Monday, May 21, 2012

AZ is on a TEAR!! in his little dapper grape shirt!

Connie is tearing into Sonny--lord "We share the same body"--oh, that's creepy or what! I loved it when she said "Kate's an IDIOT"!! Then Kate comes out when Sonny gets all over Connie. What. oy.

Poor Molly, her big LOVE Story of JaSam  is evaporating!! AND SAM tells her before she tells ALEXIS? I knew my spoilers said Molly tells Alexis the "truth" But I thought she'd overhear it. Molly should know all that sheeze and not Alexis--just sayin'.

LULU has to get Crimson out. ahahaaa. This "magazine" is so fake. 

SO..was it Johnny or Connie? Hmmmm.

GUN GOES OFF and we don't know who's shot!! GOOD ONE!


sonya said...

Connie and Sonny: Connie says that Kate is BORING! And that she is an idiot! ROFL! And she says Mcdreamy! I think she is talking about Ewen. Kate comes out!! Hmm did Connie REALLY shoot out Papa Z's tires? Or is Connie just saying that to mess with Sonny? They showed flashbacks of what she did, but were they fake flashbacks? Hmmmm.

Alexis's home: TJ and Molly kiss again! :) Sam walks in! Damn for two people who want to keep their little thing a secret, they are idiots ROFL! Go somewhere else!!! :) TJ leaves, and Sam tells Molly she left Jason. Sam tells Molly the truth about Franco and the baby!!!! Molly makes a lot of sense, but she is still way to mature!!! Geez Sam tells her 14 year old sister about what is going on but STILL not her mother!! Come on Sam damn!

Jason and Liz: They are together. A nurse sees Jason and thinks Jason is there for Lamaze class. Oh Karen, is that what that spoiler ment when it said Jason stumbles upon Lamaze class? :) Jason and Liz talk about Sam. It was a nice scene. They hug. Sam and Molly show up DOH!

Carly and Shawn: Carly throws out the bracelet she got from Johnny. They talk about cheating. Carly brings up how she cheated on Jax in the past and that HE forgave her. She is wondering should she forgive Johnny? Or no? TJ shows up and Shawn has eyes in the back of his head ROFL! The text message TJ sent Shawn is so funny! Lib test ROFL! Which ment he was at the library and he was studying for a test he has in class. Which of course he was lying! Carly is alone and took back the bracelet. :)

Grandpapa Z and Johnny: Now there are flashbacks of Johnny sneaking around planting that gun at Kate's office!!! Now did Johnny REALLY shoot Grandpapa Z's tires and planted the gun? Or is Johnny just messing with his head and the flashbacks are fake? Hmmmmmmmm. Well they fight over the gun and GUNSHOT!!!!! WHO GOT SHOT?!!?!?!?!!

Lulu and Dante: Dante shows up with a gun because someone broke into Kate's office! Oh it's only Lulu. :) Lulu got turned on by a gun toting Dante. :) Hey does Lulu have different hair extensions? I like them. :) At first I thought she had shorter hair. I was thinking it's cute. :)

Sidenote: When they showed on the next GH, they didn't show Johnny OR Grandpapa Z!!!! Very clever writers!!! Make us wonder!! I like that. :) That would have been a great Friday cliffhanger! :)

LaTanya said...

So...they have him sleeep with/rape Kate, possibly responsible for killing Cole & Hope and now it looks like he might have shot gramps. Are we sure the rumors of Johnny leaving isn't true?

Liked Liz being the voice of reason to Jason. I always like when they give my girl her own storyline that doesn't involve JaSam!

Umm TJ and Molly I know you guys are new to this but if you don't want to get caught here's a suggestion....STOP MAKING OUT ON YOUR PARENTS COUCH! Don't your school have bleachers or find a dark quiet spot in the library.

My2Cents2 said...

Liz isn't the voice of reason.
She is NOSY. I almost fell off my chair when I heard her say 'some people have to much time on their hands'. Who is the POT and who is the KETTLE??

Sorry, but Liz has an agenda. I wish more people could see thru it.

My2Cents2 said...

Liz isn't the voice of reason.
She is NOSY. I almost fell off my chair when I heard her say 'some people have to much time on their hands'. Who is the POT and who is the KETTLE??

Sorry, but Liz has an agenda. I wish more people could see thru it.

love2chat402000 said...

Liz will not have an agenda.The writers haveade the decision to put her with Ewan.Jasam is endgame as stated by SID interview with Ron Carlivati. Jason may be the one with the agenda as per RC.

love2chat402000 said...
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Brender said...

I second that Liz is being the voice of reason for Jason. Not her being nosy. Jason is the reason she knows what is going on right now. She is just checking up on him to make sure he is ok because they are friends. I agree with LaTanya. Lets give Liz her own storyline now!
This TJ/Molly storyline is still a weird one for me and for Sam to tell her still very young sister about what happened to her before she tells her mother? Come on!
Of course, the writers still make Sonny front and center, so instead of Alexis helping her daughter right away, she is helping Sonny and his current girlfriend.

LSV422 said...

I think Liz also means well and is trying to help Jason as a friend. I have to admit I find TJ and Molly really cute, but it would have been nice to see them actually get together, like the first kiss maybe. He has changed so much but only offscreen. I also think it is nice that they are hanging around her house instead of somewhere else. They just seem like really good, normal kids. It was surprising to see Lulu at Crimson after we were left hanging over a week ago as to her future plans. So sick of Connie/Kate, especially when Kate comes out with her face scrunched up and crying. Bad acting to me. This needs to end. At least Sonny finally believes in the DID.