Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daytime Emmy Nominations!

Kathy Lee and Hoda only announced TWO categories for Soaps on their show! LAMEST NOM SHOW EVER!! Here's from WE LOVE SOAPS..go there for full list. OLTL didn't get it for best show but GH did? That's bullshit.
 GH Lead with 23 nods


CRYSTAL CHAPPELL, as Dr. Carly Manning
Days of our Lives, NBC

JEANNE COOPER, as Katherine Chancellor
The Young and the Restless, CBS

DEBBI MORGAN, as Angie Hubbard
All My Children, ABC

ERIKA SLEZAK, as Viki Lord
One Life to Live, ABC

HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

LAURA WRIGHT, as Carly Corinthos Jax
General Hospital, ABC

MAURICE BENARD, as Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr.
General Hospital, ABC

ANTHONY GEARY, as Luke Spencer

General Hospital, ABC

JOHN MCCOOK, as Eric Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

DARNELL WILLIAMS, as Jesse Hubbard
All My Children, ABC

ROBERT S. WOODS, as Bo Buchanan
One Life to Live, ABC
MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Annie Chandler
All My Children, ABC

GENIE FRANCES, as Genevieve Atkinson
The Young and the Restless, CBS

NANCY LEE GRAHN, as Alexis Davis

General Hospital, ABC

The Young and the Restless, CBS

REBECCA HERBST, as Elizabeth Webber
General Hospital, ABC

BRADFORD ANDERSON, as Damien Spinelli
General Hospital, ABC

MATTHEW ASHFORD, as Jack Deveraux
Days of our Lives, NBC

SEAN BLAKEMORE, as Shawn Butler
General Hospital, ABC

JONATHAN JACKSON, as Lucky Spencer
General Hospital, ABC

JASON THOMPSON, as Patrick Drake

General Hospital, ABC

MOLLY BURNETT, as Melanie Layton
Days of our Lives, NBC

SHELLEY HENNIG, as Stephanie Johnson
Days of our Lives, NBC

CHRISTEL KHALIL, as Lily Winters
The Young and the Restless, CBS

JACQUE MACINNES WOOD, as Steffy Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

EDDIE ALDERSON, as Matthew Buchanan
One Life To Live, ABC

CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos
General Hospital, ABC

Days of our Lives, NBC

NATHAN PARSONS, as Ethan Lovett
General Hospital, ABC


My2Cents2 said...

Is there a reason why AMC/OLTL were not nominated for drama series? Too much controversy if they were nominated??
GH was nominated. Weren't all the current soaps on air today?? Or did I miss something? GH won't win if it is based on last year.

I PRAY ES wins for best actress. By far, she is the only one to win it.
I ask Robert Woods also be a winner.
He has earned such a win.

RH? SB? What storyline were they in that they would be nominated?
Sean sniffing after Carly? Or Liz getting into others business??
These people are 'fill ins'. They contribute nothing.

Younger actor I really hope goes to Chad. He has come far from his early days, and he too should not be overlooked. Though, the kid who played on OLTL, Shane, should have gotten a nod as well.


PM61 said...

Every year I read the noms and shake my head. This year more than others. I'm glad that Bob Woods and Erika Slezak were nominated, but I think OLTL the show and some of the other actors on it were given the shaft by the academy. Sometimes I wonder what they saw in the emmy reels that I didn't see on TV.

LSV422 said...

All I have to say is how the h*** did Sean Blakemore get a nomination? He is the stiffest, worst actor on the show. Just to put him alongside Jason T., Jonathan and Bradford is an insult to them. He wasn't even on much. There are many good looking black actors our there who can really act and they really should replace him not reward him. Would love to see Becky get an Emmy but not Laura W. again.

Melissa said...

I gotta say, Sean Blakemore????? Maybe he is a good actor, but not in this role. Awful. To say that he is as good as Jason T; no way! I love Becky, but I don't really see how her current role could earn her anything either. She is awesome, but the writing for her is the pits. Really hope Genie wins to stick it to TPTB at GH for shafting her so many years ago. Would like Chad to also get the win as well. Hope GH just sweeps it all (except for Genie - but that still counts, right?)

Bonnie said...

I am so glad that Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams were nominated this year. I think Debbie should get it.

OLTL should have been nominated at least because can no longer get nominated.

I agree and disagree with some, the last person that commented about RH and SB totally agree. They added nothing to the show last year.

MatchboxGinny said...

Wonderful to see the lovely Rebecca Herbst nominated. She's been through a lot with ABC/GH over the past couple of years and has always maintained her professionalism.

It's a shame OLTL wasn't nominated for Outstanding Drama. GH has no business being in that category based on last year. Despite having the worst storylines/writing congrats to the hard working GH actors who were nominated!

Sean Blakemore nom was indeed a surprise. I'm sure it's for the War Veteran/PTSD that got all of 10 minutes of airtime. It's too bad GH dropped the ball with that storyline. Perhaps Ron will pick it back up seeing that Sean will be back on the canvas again?

Anonymous said...

