Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jason's Chicken Look

 Did you see it when he looked at McBain--?? LOL...good gravy..that whole scene was just horrible and Ronnie just laid there!! Stupid JASON... I think he's mad that the baby is still alive. Jason didn't EVEN GO TO THE HOSPITAL WITH SAM? HE HAD to stay there to argue with McBain!  OH man. 
Maybe the rumor that Steve Burton wants to leave is true? This is just too much-- terrible writing for him. 
"what is your job title"??

ConKate trying to explain her DID to Sonny. Laugh riot. Sonny: IS THAT MY FAULT?? getting all upset and moving around. heh.  They are making Sonny pretty stupid. 

Liz Vining was in all her glory today. Where's Emma?? Jake's birthday!

Nice Luke/Lulu scene. 

Michael turns in Starr? That douche. Great... you killed someone and now you are turning in someone else. So she can rot in prison? 

Oh and PS about 9 people on twitter saw Ronnie blink before they closed the body bag! hee hee


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I hate like hell to have to do this but looking down there at some of the sheeze that's happening makes me ill. I wish I could ban posters but I can't . Don't have that function or I would. And yeah, I can totally tell by ISPs when you're using multiple names/accounts. So, stop. I can't evn believe I have to say all this. I've gotten a LOT of messages about this and people don't even want to comment at ALL anymore.



LSV422 said...

I haven't seen today's show yet but I think it's great that Michael turned Starr in for attempted murder. Two wrongs don't make a right. She would have killed Sonny if Michael hadn't shown up and for once they didn't handle things themselves and bypass the law.

LaTanya said...

LOL....yes Karen I saw him blink too! My husband and I was watching it and even he said "that guy totally blinked....how are you watching this" I couldn't do anything but laugh!

I was in and out of watching but I did see the Micheal/Starr scenes which pissed me off. Ummm I just met you but I'm suppose to be more concerned with your feelings over the love of two people I just lost.....get real!!! I hate that they've now turned Starr's pain into a betrayal of Micheal.....but ths is GH and that's how they write their women! smh

PS.....Awww it's Jake's B-day!!!

Di said...

I must confess to FFing through the Michael/Starr scenes as I just can't stand her. the same with Kate and Sonny. I wish they'd just fiinish that story.

I liked Luke and Anna and Anna and Liz. I wish they'd stop having Liz give everyone sneaky looks as she passes them though. I don't want her being the gossip queen.

And Sam and Jason are getting just plain ridiculous. She didn't run and hug him either when he said he was glad she was ok, but hugging McBain just came naturally. It's just about time to start FFing through those scenes too.

Lulu and Dom were cute. Glad things are back to normal there.

I was glad to see Jake getting a nod at the end. I will confess that I'm one who keeps hoping they'll bring him back. Come on PTB. Are you sure Franco's mom doesn't have him? she asks wistfully?

Did anyone else notice all the hospital staff behind the desk at the end. Wasn't that a rare and wonderful treat.

sonya said...

Haunted Star: Ronnie is dead! His eyes are closed, but you can see his eyes flickering ROFL! Karen 9 people on twitter talk about seeing Ronnie blink before they closed the body bag! ROFL! Jason tells McBain to stay away from his wife ROFL!

The hospital: Liz and Sam scenes are great!! So are the Liz and Anna scenes!!! Anna and Liz talk about Jake and Robin! Anna cries. :( Jake's birthday is today. :( Kate tells Sonny about her D.I.D and about Connie! Sonny doesn't believe her! ROFL! He walks away ROFL! Luke and Lulu scenes were fantastic! He was so worried about her!!! Got me emotional! I am so glad the old Luke is back! :) Lulu and Mulva had a nice moment. :) Dante loves Lulu so much awww! Liz is going to go to Jake's grave to give flowers. Jason is going too!!! :)

Police station: Star and Michael zzzzzzzzzzzz. Talking about the same thing.

McBain and Sam: They are both at the hotel again!!!!! :) Kiss already!!!!! :)

AbsoluteLunatic said...

I miss Jake (and Cake!). I can't believe TIIC killed the great grandson of Dr.Steve Hardy & of Edward Quartermaine. The grandson of Dr.Jeff Webber and of Dr.Alan Quartermaine. Killed like he was a random day player.

love2chat402000 said...

