Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Laura AKA Gedstern posting today. Filling in for the super busy wubqueen, Karen. Opinons expressed are entirely my own and in no way reflect on Karen.

Patrick and Elizabeth are stunned by Matt's news. His fate may rest in Maxie's hands. Will she or won't she? Testify..or not.

Kristina is home, and NuFace Krissy has an attitude!

John and Anna talk about why she doesn't want to be police commissioner. John wants her in so he can have inside help.

Jason at PCPD showing off his knowledge of his legal rights..first & foremost-- call Alexis. His one call. HA! She's busy fighting with Kristina. Sam's got a huge baby belly. Sonny looks confused...and Kristina says she learned she didn't belong at Yale.

Maxie/Spinelli arguing about her future,and leaving her there with Tiny and her "ilk". I love the word ilk. Patrick and Liz vow to figure things out for Matt. Hey, after all, he was faced when he killed Lisa, so why should he suffer the legal consequences. After all, Lisa deserved some killin' she shoulda been whacked long before she was.

Felicia and Mac talking when Patrick and Matt show up. Mac is beyond angry at Matt and how he treated Maxie. Great acting by John J York. The expression on his face rings so true to the situation. Meanwhile, back at the jail, Spinelli tells Maxie how much he loves her and why. The same debate rages on about Maxie and Matt, and how Spinelli wants her to admit she belongs with him.

NuKrissy- withholding judgement on her acting so far. Her name is Lindsey Morgan. Spelled just like Jason Morgan which made me smile for no real apparent reason. Krissy is one upset college kid.

Maxie tries to justify why she didn't tell on Matt. She's looking at big problems legally. New lawyer steps up to the plate. I guess I missed something- don't know who this lawyer is or where she came from.

Is the timing weird on today's show? It seems like it's bouncing between one scene or another abruptly. Short quick scenes and lots of them.

John spills family secrets to Anna. How he promised is father that he'd find his sister. She'd been in foster care and had a difficult life. Flash quickly back to Alexis' house, Sonny arguing his side. Uh-oh Storm Alert, broke into GH...storms are coming!  And we are back- right into a commercial.

John and Anna are up again, and he explains his intention to have Sonny pay for his sister's death. Snap back to court, where Maxie is told she must testify or go right back to Pentonville.  Felicia brought Maxie clothes and Mac wants to go out to eat.  Maxie opts to spend her 1/2 hour of freedom with Matt.

Uh-oh, Krissy is throwing the guilt monkeys at both parents. Sonny for using his clout and Alexis for wanting to control her.  Then super short scene of Liz and Jason at PCPDand now back to John and Anna. Talking about his family, Liam and whoever...Sorry I have almost no knowledge of OLTL, and to be honest I don't care to.

Felicia and Maxie-- did they know each other before?**Sorry! I meant Felicia and Spinelli! I know Flea is her Mom. Sorry!!!** I'm confused. Maxie is back for court and sporting a little black dress. Flash to Mac and Anna outside the courtroom. Anna tells him she's been offered and is turning down the commissioner job.  Mac says maybe they are hiring in Beeches Corners. Isn't that where Luke and Laura hid out ages ago?

OK kids- its 3:50..just finishing up the Jason and Liz scene about how Monica came to love him even though he wasn't hurts.  I'm finishing up the blog here--I know I'm not as fun as Karen, but I gave it the old college try. Oops- was it too soon to say that after Krissy's Kollege Kollapse?

Going to get an ice pack for the whiplash I got hopping scene to scene so fast!


Brender said...

Big Shocker, Krissy has an attitude. Michael has an attitude. When Morgan gets back, he will have an attitude. No kids really like their parents on this show, do they? Only the too young to know better, like Aidan and Emma. Even Cameron has given Liz grief.

soaplover said...

Maxie is Felicia's daughter. Were you just making a point or didn't you know? Mac is Maxie's uncle and used to be Maxie's stepfather when married to Felicia.

I know what you mean about the fast cuts back and forth. I like most everything they have improved on GH, but still feel the editing needs much help. Longer scenes would be nice, especially when they are getting into something meaty. Sometimes it seems they go too long without getting back to something they started in a story and that is annoying. If they tape out ahead, that could be remedied easily--just a few cut and paste efforts to bring, say, Felicia back faster than with a week's gap. When we don't see her for a week, we have to wonder...
Of course, the contracts may be the problem. If someone (like the overexposed Sonny) has a guarantee of 4 or 5 days a week, not much can be done to please the Sonny haters or the Jason haters or the Carly haters. These 3 have dominated the show almost into extinction so lessening their air time would be good, but might be difficult to do.

The show is so greatly improved I hate to put in any negative notes, but you are right about the whiplash of quick cuts... Continuity and good sustained drama tend to suffer.

MatchboxGinny said...

Hi Laura! AKA Gedstern! I forgot about the live blogging! Darn it!

You are right - it was whiplash today. Very fast, quick scenes bouncing all over.

