Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend At the Quartermaines!!

OMG...they did a Weekend at Bernies with Anthony!! "Hello you police people" Tracy says!! ahahha. OMG loved it. Dead Anthony was reading CRIMSON!!

And MONICA telling Jason HIS HISTORY!! "Alan had you installed at the gatehouse"! Yep Jason, you are an idiot. Monica and Heather together!! GAH!! Old School GH!!

Brandon Barash killed it today when Carly was forgiving him. He's so adorable and his face was just perfect in that scene.

Kate and Olivia...good scenes. I'm glad they are back to being friends. 

Jason went to talk to Sam...but still didn't say much..again, IDIOT! 

TODD tells Sonny he's going to print the SUN with Kate's face all over it. Todd says he UNDERSTANDS DID because of Vicki !!!!! "Kate remains blameless" Todd told him right off.

I hear Dead Anthony will haunt Johnny for awhile, at least a few weeks!!



  1. I agree Karen, good show. Heather & Monica sightings are priceless.
    Throw in Luke & Tracey & PaPa and they carried the day today!!

    How old am I?? I remember the day Monica picked up Jason as a baby and fell in love with him. And visa versa. He was crying, driving Monica crazy, she picked him up and he stopped the crying.
    I have loved those 2 since!

  2. I'm glad Monica talked about Jason....I still remember when she wouldn't call him by his name. Every time Allan would bring him up she would call him "that kid"! lol

    I missed most of todays show so I'll have to watch it later.

  3. Kelly's: Heather and Sam have a nice little chit chat ROFL! Heather says she doesn't hurt pregnant women, but Sam won't be pregnant forever! ROFL!

    Boathouse: Tracy sees dead papa Z and sits on the gun!!! ROFL! She is holding the gun. Luke shows up and thinks Tracy killed him, while Tracy thinks Luke killed him! Police are here!!! They take off with the body! ROFL! Mulva sees blood!!

    Q home: Karen I was thinking the exact same thing Karen!! :) Oh look it's weekend at Bernie's! Er I mean weekend at Anthony's! :)Tracy and Luke don't know what to do with the body! ROFL! Great scenes!!!! Monica is inside with Jason. Jason tells Monica about the baby and Franco and Franco is his twin! Monica doesn't believe it. Neither do I Monica!!! Monica brings up the past with Alan and that she didn't love Jason when she first saw him, but she did fall in love with him awww! More great scenes! :) Tracy heard everything and is in shock! Oh oh the police are coming! Tracy and Luke dress dead papa Z up! ROFL! Tracy was funny when she said hello police people! ROFL! Mulva wants to talk to Papa Z but Tracy and Luke say he is sleeping! Hahahaha! SHHHHH!!! Heather shows up to see Monica. Monica says,

    Monica: What the hell are you doing at my house?

    Me: You mean the one Alan bought for you? :)

    Johnny's home: Carly says she maybe will forgive Johnny but isn't ready yet!!! I'm glad she is thinking about the past and what she did.

    Sonny's fake restaurant: Oh!!! A Tilo (Todd and Milo) scene!! YAY! :) Todd is eating away and Sonny shows up. Todd is wondering about if Sonny has thought about his offer. There are 2 options for Sonny, but Sonny has a 3rd option. He shows Todd a gun! He says he could kill him. Todd shows him his magazine from Llandview the Sun. On it, it's with Kate. Todd says if anything happens to him THAT article about Kate will go through, and if nothing happens to him, there is another article without Kate on it. HAHAHA! Todd has outdone Sonny! :)

  4. LaTanya I remember that too! It was such a turning point when Monica finally connected with Jason. I remember it so well. Great scenes between them today :)

    "Weekend at Quartermaines" was hilarious good fun! Need MORE!!!

    Heather and Sam. Oh boy. Sam hun, you are out of your league. She's messing with you and you don't even know it.

    Jason. Pair him with Liz already so we don't have to keep seeing him be such a jackass.

    I am in love with Todd and Sonny (Sodd?? - lol). Love everything about their scenes. It's about time Saint Sonny met his match. Long overdue for sure!

    Johnnnnnnny. BB is fantastic! Great acting!

    Great epi - need more, add in Patrick, Liz, Piph (Anna and Mac too of course!) and I'm in heaven!! :))

  5. Tracy, Luke, and dead Papa Z were a riot! Love how Tracy and Luke were each accusing the other of whacking him. Those two are such an amazing comedy team.

  6. The vets carried it today...Monica and Heather back together again! Tracey and Luke - also gold!

    And I even liked the Sonny and Todd trash talk. Love seeing Sonny outmaneuvered and out schemed


  7. I loved the Tracy/Luke interactions and the weekend at the Q's. lol It was hilarious.

    The talk between Monica and Jason also brought back memories. We need more of this.

    Heather is How dumb is Steve not to notice. She gloats so well too.

    I actually found the Sonny/Todd scene more than a little unbelievable. First if all the fact that they couldn't get him to leave. What kind of mob bodyguard is Milo to let him in in the first place? And I can't believe that Sonny was intimidated by the threat of an article. He'd just shoot him and arrange for someone to burn the newspaper to the ground before the paper came out. He loves fire.

    Also found it more than a little unbelievable that Heather was ordering Monica outside. And then had the nerve to ask what was going on. There's a restraining order on her. Why didn't Monica just call the police? ( I know it's a soap but I hate scenes that defy reason.)

  8. So because they found a drop of blood in the pool house the police forensic unit gets called in.....really!?!? I enjoyed the entire show that's the only part that bothered me! lol

  9. I loved when Sam said, "If I wasn't pregnant I would kick your ass!"

  10. Not the biggest fan of all the OLTLers on the show, ESP Starr, but Todd and Sonny were great today. Loved the whole thing. Loved Todd with Carly yesterday too. Maybe he can stay.

    I just with the whole Kate DID story was over.

  11. LaTanya, the fact that they found a drop of blood and then called forensics in was the thing I liked most about today's show. There was, afterall, reports of a gun being fired on the property. For once, the police were being shown and compotent...well that is until they stumbled upon Luke/Tracy/Anthony when once again the police were portrayed as idiots.

    The Luke/Tracy/Anthony scenes were funny but if the rumors of Anthony still being on our screens for another two weeks are true I think this storyline will get old really fast. Hide Anthony on the Haunted Star, Lulu will discover him and begin to investigate, leading her right to her former lover Johnny.

    By the way, how long can a corpse just be sitting out before it starts to stiffen and smell? Did no one in Johnny's building hear the gunshots? Did Johnny go out and rent a carpet deep steamer to get the blood stains off his rug and sofa? Why would Johnny frame Tracy and not Sonny?

  12. JPink-I kinda liked that comment from Sam to Heather as well!!
    Whole scene with them were priceless!

  13. Di says, First if all the fact that they couldn't get him to leave. What kind of mob bodyguard is Milo to let him in in the first place?
    Well, because Milo has started to have feelings for Todd! :) ROFL!