Loved Liz scenes today with Anna! Glad Liz told Sam to talk to her husband and that she's sure Sam will get through this. Sam being snarky to Liz was stupid. Liz was grilled by Jason as he shoved a pic of john McBain in her face asking if that was the man she saw Sam with. Liz was saying to sam that she couldn't imagine what she's going through when Sam cut her off to be rude.Sam said her mother doesn't know but Liz knows.That is not Liz's fault as Sam should have told her mother and jason opened his mouth to Liz. I think Jason was acting foolish. Jason did not even go with Sam to the hospital but chose to challenge john McBain. I laughed at how foolish and weak jason came off as john wasn't the least bit intimidated. Loved that! I had loved the Jason of old ( monica's son) who had a soft heart but loathe the Sonny lapdog he's become.
I loved Dante/Lulu/Delores scene as the look like good friends. I would love Lulu to have a girlfriend relationship with dolores and for delores and her husband to be friends with Dante and Lulu.
Loved Anna today! She makes me feel the emotion.
I was happy to see Liz and Jason go to Jake's grave together and honor him. This was something that was missing with the Guza regime.

Anonymous said...

FH seems to be such a natural actress. So glad to have her back.

I am loving the friendship between Anna and Luke but not sure I want it to go beyond friendship. I am wondering if they are building up the Anna and Liz friendship, then going to have a Liz and Patrick romance, then have Robin return to find that Liz did exactly as Robin had once asked - Liz has taken Robin's place.

Has anyone even mentioned Maxie being sentenced? Anna, Lulu, Liz, Johnny, Sam, anyone?

My2Cents2 said...

'Liz Vining was in all her glory today'.
LMAO!! THANK YOU!!! Nice change to see her scenes relating back to the original GH. For those who don't know, AMY Vining was a nurse at GH and she was always in other peoples business. Yak Yak Yak. Always where she shouldn't be in the hospital, gossiping and talking.
GOOD ONE Karen!!

Not sure I see anything wrong with Jason staying behind and having words with McNostrils. John is stepping over the line and someone needs to put him in place.

Can't blame Sonny for not understanding DID. Maybe he never watched OLTL? lol

I watch with dismay wondering is Maggie decaying where? Where is Felicia at? Mac? Maxie? Matt? Patrick? Why if the guys are on tour in real life are we seeing Jason daily?
I realize Patrick is in depression, but that could be a good story as well. DID is over with. Dispite I am alone with this, I truly thought this actress brought out the best in her playing a duo role. I never got bored with it.

The good thing now is Todd & Tea are on the way! The bad is we will have to see more of Starr.

Karen I apologize for posting yesterday more than twice. When people come after me, I don't sit back and take it lightly. I will defend myself. Especially over something as minor and stupid as posting (with warning)Rumors.
You work hard on this blog, and don't deserve to come home after work and see such juvenille behavior.

AGAIN...those 3 people who are jealous or whatever of me, you are not doing Karen any favors. This is her blog, let her do the policing and we will all be fine.


JPink said...

FYI Trevor St. John is going to be on "The Client List" on Lifetime on Sunday. The guy who was Charlie on OLTL was just on that same show last week. Nice to see these great actors getting decent jobs. :)

kdmask said...

Maybe RONNIE isn't dead! LOL

sonya said...

kdmask said...Maybe RONNIE isn't dead! LOL
ROFL! Oh no!!! He is going to be buried alive!!! ROFL!

Unknown said...

Buried alive like Claudia you mean. She ain't dead, you know!

MatchboxGinny said...

Loved the Liason scene. Happy Birthday Jake!!

Frisco, I was wondering if they're going to pair Liz and Patrick as well. It would make for excellent storytelling if Kimberly McCullough were to return. Although I do think she'll only return if the show were to be canceled.

LSV422 said...

Finola is so fabulous! She needs more to do, but I love her friendships with Luke and Liz. I do like Kate much better than Connie. Sonny is such an ignorant idiot. Saw Ronnie's eyes, too. Maybe he was pissed that he got canned.

My2Cents2 said...

If I HATE Jawn McNostrils soo much, why did I have a dream about him last night? A romantic dream??

Go figure.