Monday, May 14, 2012

Liason Day!

Wow..Liason in Kelly's with..EMMA and Aiden!! Interesting!! LOVED Emma's "I'm mad FACE"!! Well  I guess the new writers HEARD THE LIASON people yelling or what? Sam's with McBam and Here we have Liason in numerous scenes together. 
Jason sees Sam for 2 minutes in the hall and then "Has to leave"-- cause he's a dick. ;/ It's her BIRTHDAY!!
I'm sure my chestaloons and I can help you!
Heather calling Luke...oh I love. Luke is like: NOPE  not answering!! Luke's trying to change his number. Um, he could block her. And Olivia better watch it!! She's just pushing Heather off the edge! LOL..geesh Heather tells Liv she "prayed for Steven Larzzzz" to get off--"you Catholic"?? she asks! 
Luke is liking Anna's smile!! ooooooooooo! Jason says thank you to Luke for the charity set up.

Epiphany is going to bust the door down!! She's like GET THE HELL BACK TO WORK! I wish they'd have them be BFFs then romantical. I'd love that. Epiphany needs to have some lovin'

Tea and Carly: Get your ear plus on.  Both those gals can scream up a storm! They both said Son of a Bitch 2x lol 

Carly is going to have a Gossip-Gasm because Todd told her about ConKate!! ahahaa..


  1. I need to ask this question of all our devoted viewers of the feminine persuasion:

    What does ANY woman see in Jason?

    Ok, yeah, I get the body part. But besides that, he is cold, robotic, uncaring and unfeeling.

    Did he call his mother on Mother's Day? I'm going to guess 'NO'. In fact, when is the last time he referred to Monica as "mom"?

    When was the last time he laughed? Or smiled? Or showed any emotion at all?

    Other than a Saturday night at a cheap motel, what do these women see in him?

  2. 'Other than a Saturday night at a cheap motel'


    Need there really be more? It's soapland.

  3. I have always been a Liason fan, but 1) I am tiring of the woman's storyline once they are involved with him 2) their connecting again is going to be another tease and letdown for us fans, so I don't think I want to invest.
    Both Sam and Liz need to find themselves a good man that puts them first.

  4. Thanks Karen for the warning about Liason!!

    I adore Jason. His body, his arms, his blue eyes, his 'laid back' (unless he is killing someone)attitude. The way he loves the people so deeply that are close to him. There is alot of things about Jason that I love. nice!!! I will take a Thursday night!

  5. By the same token, though- why do all these women fall for Sonny? He's so smarmy, and smug and egotistical. He just totally doesn't do it for me.

    Now, Patrick Drake...sigh...all the crying makes him even sexier.

  6. I loved everything about today's episode!! All my faves were on, especially Liason! I'll take 'em however I can get them. Just love their natural chemistry together; it seems to come so easy for them.

    Ron and Frank are ratings geniuses for using Jasam/McBam/Liason. Pure goldmine! I love the rumors of Sam/McBain sibling thing too. Why not tease the fans? That's what soapy goodness is all about! Although, in my opinion Ron and Frank are way too smart to waste the raw chemistry that Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton have by making them siblings. McBam cuteness is off the charts adorable! A bar of soap, because "everyone should have something to unwrap on their birthday"...LOL! Love it!!

    Love seeing Kelly's diner being used all the time now!

    Great Anna/Luke scenes with Emma and Aiden. Nice having Luke ask Liz about watching Aiden. Very nice scene. Same with Jason and Luke's convo.

    Oh my poor grieving Patrick. Great scenes. Time to get him back in the real world now. Need to see him more :)

  7. @Brender I completely agree with you! I do however like Jason and Liz's friendship that's something they've always had and I hope they keep that and leave the romanve out because we all know that their putting JaSam back together Liz needs her own love interest.

    Awww to Emma and Aiden! Did you see the look Heather gave Luke and Anna.....she's ready to order a round of iced tea for everyone! lol

    Ummm Jason you could have called and told her Happy Birthday instead of showng up for 3 seconds....geesh! smh

  8. I don't fall for Sonny. I just happen to think MB is a great actor.
    I love to watch good acting. And MB has that. And tptb see that too. What they don't see, is we are tired of seeing him 5 days a week, squeeking about the same stuff. Give him redemption or kill him off, but the same ol same ol is OLD.

    Emma was on today? Aww..I missed her..she is one of my fav's.

  9. Police station: Todd listens in on Kate telling Alexis that Connie might have been the one who shot Papa Z's tires! Todd gets caught by cops and throws him out!!! ROFL! Todd tries to talk to the cops! Todd has got awesome one liners ROFL! Under Kate's eyes is all messed up! Hahaha!

    Metro court: Tea and Carly meet!! YAY! :)

    Tea: Todd Manning. That son of a bitch!

    ROFL! And then Carly tells Todd that he likes Todd's first ex wife Carly better ROFL! Carly does not like Tea ROFL!

