Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out of Blogging Sphere

Jason's Pain.. pain pain pain. OOooooooooo the pain. What would Jason do if HE were carrying Franco's baby? Probably jump off a cliff...which is why WOMEN carry the kids. LOL. It's Thursday and I have much meetings. One involving a prop guy to ask where the hell Badger Bob is. I miss the cuddly critter. Maybe ConKate put him in her suitcase to use the fur for a later photo shoot. 

I'm going to update SPOILERS right now before I leave because I'm nice that way! Have a good one. Be nice!


sonya said...

Starr and Sonny: Starr points a gun at Sonny. I am getting so sick of Sonny getting shot. How many bullet holes is he going to get?!!? Well Starr didn't shoot him YET, but still!! This is just the same ol same ol stuff. She doesn't want to shoot him in the house she wants to shoot him outside.

Carly and Johnny: OH! She kicks him where the sun don't shine! OUCH! :) Johnny is trying to tell Carly about Kate's D.I.D! She doesn't believe him, until he says the words D.I.D. :) Then she realizes it could be true because she saw the papers that Kate had saying D.I.D. :) He explains everything but she is still hurt and leaves.

Hotel room: Ronnie has Lulu all tied up and gagged!!! Meanwhile McBain and Sam are chit chatting, when Lulu grabs the remote control on the tv which has cartoons on it and she makes it louder! :) They want to know who is watching cartoons so loud. Sam got a snack for her and baby. :) McBain confronts Johnny! They get into it! :) McBain grabs Sam's snack! ROFL! Not good for the baby. Sam says the baby loves it! :) Later Sam grabs the same snack, but this time it's 4 more! ROFL! Lulu grabs her phone, Ronnie talks to Sam. Sam hears something fall, which is a lamp that Lulu mistakenly broke because her phone fell under the bed! Sam wants to see if someone is okay, and Ronnie won't let her!!! OH OH!!!

Police station: Dante is in jail!!!! Mulva is there and they are talking. He needs her help! She eventually gets him out of jail and he goes online and he sees Lulu's GPS on her phone!!! :) Meanwhile Luke and Anna are looking for Lulu and Dante.

Luke, Anna, and McBain: Luke and Anna talk to Mcbain about Ronnie! Ronnie has Lulu! Anna gives a picture of Ronnie to Mcbain. Luke and Anna leave, and Mcbain sees the picture! He calls Ronnie, Cartoon guy! ROFL!

McBain and Dante: They are both at the hotel!!! Guns drawn! :)

Di said...

I think it's time Sonny hired some competent body guards. He even had to open his own door. And this at a time when he and Johnny are definitely at odds. *insert eye roll*

I'm afraid I'm still not taking to Starr. And I'm sure the poor girl has asthma. Not only was she gasping today but she coughed a few times when she was getting emotional. She definitely has breathing problems.

I laughed when Carly gave Johnny a good swift kick. Not usually a carly fan but I think he definitely deserved that.

I liked the Luke/ Anna interactions, and the Sam/McBain ones. Obviously they are testing chemistry there for sure. I'm not a Sam fan but she's much better with McBain than Jason.

I'm looking forward to the showdown at the hotel tomorrow.

Andrea said...

Sparks fly when Sam and McBain are on screen together.

Maybe it is because the writers make Sam such a sap when she gets with 10 feet of Jason, but I am hoping this new writing team lets her be strong I like her when she has spunk.

MatchboxGinny said...

I was okay with today's episode. Slow instead of Liz/Liv doing laps around the hospital it was replaced by Luke/Anna doing circles in the hotel lobby.

Finally we get to see where Lulu is being held! Go Dante, go McBain!

Starr. I just can't. Why Ron and Frank love KA so much is beyond me. The girl can't act PERIOD. But watching MB's face (looked like he wanted to giggle) when she pointed a gun at him was priceless!! LOL!

McBam - WOW. WOW!!! There really is no denying their chemistry. I absolutely love them! They are fun, playful, sexy, so's a goldmine for GH.

My2Cents2 said...

BAD weather here, so I didn't see the beginning. Which is fine. Once I was able to watch, I FF thru most of it.

Thats my girl Carly, kick him to the curb! Hell you blew Jax off for alot less. And you and Jax were the best SuperCouple of daytime imo.

I have NO DESIRE to watch Star/Sonny scenes. Like the head of the Mob can't take down a little girl. STUPID.

The only part of today I liked was concerning the hotel room or are they at Bobbies brownstone? Didn't look like a hotel. Did they say where they were??

I'm touched after 30 years of Luke he now has taken an interest in his daughter.

Sam is enjoying her time around McNostrils. I just can't watch.
McNostrils:Stay out of other people's business, I can assure you Gnat has moved on already and hasn't told you!!!! :)
I liked him on OLTL, but not on GH. Its like he 'took over'.

Last Thursday was boring, as was this Thursday.

I want Heather, Kate, Monica & Jason scenes.

Hey, speaking of Heather, is she a murderer or what??? Is Maggie still sleeping or dead.

Go home McNostrils

wherewolfmom said...

Poor poor Jason Sam lied. Nasty nasty Sam liar Sam has to leave and move into a fleabag hotel. Multi-millionaire Jason can't even make sure Sam has a decent place to stay. This is getting old. Why is everyone so damn concerned with Jason's feelings.

LaTanya said...

