Friday, May 11, 2012

Dolores... is finally on. Well, little late.

Heather so hopes Maggie dies! LOL Maggie's got the chest-heaving down!! Steve tries to save her with Heart pressure. I wanted open heart massage. Just like on ER. And Steven LARZZZ hyperventilates again. HE does that all the time!!!!! Geesh... it's not DRAMA if you just puff hard. GOD, that toxic report came back in record

"Who could convict this face?" asks Todd. LOL Carly doesn't think Todd will know what DID is!! Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah he sure do!! Llanview is full of them!!! Well, get ready for CODD cause you know they are coming!!

What, Lulu are you going to eat the blood? Luke? No one mopped it up?! LULU'S SWEATER was driving my eyeballs out. And Lulu LOVED being held at gunpoint! WHAT!! Just like a Spencer!!  God, she said it was the "best night of her life" basically. What about the BOMB you sat on? LOL... geesh. She just liked the ropes. heh
Luke: "Go out and Danger will Find You"!! 

Heather calls Luke to check "in"!! heh

ALEXIS MEETS TEA!! My heart stopped a little. Tea  to Alexis: "You're a mouthpiece for the mob"
Alexis to Tea: "out of towner"!!
Oh I so wish Nora would come on next! 

Today's GH took a long time...I guess it was pretty dull-- Todd hearing Kate say she thinks Connie shot out the tires was good.


delcodave said...

this sure is "OLTL FAN HEAVEN"

are we ever going to have GH FAN HEAVEN?

Over the past few days I heard all about some guy named Victor, Todd's ex wives, Starr's family, Tea, Todd, Starr, etc.

When will we hear about Bobbie, Lesley, Audrey, Lucas, Laura, Lucy, Edward, Monica, etc.?

Since those in charge are shoving their Llanview agenda down our throats, they should rename the show "Another Day in Llanview"

Or, ADL for short.

Andrea said...

I watched OLTL and I think there are a few too many OLTLers on the show. I think Todd and McBain are enough everyone else can go, Especially Starr. I never liked her.

Today was a very slow day. I thought it was almost over and there was still a half hour left.

The dialogue is better, but the stories are still boring. I want something to get excited about Kates D.I.D is not doing it for me.

LaTanya said...

I don't mind the OLTL characters but instead of having Starr/Tea/Todd talk about their past to each other it should slowly come out when their talking to others like Todd did with Carly. That way it won't come off as two seperate soaps and give the GH viewers their history lesson all awhile moving the storyline along.

I did like Tea and
Alexis's little swipes at one another I wish they could have been friends but Tea is only gonna be on for a short time so I understand. Could you imagine a Tea/Alexis/Diane/Nora girls night out at Jakes(I refuse to call it the other name). Four smart powerful women GH wouldn't be able to handle that!

Liked that Todd overheard Kates confession that's all the amo he needs. Even though I hate that Johnny is being dragged through the mud I did like Deloris and Tea using Spanish to make him feel small.

Not buying Lulu all of a sudden feeling a rush because she was shot at umm really? She's been kidnapped, placed on a bomb and in the middle of shoot outs that involved the mob and now she gets a rush...whatever at least their giving her a job I guess!

Part of me wanted to rewind my dvr so that I could get the nunbers off of Todd's platinum card. Betcha I could buy a whole boat load of shoes with!!!

sonya said...
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sonya said...

