Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Patient Chart

Time for a good ol' Sunday Surgery check-list of Health vs Illness--or something like that!! I don't know what's wrong with me lately with this show. I'm just being honest in saying it's just not grabbing me. You know I love the OLTL team, the OLTL characters and the like, but something is just 'off' and I'm not sure what. I'll try to figure it out by using a check list.  Here we go! 


1. Luke/Tracy/Anna - Loved the boathouse stuff-- loved their dialog and fun interaction. I even thought the Kelly's "Babysitting" scene was interesting. Watching Luke with a kid on his lap coloring was a bit disturbing but better than him hanging around the Haunted Star in the dark for days on end! Heather chasing Luke around is an added bonus. 

2. Tea: Because I love her.  That's all. 

3. Felicia was on more! For everyone of you that can't deal with her voice or acting, there are 3 more of us that love her!! 

4. The Matt reveal--way too late and way to "who cares" but it's DONE. Phew. Matt knows. Stop with the Who Killed Lisa. 

5.  Patrick/Epiphany: Another great scene and I'm glad he's back to work. Glad he shaved.

6. Todd and Sonny:  Love. Roger Howarth was funny with Milo too! 

THANK YOU for having Alexis, Tracy, Heather and Anna on --I love how this team uses it's "older" people in a vibrant way.  Mac, Luke--Felicia... yes, yes.


1. ConKate crying every time I see her. I get it, Kelly Sullivan can cry. I also get she's switching alters all the time. I just don't care. Don't care, don't care, don't care. Which is weird because I loved my DID on OLTL.  This is falling way flat. If the rumors are true about yet another alter and some hidden grown baby somewhere, I. Will. LOSE. IT. (The kid would be late20's) Unless the father isn't Sonny. I just want this all over with.

2.  Olivia and Steve's big angst over Maggie. Please. She wasn't even on the show for about 5 weeks. We forgot she existed. Steve's acting like she was the love of his life.  And the fact that neither one of them turned to Heather and said "What did you do"? was just not believable.  

3. Although I applaud CD's acting, Michael's whole attitude change is bizarre and I just can't wrap my head around it. Is he working now, btw? Not that I care--and I certainly don't miss the giant coffee bean bags but still. He should have SOMETHING  to do. 


1. Tea's dress. Please,  make it stop.

2. The courtroom stuff. With all the shows on about courtrooms this was just redonidink in so many ways.  Spinelli may as well  have been the lawyer. The "judge" could have been some guy off the street for as much sense as it all  made.

3. Not ONE MENTION of Crimson.  It's Kate's "Baby". Between her tears should be SOME angst about the mag. Or someone saying "I hear Crimson is folding" Or Todd bought it. ANYTHING. 

4.  If Heather says "Let's grab a BLT at Kelly's" again I think I shall throw some bacon at the TV. It was cute the first 3 times. Now? Annoying.

5. TJ and Molly all of a sudden making out on the couch.  After not being on for months. Shawn suddenly at Kelly's. I tweeted something about him running it and had at least 5 people said they totally forgot that point.

 The show is still inconsistent for me. I never know what day it is..or how many have passed. Ewan is shown  -- then not mentioned, then being operated on. Johnny's up/down, giving Carly a charm and yammering with Todd but not really connected. There are some holes I'm feeling and I'm not sure why. Sam is all of a sudden in McBain's room all the time. Jason's doing stuff with Spinelli and detached from everything else in his life. I also feel like scenes are choppy and not flowing the way I'd like them  to. Lulu is a prime example...she was on talking to Luke, then nothing. Dolores and her husband and the stripper thing--nothing. Anyone else feel like this? I watched in real time 4 days last week so it's not like I'm missing huge chunks of the show. Even Maxie telling Matt about Lisa just felt like a let down. 
Liason was on again, which I guess makes their fanbase happy. I liked the scene with Emma but on Sam's BIRTHDAY? When she's been RAPED and PG with Franco's baby? Um...not cool, imo. Even though I love McBam,  I didn't appreciate the birthday stuff.
I wish Anna and Patrick were together more. I wish I cared more about the stories on the show. I was so happy and excited, remember?! I don't want to damper YOUR excitement however so please tell me what you are loving about the show.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Todd giggling when Milo frisked him. My fave.