Starr was much better on OLTL here on GH everytime she's on screen I just want to swat her with a fly swatter!

Ronnie's a cop and should have handcuffs so why is it that he has Lulu tide up with extra bed sheets. Don't like Sam but I did like that they had her craving cheetos it was kinda cute and lite hearted.

I do like that some of the stories are wrapping up and moving faster. Looks like Dante and John will find Lulu and Sam by the end of tomorrow and a gun shot will be Fridays cliff hanger!

Wanda Woman said...

McBain and Sam have so much chem. I hope the rumors/spoilers aren't true that they're going to be brother and sister. If they go that route, what a waste of on-screen chemistry! I'm loving McBain on GH.

I agree about Starr. She's a whiny reincarnated Courtney. Zzzzzzzzz.

I would like someone, anyone, to kill off both Connie and Kate. Heather? Helena? Pleeeeeease.

I'm loving the new playful Luke. So much better than drunken, bitter Luke.

Crazy Heather has been a great addition!

Less Sonny/Carly/Jason/Sam (unless she's with McBain). More Anna/Luke/Heather/Mac/Alexis/Qs. And can we bring back Diane?

My2Cents2 said...

People, c'mon this is a show. It was written where Sam was the one to leave. How else would she develop a relationship with McNostrils? She is Jason's wife. She isn't a poor women. She could have gone to Metro Court. This is how the show is being written.
My thing, is what is the probablity of McNostrils and Sam ending up at the same hotel? zilch unless it was a show.

As far as those who beat up on Jason, put yourself in his place. He just found out that this crazy monster who has been obsessed with him for 2 years raped his wife, got her pregnant and digest the fact he is related to something like that. Give the guy a chance.
He will come around. For now, it appears that Sam & McNostrils are being set up for one another.

YES Sam lied. What other women on this show has never told a lie?
I want to see more Q's interacting with Jason. Jason has Sonny as his true love.

What is going on with Felicia? Where she staying at? Did they forget that storyline?? Still no Uncle Mac.

And Heather & Maggie. Lets not beat up on Jason when there is still a few things not right with the show.

OK done venting.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Sam fans: you wanted Jason, you have him.

love2chat402000 said...

Sam and McBain have huge chemistry ! She looks so different with him, smiling instead of scowling and not so weathered.Cheetos were a nice touch. They should be a couple , not her and jason.

dar said...

Love Mc Bain, hate Starr. This Connie Kate show is awful. I hope it stops soon.

My2Cents2 said...

AbsoluteLunatic said...
Sam fans: you wanted Jason, you have him.

love2chat402000 said...
Sam and McBain have huge chemistry ! She looks so different with him, smiling instead of scowling and not so weathered.Cheetos were a nice touch. They should be a couple , not her and jason.
I agree. Jason is going to suffer because imo Sam isn't coming back so fast.

LSV422 said...

For someone who really hated OLTL actors coming on I have to admit McBain is such a great addition and never gets old. Kate/Connie needs to end fast - KS is starting to play Connie like a ridiculous caricature. Couldn't watch one second of Starr - she is the worst. It would have been nice to see Lulu abducted. Too much stuff is happening offscreen. Jason should be glad to get rid of Sam for awhile. The way she says "Jason" fifty million times while talking to him is so annoying and seems to be a habit of bad actors. Loved the Carly kick!

AntJoan said...

OMG, I CAN'T STAND IT, WHY DIDN'T LULU SCREAM when McNostrils opened the door? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!! She was even able to talk with that stupid gag in her mouth, so what was the point of the gag? WHY DIDN'T SHE SCREAM????

And, WHY are they all at the same stupid fleabag motel? My 2 Cents, you are the only one who mentioned this, it makes no sense on so many levels!!

I usually hate watching crazy people, but Cray Heather is a hoot, I think she did kill Maggie.

Robert said...

All I know is that I'll be seriously disappointed if Sam and John get together and Natalie doesn't swoop into town and kick Sam's ass. You KNOW she'd kick Sam's ass!

sonya said...

AntJoan said...OMG, I CAN'T STAND IT, WHY DIDN'T LULU SCREAM when McNostrils opened the door? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!! She was even able to talk with that stupid gag in her mouth, so what was the point of the gag? WHY DIDN'T SHE SCREAM????
I was wondering that myself! And then I remembered that Ronnie tightened Lulu's gag tighter!

Linda said...

mcbam is hot, haven't felt that chemistry from a couple on GH since Jolivia. Jason who?

Who ares about Star. We don't because she wasn't on this show for us to connect with her and her child & Cole.JMO. Give airtime to someone else.

I saw soapzone hinted that kirsten Storms was tweeting again and teasing about a return? Hell YES!

I know everyone loves Heather but I would rather the airtime go to Alexis, have Sam finally spill the beans. And where the hell is Molly?

Linda said...

Oh yeah and I cannot stand the multiple pers. of Kate. That actress just can't pull it off. Not sure Megan would have either but I prefer Megan's Kate. This story should have went to an actress we cared about already said...

This is a really great idea, Mish! I was wondering what I was going to do with the extra journaling spot for the week, but I haven't thought too hard about it since I haven't even gotten my page protectors yet :( They've been out of stock for a while and are not set to return until Feb. For now, I'm taking your advice and writing everything in my daily calendar that I got at Target. Thanks for all the inspiration!
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