I thought the Daytime Emmy's are presented for work in the previous calender year? If so, these Emmy nominations are for the period of Jan 1, 2011 to Dec 31, 2011.

Jake died in March 2011. RH (Liz) not only deserves to be nominated for her acting during that storyline but she also deserves to win!

Michael's rape storyline was in 2010. I can not recall what CD did in 2011 that would be deserving of a nod. Perhaps some of the rape storyline carried over into 2011? Certainly following Abby around or working at ELQ / warehouse would not warrant a nod.

I am somewhat surprised to see JMB was not nominated given her involvement in the drunk Luke / intervention storyline. Perhaps her time in the brothel cancelled out the other good work she did, haha.

I was also suprised to see BB and BW were not nominated. They are both great actors and had some decent storylines in 2011.

I look forward to seeing JT and FH win next year for their amazing work around Robin's "death" this year.

LaTanya said...

While I'm a GH girl even I have to say OLTL was gipped!

Debbie Morgan soooo deserves Lead Actress.

What storyline was Nathan nominated for and even Nancy what was her storyline. Not judging just don't remember!

Sorry Chad but I'm going with Eddie Alderson.

Glad to see my girl RH nominated she was wonderful during Jake's traggic and horrible death (still hate that storyline)!!!

Anonymous said...

Chad is eligible for teh scenes where he came clean with the rape, and helped Abby.

And I'd love to see Bradford win for the scene where he came back to himself while talking to the (coma'd) Jason "and how many times have I called you Stonecold...". That scene, he really evoked a lot of emotion. But Sean/Shawn? The Sean from OLTL had more to do last year.

My2Cents2 said...
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rebeccakeen said...

Friscogh..I am surprised JMB was not nominated either because she is the best actress on GH.But i don't think she submitted the alcholism s/l.Nelson Branco saw the clips of all the pre-noms and said she submitted her break-up scenes with Dante.I mean she was great in those scenes BUT she was better in the alcholism s/l and should have submitted that instead.At least i don't have to waste my time watching The Daytime EMMYS because she is the only one i want to see anyway.

Carrie said...

Bullshit! OLTL didn't get best show but AMC did!?! Daytime Emmys are a joke.

kdmask said...

I am still PISSED about OLTL they had the best show last year, hands down. And nothing against Shawn Blakemore but I don't even know how he's considered a "Supporting actor"

Tawna said...

Tiny nitpick: it's spelled JACKS, not Jax. (There, got my spelling police moment out of the way lol)

As for Sean Blakemore, he was on the show for about 5 minutes and he gets nominated?! For what?? What a joke!

Next - Laura Wright. So, you're telling me that shrieking in people's faces is considering Emmy-worthy acting? *smh*

What a disappointment.

Brender said...

Totally happy that Becky got nominated. It's weird that Steve didn't, considering he was front and center in the Jake death storyline.

Sean Blakemore getting nominated? Really? Did you notice that there are hardly any Young and the Restless stars nominated?Or even Bold and the Beautiful. It is the GH show for sure!

My2Cents2 said...

Laura Wright is a brilliant and talented actress. She is overused. Nothing more.
We all have our opinions of who is worthy.
I don't get why Lizzie Vining was nominated. Honestly, the story of Jake dying was done horribly. Am I the only one who remembers that? Anyone remember GH vaguely showing Liz? She was canned, then rehired, so they cut out all her scenes. Surely she wasn't nominated for Jakes death, I think she was voted more for popularity. jmo

As far as policing is concerned, with the intelligence on this board, I would leave the 'policing' to Karen. It would eliminate alot of problems. Nobody has shown enough 'smarts' on here to be doing any policing imo.

I LOVED CarJax...Mr & Mrs Jax.

Queenie427 said...
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Queenie427 said...
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Queenie427 said...

I really hope that Becky brings home the gold this year, as I found her scenes concerning Jakes death so well acted it felt real. She totally broke my heart....there was no grand standing or over was total grief and emotional destitution on my screen. Now in my book that is a good actress.

I also hope that Jason Thompson gets the gold also. I think he has a way of drawing in the viewer, to the point you forget you are watching him on a soap. Another great acting ability to have.

I don't get why Sean was nominated...I do get why TG and MB times they are brilliant in their scenes. I am not a fan of either character, but even I have to give them their due at times.

LW is my book is very much over rated. I think she over acts almost every scene. Please don't give her another award for sub par acting...I am really hoping ether ES or DM win in that category.

Watchintele said...

Does it matter anymore about storylines meriting nominations?

The same people are always nominated regardless of others deserving the recognition.

I don't understand why MB is being nominated? You cannot tell me it's for the whole Brenda story and his subsequent breakdown. He does that every week.
That story is getting old and tired. And, never has in my opinion had the same presence or effect as it did when Lily died.

Over the past recent years, seems to me SBu has had better material than AG and MB and has not been recognized.

JT has been overlooked also. When he told Robin about the affair, that was probably one of the best work I'd seen in a very long time.
KMc was slighted too.

They make you not want to care cuz it's always the same people being nominated for same old boring stories over and over again.

Keep it fresh, recognize the work, not the name.