthony, shooting him out. Especially when he was in the bed with his Carly!!

    Reading your Spoilers, gave me hope. Again. Will things pan out like they are written to? Who knows.
    I do know who dies.

    I also know, as much as I LOVE the character of KS, this Connie storyline is getting old, and in the near future, it isn't going anywhere.
    Spoilers indicate oldies coming back. Does that mean 1 scene a week or 2?? lol

  2. The only problem I have with the spoilers is that with Tea and her baby being in danger will anyone care? I love Tea and don't have a problem with some OLTL'ers being on the show but alot of people don't know and don't like them so will it be suspenseful to them to have her and her childs life in danger. By the way Tea and Victor's baby better survive or Ron & company will be on my permanent sh#t list!

    Also hate that it looks like the previous rumor was true and Johnny will be leaving us soon. I don't see how their gonna keep him after the Kate situation, possibly killing Hope/Cole and now offing gramps. I guess the golden mobster (Sonny) wins again!

  3. I couldn't care less what happend to Tea. Don't get me wrong, I loved OLTL, but Tea not so much.

    I think it is time for her and Starr and her incessent whining to go away for good.

    McBain can stay, Why? - Because he only interacts with current GH characters and this story does not involve LLandview.

    Todd Hmmm. I LOVE Todd. He seems to have really good chemistry with Carly, and I think he is the only character ever brought on to this show that can give Sonny a run for his money. But he needs a story started and ended on GH.

  4. Just saying THANK YOU for using proper grammar in your blog post's title. :)

    Also, I haven't watched yesterday's show; I *do* love Monday cliffhangers; and I am trying not to read too many spoilers since I feel like there are some really good, exciting things coming. So....I will also be exercising some serious will power by not coming to read the blog until I'm all caught up on GH. "Le sigh."

    I'll miss everyone's comments, thoughts, praises, and gripes....

  5. Not going to spoil who is the one shot, but they are going to appear in ghost form, so they aren't entirely out yet on the show.

    On another note,I think Kate/Connie will be leaving the canvas, just the matter of when.

  6. I think they ALL are leaving the show. Sooner than later.