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  There wasn't a really BAD scene-- can't pick one this week. They were all ok scenes within themselves.  Just not too connected for me.

Did you know I have the summer off? Well, only a few clients so I'll be around more-- which maybe will help my attitude.


  1. Karen, You're an early riser on Sunday, like me, I guess it's just the 2 of us!!

    Liked your Sunday Surgery, understand your angst. About the Heather "BLT" comment, I think it's realistic, as really crazy people are VERY rigid and repeat phrases like that, they are very "stuck."

    I also disagree as I hate most of the OLTL characters, and HATED when what's-his-name giggled, it reminded me of Mr. Gold on Once Upon a Time, I don't know who borrowed it from whom, as I really didn't watch OLTL.

    If Sonny has ANOTHER KID, w/Connie, I think my head will explode.

  2. OMG...please don't tell mee Sonny might have another long lost kid running around somewhere! Am I the only one who remembers that back in the day it seems like Sonny couldn't have a kid....Lilie pregnant getting blown up and Carly falling down the stairs while pregnant. Now it seems like all he does is flashes his dimples and your knocked up!

    Although the TJ and Molly stuff seems to have come out of the blue I don't mind it. Their teenagers and teenagers flirt, kiss and lie to their parents. Just as long as there's no teen pregnancy storyline I'm fine with it!

    Hate the Matt killed Lisa storyline I mean it was all wrapped up until Maxie confessed so really it's her fault he's gonna go to jail. Lisa had thrown Liz over board assaulted Patrick and was about to kill Robin until Matt saved her how is that murder? They should write him off going to do Doctor's for Boarders with his dad instead of going to jail.

    I missed most of the week because of IEP's for my sons and the local Special Olympics so if it wasn't for your blog Karen I would be so lost.....Thanks!!!

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  4. I don't find anything wrong with your attitude, as a matter of fact your post defines my feelings exactly.
    Especially the Tea comment. We love her, thats all for now though.
    As far as her outfit, I found a picture of Starr pregnant wearing the skirt. I posted it on my blog.
    Speaking of Starr, she is bringing down the show. And summer has just begun!
    I have more BAD than GOOD. Felicia needs to be on even more, I want to see her in a storyline. Let the newer viewers get to know her like we do.Very disapointed with her return.

    Matt & Maxie DRAMA is going to continue, don't expect things to wrap up this week.It doesn't.

    I too LOVED the scene with Milo & Todd!

    Anna wasn't on enough for me. I want more Anna.

    Still lovin Kate/Connie. Dam KS is a fine actress! Glad Connie is sticking around.

    Steve your time on GH has been useless. What are you crying about??

    Now the major storyline will be Jason & Sam's baby, Jason running to Liz, yada yada yada. Same story, just another year. As someone who only saw Jason & Liz as friends and felt no chemistry, allow her to move on with her life. The writers are messing with peoples mind about a future Liasion. Though I hate Sam, clearly she was the love of jaon's life.
    Jason is only using Liz. AGAIN.

    I agree, I am losing interest. Remember the last year of OLTL went quickly as they were wrapping up. Now that GH is going backwards, but definately NOT going forward!

  5. I'm watching live almost every day. It is hitting the mark on some scores, but leaving me less than wowed on others. They need a flow chart to show when the characters are featured so they can keep them from being off screen for so long we do not care! The characters personalities are all in flux and no one is behaving as we believe they would... except Luke who I finally recognize again as the man I love!

    Hit & Miss

    I loved Tracy & Luke bantering in the boathouse (HIT), but WHEN did it become "all right" for our main characters to plot cold blooded murder and we are okey-dokey with it? No. I'm not. (MISS)Luke is not a murderer, although they both are capable of it. (Miss) Anthony goes from this delightful character at the boathouse to the mad dog killer with a gun at his grandsons face. We don't need Kate, we got Zacchara!

    Speaking about Kate. (MISS)I know how hard Kelly Sullivan has had it and this is heavy duty material, but I can't get over Megan Ward being replaced when I don't know why! Did she piss in Mo's Cheerio's? I mean I could SEE MW as Sonny's high school love, but not KS. I'm sorry but this has been some of the worse soap acting I've seen outside of the Russian accent on Bo over on DOOL last week. (horrendous acting)

    HIT)Maurice Benard's acting has picked back up from phoned in to giving a crap and it shows. When he was watching NOTKate talk in the 2 way glass, I felt his realization that her illness was real. Good job.