    The hospital: Heather calls Luke but he hangs up on her! ROFL! Oh I want to call them Huke! :)

    Patrick's home: Anna is ringing the doorbell but Patrick won't answer. Uh Anna? LOOK IN THE WINDOW!!!!! DUH! :) Anna leaves, and Piffy shows up and threatens to break down his door if he doesn't open it hahaha! Piffy is trying to get him to snap out of it! She asks him when was the last time he took a shower. Poor Patrick. :(

    Kelly's: Luke is trying to change his phone number! ROFL! Luke likes Anna's smile awww. Look Aidan! Awww! :) Jason and Emma scene awww. :) Luke, Anna, Emma, and Aidan scene awww! Oh oh Heather sees Luke!!!

    Hotel: McBam scene!!! Happy birthday Sam!!!! McBain wishes her a happy birthday. Oh the baby kicked! She didn't let him feel it. :( Tea shows up and Sam and her both wish each other congratulations. :) Sam leaves to go to her room, and Jason shows up to wish her a happy birthday, but then poof he has to go!

  10. I didn't realize that Sam's birthday was a day after Jake's death...

  11. Dave: Jason has a looong history of being a really nice guy and a good father, if you can overlook his job of mob enforcer. He's been on the show FOREVER, and also is gorgeous. I met Steve B twice, once on the set of GH, and once backstage at a show (I have a Hollywood connection), and he was beyond warm and friendly, very sweet. MB was so shy and nervous that he really doesn't connect well to others, but Steve made up for it, he is soooo sweet.

  12. I just finished watching today's show. I'm surprised I haven't seen mention of the reinstatement of the GH "coming attractions."

    Also, a note to the writers: Why have we had 3 blonde psycho killers w/in a short time span, Cray Lisa Niles, Cray Heather, and Cray Cray Kate/Connie? Does someone have some issues?

    I'm thinking that Olivia and Anna better not drink tea any time soon. . .

  13. One of the Wubs spoilers says that Sam's birthday drops a hint. What do all think that means based on today's show? Just wondering . . .

  14. Great show today! This just gets better and better. Love Luke and Anna and love that he said that about her smile. Her smile does light up the world. I am really liking them together and as grandparents! Wow. I LOVE it!

    McBain is just charming and while I never liked either he or Kelly on PC, I'm liking them together here.

    I'm almost liking Carly these days. (!?) The whole show today was so well done. Good lighting, good pacing, good interaction of characters. I am not much interested in Steven Lar's problems, but all-in-all, the show moved along and was full of good stuff.

    Thank you thank you RC, for rescuing Luke and giving him life again...

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  16. Ok..the "hint" think was in the DL which is a gossip maven-- I listened and all I could think of was they both hate bdays? I don't know!!

    JASON: ugh..didn't like him as a kid with Karen, not too fond of him now. I guess he's the BAD BOY WITH THE MOTORCYCLE...although most of us out grow that after about 27ish. (except in fantasy land)! LOL

    YES I keep forgetting to talk about the bumpers with the coming attractions. Guess ABC popped for some extra stuff.

  17. AntJoan said...Also, a note to the writers: Why have we had 3 blonde psycho killers w/in a short time span, Cray Lisa Niles, Cray Heather, and Cray Cray Kate/Connie? Does someone have some issues?
    ROFL! Heather being crazy is nothing new! :)

  18. Really good show yesterday. I like Ephiphany having a visit again with Patrick. Emma and JJ's little Aidan are so adorable. Anna and Luke, Jason and Liz, McBam, all good. And I like Tea!! Kate is so much more tolerable than Connie. I think KS overacts and badly with Connie. Glad to see Alexis with something to do.

  19. Jason's one and only love is Sonny. It is who he picks first - ALWAYS. That is the relationship I want to see go into turmoil.

    Liz/Sam it doesn't matter,it is the same old thing. Either relationship is tainted by Sonny.

    I want to see Sonny and Jason break up. Sonny learning he is nothing without Jason, and Jason seeing how much Sonny uses and abuses him and how selfish Sonny really is.

    This is the longest running relationship on GH (over 15 years). No soap writer in the world would let any romantic couple last anywhere near that.
    Because it would be boring.

    That why GH has been so dull over the last years, its main couple - the people who get the most screen time- are BORING together.

    Sonny and Jason were great in the beginning; there was angst. Sonny was the bad guy and stealing the Q's darling from them. Jason needed to break away from his controlling family. It was interesting.

    I say break them up. They should become enemies. Something different instead of Sonny and Jason against the world.

  20. Jason's one and only love is Sonny. It is who he picks first - ALWAYS. That is the relationship I want to see go into turmoil.


    Spot on, Andrea. 5=6 yrs ago when Jason stole the biz was the opportunity to create a real tension. But then Sonny smiled his dimples, Jason dropped his drawers and the #1 all male supercouple of all time was hot and heavy in bromance heaven!