The hospital: Maggie panics when she sees Heather! The doctors try to save her even Steven Lars but it's too late! MAGGIE IS DEAD!!! Good job Heather! :) Heather wants to do something for her son.. She goes to this nurse and is upset with her for dragging her son's name through the mud! ROFL! Heather wants the nurse to go fetch Steven Lars mail! Heather has Maggie's "suicide note" and puts it with the mail! Oh oh Lulu is nowhere to be found! Luke and Dante are in her room. Luke figures out she is at the haunted star. Steven Lars is in tears because Maggie is dead. Heather gave Steve his mail.. Steve sees that Maggie sent him something and he wants Olivia to read it. Wow Heather wow!!!! You did it!!! :) Congratulations!!! *stands up and gives Heather a standing O" :)

Haunted Star: There is Lulu. Oh look nobody cleaned up the blood! ROFL! Dante and Luke rush in. Lulu says she felt alive when the gun was pointed at her! ROFL! The Spencer genes are kicking in! :) About time! :) Luke says you don't have to look for trouble, trouble will find you ROFL! Great scenes!!!

Sonny and Alexis: LOVE IT!!!! Alexis is reading up on Kate's D.I.D. Sonny won't admit he still is in love with Kate, but he wants Alexis to represent her. Alexis has her girls showing today ROFL!

Police station: Tea and Alexis meet! YAY! :) Tea and Mulva talk Spanish. Mulva and Johnny talk gun. Hey Johnny! You see Mulva's buttons on her shirt? :) Time to rip them off and have sex hahaha! Alexis goes to see Kate, and Sonny overhears Kate telling Alexis that Connie might have been the one who shot out Anthony's tires! DOH!

Metrocourt: Todd and Carly!!! Todd had the lines of the day today!!! With the, you live in a small town too, and with the oh really? When Carly talks about multiple personality with Kate hahaha! Todd gave Carly flowers awww! :) Great scenes. :) Yeah you can just see CODD coming Karen!!! Codd for the win! :)

For people who are GH fans and never watched OLTL, I understand completely why you hate OLTL people on GH. I get it! But for us OLTLer's it's good for us because we need closure. I hope you understand. :)

Di said...

Did anyone else notice the look "Kate" gave Starr when they first encountered each other? That was definitely a "Connie" look. Either she was out of character or she really is faking the DID for gawd knows what reason. I thought DID usually occurred in patients who'd suffered from sexual abuse in childhood, or severe physical abuse. We've never heard about anything like that in Kate's past.

I wish they'd stop referring to Starr as a little girl. She was the mother of a 3 year old. She must have gotten pregnant at 14 if she's still a teenager. I realize she's short but she's not a child. ( I wonder if they'll change her soon for a taller sexier version like they did Kristina? )

Heather is an evil woman but I wanted Maggie gone so badly that I was actually rooting for her success in this one. I think Johnny had better watch out though.

Nice to see Lulu not overacting as much lately. Her scenes with Luke were actually enjoyable. I love it when he gives that wicked grin. This Luke is so much more enjoyable than the drunkard.

I loved the fact that the ladies spoke Spanish in front of Johnny. And he is a good looking But they put him in his place nicely.


AntJoan said...

Did anyone notice how brightly lit everything was, or is it just my TV?

Caren said...


Starr is about 19. Altho that's only cuz she was sora'd. Otherwise she really would be 16. *lol*

carrie said...

Well, I still loved the show. Please understand and embrace the characters from OLTL..I am a GH fan 1st but we need the fans from OLTL to watch GH if we want to hope that Gh will continue for more than 1 year.

My2Cents2 said...

You are correct Karen it was a boring show today.
I say Tea & Todd stay, and lets send the rest 'packing'.

I hope when I die, I look as good as Maggie did. Make up in tact, lipstick....

I HATE Olivia and her attitude. She needs to fall down some stairs as well.

renegade_killerbee said...

Is that fat STEVE BURTON still on???

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...
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Anonymous said...

"Some things never change!"

The same could be said about you Deb...seriously, I know it's not right to poke the crazy, but you make it so easy..

kdmask said...


shirleedee said...

Oh Karen, I couldn't agree more!!! I wish you could make them go away.

shirleedee said...
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Avalonn said...