    Too much NuMaxie. It's over. Move on, quickly because I don't care. Matt needs to get it and get out, sorry you were wasted Jason Cook but lets move this along now!

    Teens, off screen for WEEKS and then poof here they are again only now the little kid is romantic with the street thug. Great, and I mean that not one iota.

    Heather murderers Maggie & Steve's reaction is bazaar. Olivia has been ridiculous to/about Heather since the day she arrived. That is Steve's mother! Fail. Heather would be more valuable as a character like Blair's mother, quirky/cool crazy not murderous. WTF?

    Alexis boobs are everywhere. She has a nice set but... ever hear of age appropriate clothing?

    I don't care about Jason, his marriage or that kid. Sorry, I don't.

    If they don't get Starr out of that jail and make her stop her infernal whining I will begin to hate her. They take the death of her baby and make me not care because of this drug out, forced part of the story. OMG. Move past the stupid ass revenge/mob idiocy!

    McBain needs to get on with his investigation or get out. He's the new Taggert and it does not look good on him. It got old when it was the original Taggert and that was 10 years ago at least!


    I love Patrick's realistic reaction to his wife's death and Epiphany stepping up as a friend, That is where her character shines as the tough task master with a heart of gold. I love the hospital scenes!

    Todd, Tea, Carly; loving the dynamic. Tea needs to stop holding that basketball, its distracting and her screeching has not improved from OLTL to GH but those 3 could be so much fun. Now bring on Blair and Sam, but put Jack in a home or coma or recast him for Molly.

    What I want: girls night out at The Rib! More karaoke. Write Lulu & Dante a decent s/l. Bring Ethan back for new Kristina. Let Ethan open Lulu's casino while she goes to Police Academy!

    Thanks for letting me ramble, Karen. It's been a long time I've been holding back!

    Belinda, #GHfansince1966

  6. If I was Sam, I' be in McBain's room all the time too :)

  7. I absolutely agree! The choppiness and inconsistencies are killing me. I keep saying to myself, "okay, hopefully this will even out soon"...but if anything it's getting worse. The stories are just not flowing.

    Having TJ and Shawn suddenly appear after weeks of not seeing them? Then we're supposed to believe he and Molly are in a relationship? I don't care because they didn't let us get involved with the "build-up".

    I'd rather see more of Mac, Alexis, the Q's and even Felicia (even though I am not a Felicia fan).

    Sixty second clips of Patrick thrown in maybe once every couple of weeks was very annoying. It's nice to see him back at the hospital. Wonder when we'll see him again? Two weeks?

    Same with Dante and Lulu, the only happily married couple. I did hear there is a story for them planned that starts soon, they just need to get to it.

    The Lisa Niles killer...don't care. Especially don't care now that it's Matt and now that we know he's leaving the show. Would have been far more interesting to have him remain on and deal with it, have Patrick involved, the implications of being so drunk you didn't know you killed someone, possibly losing his medical license or having the medical journal that published his paper denounce him...ughhhh if only I could write it! LOL!

    I love Anna and Luke scenes but when you think about, they've been doing NOTHING. I thought for sure we'd get to see a little bit of action when Lulu was missing but NO. Instead we saw Luke and Anna walking in circles at the Metro Court. Huge disappointment.

    And Ewan/Dr. Abs. Can someone tell me why I should be interested if he lives or dies? I'm not invested in his character. There's no reason to be. If he was in cahoots with the Cassadines or the Jacks family I'd be a little more interested but at this point, it wouldn't bother me at all to have him disappear. I know they want to give Liz a relationship and I'm all for it but I'm going to need a little more intrigue w/Dr. Abs.

    I am so over the DID story, plus I can't deal with Kelly Sullivan's "switching" scenes. Too ridiculous for words. I cringe. Unfortunately, I know Ron loves it so it will continue. My FF button gets quite the workout! lol!