I'm not minding NuKrissy so far because they're having her act just like OldKrissy with the attitude (that will grow old fast). Looking forward to seeing how the "reality show" turns out. Might turn out to be hilarious, especially if Max and Milo are involved! LOL!

It looks like Ron is trying to set up McBam as siblings which in my opinion would be such a waste. I really do not think Ron is that dumb. I'd like to think he wants US to think that right now. Wasting the natural chemistry between Kelly and Michael would be soap suicide. But then again....he does work for ABC....hmmmm...

Laura - You asked about how do Felicia and Maxie know each other, not sure if that was a typo...Felicia is Maxie's mother.

Loved your live blog! Hope to see you do it again for our busy Wubs Queen Karen! Thank you!! :))

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...how did Mac become Maxie's uncle?

My2Cents2 said...

All I know is today ROCKED and I finally gave it a great review on my blog.

EXCELLENT show today!

NuKrissy is an asset to the show. NOt to say I don't miss Lexi, but the show made a smart move.
Alexis looked everyday her 54 years today!!

dar said...

I thought new Kristina was an awful actress. As if the show needs another one. Poor Chad Duell will probably spend the whole summer in scenes with the two worst actresses on the show. Is the casting director who was so good gone? If they needed a different woman to play Kristina couldn't they have found one who could act?

I am sick of the Lisa Niles story and they're dragging it on longer? really unhappy with the direction we're heading in.

kdmask said...

Mac is her uncle because Felicia married him and he became "uncle Mac" to she and Georgie. Since her Dad and Real Uncle (TONY) were gone that's all they had as dad/uncle.

I think Geddy was hitting the sauce with the Maxie/felicia thing!!

NEW LAWYER TODAY?? Hmm or has she been on before around the time of the Balkan?

NUKRISSY: I kept hearing Lexi's voice in my head. This gal isn't too bad-- but I miss LA. Love how Alexis got all red in the face when crying!

Elizabeth Gunther said...

Mac is Maxie's step-father, not her uncle. Robin called him uncle because he was her uncle--Maxie never called him that.

Why did Jason call Liz when he was at the Beecher's Corner PD? Shouldn't he have called Alexis or Sam? The fact that he called Liz is way OOC--as is his reaction to Sam's rape and the fact that Franco is the baby's father. Does no one remember that he was going to raise baby Lila as his own when she was really Sonny's kid? How about the fact that he did raise Michael as his own before Carly showed her true colors and married AJ?

As for Matt, the fact that he was drunk when killed Lisa does not negate killing her. He could try a Diminished Capacity Defense (aka the Twinkie Defense), but I believe that really only works when the thing that caused the diminished capacity was involuntarily consumed.

Unknown said...

Hi Laura---It's me, Marlena a.k.a. Connie. Long time! I love Wubsqueen, read it every day under Karen. Hope you all are doing well!

P.S. The Maxie story has been nauseating from the start. Maxie is shrewd and would never take the blame for a murder.

screamingeagle said...

Just saw Laura Wright to be on The Chew!!!Can't believe that.

Di said...

Elizabeth Gunther: I think Jason's raising Michael and being prepared to raise Sonny's daughter, is very different from raising the child of the man who raped your wife and made you watch. I think his attitude is definitely IC for most men in that situation. JMHO

I was surprised to see that laura is going to be on The Chew too. maybe they're trying to pull in the GH audience.

Laura Hinds said...

Laura aka Gedstern here...just read my blog post.
I meant to ask if Felicia and Spinelli knew each other.Not Maxie, her daughter, lol.


LaTanya said...

I did like how Nu Krissy checked Sam when she said "Look you may like being married to the mob!" lol
Yeah she's being bratty but that's typical Kristina and I didn't have a problem with her acting she does look older than Sam though maybe it's the height!

Smart move on Maxie's part(can't believe I said that) I still don't get how Matt goes to jail for saving Robin. Lisa was standing over her body getting ready to attack, she had threaten Patrick with a needle filled with HIV blood and she threw Liz overboard.....he stopped a crazed killer!

I'm not liking Spinelli how are you being so high and mighty about Matt being a killer when you have helped your best friend (Stone Cold) get away with so many crimes some of which was murder....SHUT UP!!!!!

Did Sonny tell Krissy not to bring up the past car bomb because it hurt HIM....umm no Sonny the car bomb that you had planted hurt HER literally! smh

renegade_killerbee said...

Is anybody else getting a perverse kick every time the camera pans to Spinelli's "Woe is me" face whenever Matt proclaims his love for Maxie or vice versa?

Steve Burton should sue the lighting department for whoever thought of using bright lights on his face today. 'roids don't do a body good.

love2chat402000 said...

I was happy that Kate was not on today, Yeah! Sonny still there , some contract. Other sites are tallying daily airtime of actors for 3 week periods and Sonny heads the group at 17,Kate 16, and get this , Starr is at 13 with Carly, Alexis, Johnny and Sam. Jason is at 12 and Liz and Todd are 11. Anna and patrick's daily airtime is 5, Monica is at 2. Very interesting.

