Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A few new spoilers are up---please take them ALL with a grain of salt! Most things coming through are what I call "bland press releases"  like "Liz and Jason have a moment" or.. "Alexis is shocked". I'm trying to wade through the Rumors, real Spoilers and Press Spoilers best I can. Not sure if they will all be correct. Cartini is VERY good at keeping things mum. Which frankly, I like! You can always check out TV Source Magazine Online. Ryan does the detailed spoilers for the next week on Fridays. I usually put a bit of those up but not the full details. (you can also find them in most mags on the stands).

Hope this helps. I will try to update the Rumor page more often but I'm way busy lately-- you know that!! I'm just trying to keep the blog going. Thanks for the support!!

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