Thursday, May 17, 2012

"You Don't Give a Crap About Monica"!

Tracy is going to tie up AZ?? Oh, choke him, hee hee..but that was pretty lame attempt!
Oh Luke saves her from herself!!  
LUKE: You don't give a crap about Monica! TRACY: I know I don't but she may come back to haunt me!! LOL

Towel Dress
Tea's dress is just hideous. SO Towel like! AND SHORT... whoa. Really short for a PG woman!

I do like the DA-- :) he's good..I think he was on 90210.

And TODD shut Sonny up! What!? Yep...Oh Ron C you devil you!  
TODD has Starr's FROG!!  (that's a prop from the OLTL set from when Starr was a kid)
Aw, Sonny's coming to help ConKate.

I wish "alters" would look different to the person that's got them. Like, when Kate "sees" Connie it's played by a Lita-Ford Look alike!! :) hahahaa.

Matt and Maxie..yada yada. I knew Flea would like Spinelli!! Maxie's going to be mad at Spin. Although she did tell Matt herself in the end. Bye Dr. Hunter. See ya. 



  1. I'm gonna miss Matt :(

    And if I'm not mistaken..isn't the DA Braxton from the Jamie Foxx show? I think his name is Christopher Duncan?

  2. Courthouse/Pentonville: The writers are doing it again! Going back and forth UGH! Todd gave her Fred the magic frog!!!! Awww! :) Todd tells the judge, she is not guilty. Sorry she is not guilty your honor. ROFL! Starr is denied bail. :(

    Todd and Sonny: Todd talks about his sister and niece having D.I.D. They are not the same person he says ROFL! Sonny says he doesn't give a crap about Kate. He is such a LIAR!!!!

    Police station: Kate and Alexis are talking. There is this cop in the background who is just standing there doing nothing! ROFL! The look on his face tho ROFL! Sonny shows up and wants to see Alexis. Kate asks Sonny if he was the one who told Alexis to help her. Sonny said he didn't want a scandal. I'm not sure Kate believes him, but she is happy he is helping her! Kate is alone and talking to Connie! ROFL!

    Tracy and Papa Z with a sprinkle of Luke: Tracy is fantasizing of killing Papa Z ROFL! Tracy wants to take Papa Z on a boat in the water! Papa Z doesn't want to but changes his mind. As he is leaving, she grabs an ore and wants to hit him with it ROFL! But Luke stops her and they fall to the ground ROFL! Great scenes!!!!! Papa Z overhears Tracy and Luke talking. Luke is going to help get rid of Papa Z!!! Luke are you REALLY going to kill Papa Z? I hope not!!!

  3. Sonya...ONE question. Mac told Spinelli to go bring Maxie home.
    Where is home? Where does Maxie live? Where is Felicia staying at?

  4. Lita Ford! Heeee. That would've been hilarious.

  5. I am HATING HATING HATING the OLTL takeover ov GH. Send them ALL back, especially Starr.
    Might the importing of OLTL characters help bring over some OLTL viewers? Perhaps.
    Might the importing of OLTL characters turn off GH viewers? Definitely. I'm proof.
    Send Starr back. Let Micheal go with her.
    Send Tea back and bring back Diane or Dara.
    Send Todd back and bring Jax back for Carly.
    Send McBain back and make Anna the super cop (she is like Yoda with McBain as only a Jedi trainee).
    Send McBain back and make Dante Sam's tempter...set up quadrangle with Jason-Sam-Dante-Lulu

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  7. I hated Starr on OLTL, so I am especially not enjoying her on GH.
    I love Mc Bain and Todd. (Tea can go and please do NOT bring back Blair) But they should be brought in to GH stories and STOP talking about other people in Llandview.

    If your are going to bring back characters, how about the missing Q's and Casadines.

  8. I think someone needs to tighten Tea's prosthetic belly, or if it's real inform her that no pregnant woman has ever had her belly fall off. lol She's constantly holding it. Not rubbing it, holding it.

    I forgot to mention yesterday that I loved the interaction between Milo and Todd. When he giggled I giggled too.

    I loved Tracy's mental meanderings into the world of mariticide. I also hope that Luke doesn't kill him. Just let them have Tracy think he did, for a while at least. :)

    I hope they finish up the Matt story shortly. I'm getting tired of it. I hope he doesn't go to jail though. he didn't remember doing it and she was trying to kill Robin.

    Ditto for the Starr storyline. Drop the charges and send her home.

    I actually like McBain. They can keep him as far as I'm concerned. And I don't mind the odd visit from the others. But if the rumour I read about ELQ proves true, I will probably turn off.

  9. I really need to catch up I've had IEP's the last two days so I keep missing the show!

  10. Di..I didn't care for the white skirt that looked like it was going to drop the bowling ball out of it. Not a good look on TV.

    I agree!

  11. I don't care for the crossover either. The only ones that I'm actually enjoying are Todd and McBain. I turned off OLTL after an overabundance of DID and Starr, so I hate, hate, hate that she is now on my GH; and Tea can definitely go and Diane can come back. I fear that the 50th anniversary of GH will be all about OLTL intruders.

  12. My2Cents2 said...Sonya...ONE question. Mac told Spinelli to go bring Maxie home.Where is home? Where does Maxie live? Where is Felicia staying at?
    All good questions! I have no idea! :) And about Tea, she again held her stomach. She is afraid the baby will fall out! ROFL!

  13. My2Cents raises a good question, where does Mac live?

    If I got to choose I would put him:
    1. temporarily in the Brownstone while his house is being rebuilt (still shameful they destroyed that peice of GH history during Guza's pyro phase).


    2. Relocate him to his good buddy Kevin's old lighthouse house. Of course Mac will have to move out when Lucy returns (not a spoiler, just a hope) or he and Lucy could become roommates!!!

  14. I really like the back and forth scenes. Still too much OLTL for me. We haven't even seen Lulu since she had her talk with Luke. Can't see where anything this week would help spike the ratings. Starr looks like a 12 year old. How she could ever have a storyline where she had a child is beyond me.

  15. The Todd and Sonny scenes and the Luke/Tracy/AZ scenes were absolutely fantastic!!

    I fast forwarded thru everything else. I don't care about Starr at all and frankly don't really care about the Maxie/Matt ridiculousness, it's dragged on too long. Just want them to wrap it up and move on to better things.

    I'm with the rest of you about Tea's towel skirt and belly. I kept waiting for her to pull out a basketball and start shooting hoops. lol.

    Lita Ford!!! Baahahaha!!

  16. I also think there is too much OLTL going on. I was reading another spoiler page that hinted that the serial deaths were still going to happen and named about 7 GH characters that might go because of that. Some need to go, believe me, but I didn't see any OLTL names in there. And they do talk WAY too much about Llanview.

  17. Well, the ratings for last week were still low. I think Sonny, Jason and Carly are killing this show and have been for years. The DID storyline needs to be over. Seeing too much of OLTL and very little of Anna Devane, who should be made a lead. Need more Luke, Tracy, Johnny and Liz.