Krissy was o.k. and captured the usual anger Krissy has against Sonny for being a mob boss. Reality tv mob princess, hmmm. Will the writing team actually go this route like the growing up gotti reality tv show. I wouldn't be up for that but , I suppose they can bring humor.

Jason called Alexis first but she didn't answer her phone as she was in the middle of her own panic at her stupid secret coming out. I have always been disgusted with her choice to seek Sonny's help to get Kristina into Yale. Alexis graduated from their and is a well known alum and a Cassadine, so you would think she would have her own clout. Of course, all women were being written running to a man for help by wolf and guza. Not to mention, exactly what Krissy said, about threatening your way into school when you don't deserve to be there.
Maxie married Matt, but I wonder if that would hold up if you signed a legal document prior to marriage agreeing to testify against Matt?
Love seeing Liz but still want her to have romance.
Liked Anna McBain scenes but still wonder if Sam will be his sister even though rumors are that she won't in june.

love2chat402000 said...

Sorry I typed their instead of there.

Love4dogs said...

I remember Georgie and Maxie calling Mac, "Mac" as little girls and then Dad when Frisco was out of the picture.

AntJoan said...

Laura, thanks for the blog today, it was great!! As for cutting back and forth, I believe it is deliberate, as the last remark from one scene somehow connects to someone in the next. I wish I could think of an example, but I have had a looooong day, and am really tired.

I guess NuKrissy looks Latin, like Sonny, but she is too tall, when the three sisters all were short they seemed more like sisters.

Tammy Wynette said...

LA is and always will be my Kristina. LM isn't Kristina.

rcoug30254 said...

I haven't read all the comments but the few that have been scanned surprise me that no one has picked up on the references to Beecher's Corner. There has to be GH'ers out there who remember that. Anyone?

love2chat402000 said...

Mac said that maybe there are jobs at Beecher's corner. I remember Luke and Laura going to Beecher's corner, a rural town, and being helped by , I think, a family called the Whitakers. Luke and Laura had changed their names when they were there.Rick and Leslie also went to search for Laura there. I guess it's the place to go to escape your troubles and make a fresh start.
Frustrated that instead of writing Mac as a good police comissioner the old regime just allowed Sonny to run over him and this regime decides to strip him of his job so they can undoubtedly put in McBain. Thinking Mac was weak ,but not realizing he was written that way for Guza/Frons own purpose.
Perhaps they will give Mac and Felicia a real story or perhaps it's the beginning of writing him off of GH.
Spinelli is a doormat. If they are keeping him I hope they will give him a real love interest and something more to do than just running behind Maxie and Jason. I tweeted this among many things to ron Carlivati and Frank valentini.

love2chat402000 said...

Spoiler :Seems Jason's stunt will endanger Sam get help when she goes into labor. Doesn't any woman on Gh deliver normally. Liz also bled and nearly died delivering jake. Can't they have a normal pregnancy and fun delivery, LOL :) . I guess normal would ruin the plot of jason's redemption after sam and everyone else finds out what he did.

Love4dogs said...

Of course I remember Beechers Corners :-) The good old days!

NuKrissy is way too tall. She would have been a perfect SOAR for Lila Ray.He hair is reddish. She looks like Robin Christopher to me, with the hint of Latin.

LSV422 said...

I also think NuKrissy is too tall and mature looking and she already flubbed one of her lines. Old Krissy would never say anything insulting about one of her sisters in front of Sonny and Alexis. She would insult Sonny though. Shame on Laura W. for going on the Spew. She probably will be plugging her wine more so than GH. I also remember Luke and Laura at Beecher's Corner. Wasn't a theater there? Nice to see you here Laura G.!!

renegade_killerbee said...

This Mob Princess reality TV-show storyline for NuKristina and the dude she met at the coffee house is a complete rip off of The Naked Heiress reality TV-show storyline Abby Carlton did on Young and the Restless when that character was re-introduced to the show a couple of years ago.

In just a couple of days we will probably meet NuKristina's slimy reality TV show producer boyfriend.

Soaps have no fresh ideas anymore when they keep borrowing (hi, stealing) from each other like this.

CareyN said...

A note about the new writers.... they make me laugh. Nothing really stood out for me yesterday except one line from MB: After Krissy said she had a "family plan" and everyone freaked and thought she was pregnant, she said when she wanted a family she'd do it on purpose with a man she loved and wanted to be with, and all the women in the room understood what she meant, but Sonny still looked confused and asked "Is she pregnant?" OMG that cracked me up! He totally didn't get it! It was completely in character and funny and very well-timed!

It's little lines like that one that make me really love the new writing team, despite some obvious flaws. I can put up with Kristina's snark all day long if it means NLG gets to ACT (cry, be offended, show compassion), MB gets to have a quippy well-delivered one liner, and we have 6 -count them 6- people in the same room in the same scene!! Last year, none of these people would be in a room together unless there was a wedding or a funeral....and then there'd be no food and guaranteed, one of them would have been shot!

mosbp said...

Okay, yes, NuKrissy is looks latin, mature and is very tall, but for me what matters is whether of not she can act...NO! She was horrible! Couldn't wait to get her off the screen...