I am enjoying the show. To me even the "slow, boring" days are better than the monopolized days of yore that consisted of Sonny and Jason in a room, Carly and Sonny in that same room, Carly and Jason later that day in (you guessed it) that same room! There's movement, between sets and characters, more character interaction, variety day to day. We actually get a break from time to time and don't see Sonny, Jason and Carly on our screens day in and day out. Guza and co did SO MUCH damage to General Hospital that considering the short time Cartini? has been in charge, I think they've worked wonders. It HAS to take time to undue all that damage. For the first time in years, I watch the entire show, even the characters I found less than desirable in the past are more interesting to me now. There's hope for General Hospital now, it's not dead in the water anymore. I have never watched any soap other than GH and I actually don't mind the OLTL characters crossing over. Some are short term and spice things up with our existing GH cast. I don't see it as taking away from GH, they are adding to it. I really like Todd and McBain, Starr not so much and Tea is too soon to tell but again, she's only on a short time. I'm sure we'll hear about more GH vets as time goes on, can't pull all the rabbits out of the hat at once.

My2Cents2 said...

gmjl said...
"Some things never change!"

The same could be said about you Deb...seriously, I know it's not right to poke the crazy, but you make it so easy..

I tried to take this off the board, but you are really protecting your identity.
I understand in trailer houses people tend to have a low IQ & as well as knowing NO respect for life.

Feel free to email me trailertrash girl, this is not the place to take out your fustrations with life. I get plenty of emails from people from the blog who found me.
STOP using this BLOG as an 'attention' getter for you.
That is all your doing. How sad.

Di said...

Caren, Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

I've asked a few in the past and they seldom get answered. Yet the agitators are dragged into conversations all the time. We have a saying on another board I moderate: "Don't feed the trolls." We've found it works really well. Don't engage those who are spoiling for a fight and try engaging with others who want to discuss the show in a more positive way.

kd: I'm sorry all this juvenile behavior has found its way into your blog. Too bad you don't have delete capabilities.

My2Cents2 said...
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Anonymous said...

I have been travelling and have not seen the show in two days. I was wondering if instead of sending Matt to prison if they could just have him go "on the run"? That way, if they decide to ever have the character return they can unearth some new evidence that proves his innocence and he could return. I'm still hoping Fiason or someone killed Lisa in an attempt to frame/kidnap Robin.

soaplover said...

I didn't find the show at all dull--in fact, it was one of the better ones. Good pace, lots of faces, good dialog, not too much Sonny, nice Todd scenes. Loved Luke and Lulu and she does so remind me of young Laura, ready to go to the ends of the earth with Luke.

The brighter lighting is one of the pluses--we can now see what's going on!

All in all, a good Friday. One that makes for good anticipation!

Anonymous said...
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sonya said...

Hey come on you guys. You heard Karen! Stop! This is supposed to be a fun place to be. Just leave each other private messages if you are not happy with each other.

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

Sonya the trash has moved to my new blog. I deleted. She continues I will come back here and close down. Why do all the work to have some trailer park shyt up your blog?? Having a blog isn't all that important to me.

She is obsessed with me. OBSESSED. Now do you understand why I had to get the cops involved??
Not normal. Not at all.
Lonely miserable piece of trailer trash.

Anonymous said...
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My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

I could give a crap what you are happy about.
Keep your mental illness over here. are a TROLL. That is how this blog defines you. A TROLL.
In otherwords, you are laughed at.
This is my last post to a TROLL.
A sociopath TROLL.

You made a comment about my appearance. You should only look as good at my age.
Do you even bathe??

Sonya-this sociopath made her way to my new blog. And crapped it up..
I deleted her, she wants to continue harrassing me, she can, over here.
Everything is being noted. She has had a warning already from her local police shop. Obviously she doesn't care. She is up all night probably smoking one ciggarrette after another going from porn site to porn site. They don't even want her so she makes her way to the soap blogs!!!!!!!!! What a loser.

Anonymous said...

Folks, please don't make Karen have to spend her Mother's Day parenting her blog...