Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GH is interrupted by Obama saying he supports Gay Marriage! YEAH!! I don't care if he "evolved" during election  year, he did it and came right on TV to say so. Historical!

TODD Shows up in PC with a paper that says: TODD NOT GUILTY! heh..

I hope Olivia slaps the Connie outta Kate! Or the Kate outta Connie! LOL one of the two..she doesn't believe her and neither does sulky Sonny. 

John playing Sam Jazz. God, they so better NOT BE RELATED!  This is too good.  I keep hearing they are. I'm looking for clues either way and tapping my sources. Ok, my source. LOL but they are FORT KNOX right now over there!! 
Jason goes to find McBain and finds SAM in there! BOOM! 

Felicia and Mac had like no airtime! GEESH!! 

Sonny was his usual idiot self today. Jason's trying to save "SKate" but not his own marriage? How wrong is that writing??!! Jason did find the bug. And they don't think there can be TWO?!

Spinelli figures out there may have been a camera on the boat that Lisa was murdered on. Whatever. Don't care. BUT! Matt actually kicked Lisa in the face and she drowned. LMAO heh. 



sonya said...

Police station: Felicia is there talking to Mac!!! :) They are talking about Maxie and how Felicia was when she was a mother. I'm glad they didn't bring up Luke! Starr is with her father!! TODD YAY!!! :) Tea shows up! TEA YAY!!! :) Todd talks about his mother never loving him ROFL!

Kelly's: Matt, Spinny, and Alexis are at a table. They are upset over Maxie going to jail. All of a sudden the news comes on and it's all about Sam and the haunted star. And about McBain. I'm not even sure it's the news! I think it was one of those gossip shows. :) This woman reporting Sam has a sexy outfit on with long fake hair extentions ROFL! Alexis calls Sam. Sam won't tell her much! ARGH! Sam says she left home and is living in a hotel. Alexis wants to know what is going on! Spinny can figure out who killed Lisa Niles by video footage. Matt wants to go with him, but Spinny won't let him. Spinny is protecting his honey bunny Matt. :)

Sonny's home: Jason and Sonny are talking about Kate. Jason brings up that Kate has a mental illness just like Sonny does! Oh I am glad Jason brought up Sonny's illness! :) Jason found the bug that McBain planted. :)

Hospital: Olivia and Kate scene. Olivia doesn't believe Kate either about her D.I.D ROFL!

Hotel: Sam is with McBain!!! He wants her to listen to music. :) It looks like they are about to kiss when Alexis calls her. :) Oh I hope Sam and Mcbain are not related!!! The chemistry would be such a waste!!!

Spinny: He is praying to the cyber Gods to help him get his cyber skills back! ROFL! It works!! He got the video working. It shows Matt hitting Lisa and she fell in the water! ROFL!

Brender said...

I am definitely for a Sam McBain pairing. She needs someone better than Jason! And then when Jason finds out the baby is his, she can tell him to shove it!

Melodybluez said...

I see Jason Cook is leaving...does not surprise me, since they've barely done anything with the man.

I am liking Sam and McBain. I find her so much easier to watch in those scenes! I guess they still have their Port Charles chemistry! Michael Easton's voice is hypnotic! I like listening to him speak!

I realize some people (real or fictional) have a problem with accepting some psychological disorders as real, since they cannot be visually seen, like a physical disorder can, but I was glad someone (Jason) FINALLY said to Sonny about his bipolar disorder. I know Sonny's unreasonable when he feels wronged, but'd think he'd have a little compassion about the DID thing with Kate!

More OLTL people arriving in town! Todd seems like he could make things interesting. Port Chuck already has AZ, Heather, and Kate/Connie lurking around, so why not add one more nut to the peanut gallery!

I read some of the new spoilers and some of them are scary...TJ and Molly? Geeze, I thought TJ and Shawn were gone! For all that's holy, we don't need a teen preggars story! I guess OLTL was fond of those. Seems like Ron and Frank need to be careful about turning GH inton OLTL 2!

dar said...

Add me to the people who don't want a teen pregnancy story. It's been done to death.

I liked Todd. The actor seems really good. Too bad he's stuck with Starr for a daughter. She's the only crossover I don't like. Was she this bad on OLTL? Why did they bring her over if she was?

kdmask said...

OMG IF MOLLY gets PG...ahahaa. OH

MatchboxGinny said...

I'm not sure how I felt about today's episode. Love/hate with so many scenes.

Always loving McBam. Always.

It was nice seeing Mac. I blinked and missed Felicia.

Sonny made my blood pressure boil yesterday and today with his insensitivity regarding Kate, the so-called love of his life. Was nice to see Jason try to snap him back into reality about it.

Absolutely could not stand seeing a "real Ho-wife" on my GH. So wrong on so many levels - imo.

friscogh said...

Molly getting PG seems totally out of character, unless she thinks it is romantic.

The storyline would be a goldmine for NLG however. And, perhaps we could keep fingers crossed for a RH return?

Dar - I agree with you, I just can not get into the Starr character. She reminds me of Courtney and I hated Courtney.

Di said...

I'm afraid that Ron and Frank don't seem to be too concerned about turning GH into OLTL 2! Why repeat storylines from a cancelled series? How does that keep things fresh? And having all the OLTL fans jumping up and down because more "strangers" are coming into GH, when so many fine characters already there are being denied a storyline, is not helping to win people over.

I was so happy when they dropped the TJ and Molly storyline. I'm very disappointed that they're picking it up again. I was so hoping he and his "attitude" were gone for good.

I liked that Jason brought up Sonny's mental illness too. Seems everyone is supposed to make allowances for him but not anyone else.

I loved the short Spinelli scene and chuckled when I saw Matt kick Lisa overboard too.

I did , however, cringe when Sam told McBain that she was "all alone now" because she wasn't with Jason. *gag* *gag* Since when did she need a man to complete her? And what about her mother and her sister. What are they? Inconsequential because they aren't men?

I'm starting to get turned off again. I really hope things pick up soon and we see more of our old favourites too.

My2Cents2 said...

WELCOME Todd & Tea!!!!!!!!!
BEST part of the show was Tea's

Jason spend less time worrying about Sonny's life. YOur wife is in a hotel with McPain. Sickening. I know McPain is popular, but why Sam?? The 'randaveau' hotel.

Nice scene with Olivia & Kate. Since nobody ever heard of DID before, what a perfect opportunity to bring Victoria Lord over!

How does Jason know that is the only bug in the house? Why wouldn't they frisk it??

Tea...I heard Trevor is coming to GH. Lets hope it is true. :)

Mac & Felicia...what a beautiful couple you both are!

dar said...

How can they bring back Trevor? Didn't he get pushed off a roof?

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

dar---NO he was shown the last day of the show tied and gagged to a bed. So he is very much alive.
I read this either on Michael Fairmans blog or since those are the only other sites I go to.
Not sure if its true, but one thing we do know is that in the world of soaps....anything is possible.

Especially not showing Heather for over a week with a corpse in her posession.

rebeccakeen said...

HATE the OLTL people and don't want them on GH.TIIC should be working on GH characters ONLY.The show SUCKED ass today because Todd,Starr & Tea were on.

dar said...

Sorry I got confused. I thought you meant the GH Trevor who was Kate ex-lover.

LSV422 said...

I also hated seeing Starr, Todd and Tea -what an unattractive trio. Why bother with the OLTL folks when viewers from that show are obviously not watching GH, as shown by the ratings. Sam and McBain are magic together regardless of the relationship. I could watch him for the whole hour, and I usually cannot stand Sam. It's a travesty that Maggie's murder was forgotten about for a week - really bad work.