    I'm torn with the JaSam stuff. There's a part of me that wants to see more destruction to them. I've had to endure years of the past writers doing everything they could to destroy anything "Liason" or Elizabeth including killing off baby Jake. (Worst mistake in soap history. imo) So to me turnabout is fair play. On the other hand, writing Jason as an insensitive jackass w/Sam's baby is not being written well imo. All I know is I am enjoying Jasam being broken up and think they should've done it years ago, should have continued the triangle or quadrangle (w/Greg Vaughn's Lucky). Mixing up two popular couples over the years is pure soapy goodness and something GH long forgot about. Thankfully, Ron understands he has two huge fanbases and another one (McBam) on the rise. I'm sure he'll capitalize on it.

    Okay, getting off my soapbox. Sorry for the book. Felt good to get that off my chest. Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday :))

  8. I don't mind Sam being in McBains room all the time, but don't show her really upset when Jason keeps rejecting her. If she is that upset, then go to a different hotel and quit hanging out with McBain. Otherwise, have her tell Jason off and then it would be more realistic having her in McBains room. All. The. Time.
    One thing I would rather see is her with her mother and sisters more.
    A lot of the other stories are really getting old for me. Wrap them up quick and get some newer, better stories going.
    I'm liking Luke, Anna and Tracy, but Heather has almost served her purpose.
    I like Todd for comic relief, and I understand Tea would come on to help Starr, but I really don't need to listen to Todd and Tea yell at each other on my screen. I already have to listen to Carly doing that all the time.
    Great to see Patrick and Epiphany interact. I would loved to have seen more of that.
    Already TIRED of Kate.
    Since I am a Liason fan, I am not going to say much about their friendship. Just don't tease us again. We have been let down too many times. I am ready for Liz to have her own life, where she chooses who she wants to be with and it would be on her terms.
    All in all, I FF a lot of the scenes this week. I feel it was because of how long it is taking to wrap some of the stories up.

  9. Add me to the people who can't stand Kelly Sullivan's acting and are sick of the whole story.

    For me there is not enough McBain. Where was he this week.

    Karen, I agree with your Todd/Milo comment . I thought that was just too funny. Although I was not a OLTL viewer I am really liking Todd.

  10. HI BELINDA..:) thanks for the hit/miss. I still think we need to get a podcast out if I ever have time!!

  11. I think the reason the DID is falling flat for a lot of us, is that it's Kate. She's not a character we care about the same way we did Viki or Jess. That connection is missing. Kate was off screen for what a year and a half before she was recast, and as soon as GARIN brought her back she was acting what viewers saw as out of character.

    Personally I find the confusion over which day it is weird, because I keep seeing people on twitter saying, "Its a new episode, it should be a new day." That makes no sense to me at all.

    Jason, I don't know what to think about him right now. I think he's just trying to avoid having to focus on his own problems, give Sam some time to cool off. I still think he's more concerned about the fact that she didn't feel she could talk to him and confide in him and had to go look outside of their marriage for someone to confide in. To be fair he did do the same thing.

    Heather, she's just mentally unstable. She's connecting the BLT at Kelly's to some point in time when she was happy. But seriously, I hope no one else ever drinks any tea she makes, yikes! I am glad to be rid of Maggie, I couldn't think of any way she could've been made to have a purpose.

    I do want to smack Matt around for going to work and not to the courthouse or police station to turn himself in. I'm going to just guess he's in denial that he did it, even though he's starting to have memory flashes. I need Maxie to snap out of protecting Matt who hasn't ever done anything for her.

    I'm thrilled Felicia is back, I would love to see more of her, hopefully if some of the other stuff would calm down. I need some major Felicia/Maxie scenes about their entire relationship. I also need Mac/Felicia scenes and also for Felicia to stay as far away from Luke as possible.

    TJ/Molly actually, that didn't surprise me that much at all. I'm sure as summer comes, with the new Kristina starting to air this week we'll see more of the younger set that's not Starr/Michael.

    As for Michael himself, I think he's hurt. I feel that was more of an AJ kind of gut reaction thing to do then a Sonny thing. I just wish AJ was still alive and able to come back to town and bond with his son.

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  13. You forget Dante who was not on all week along with Lulu. I hope we get them this week. I didn't mind the show this week.

  14. Too much Maxie??? We had 1 day of her. They took that storyline and 'shelved' it for the McPain storyline.
    Your in for a treat. This storyline should be over, yet it lingers on and on and on.

    I meant to say in an earlier post we need a major storyline, not the boring stuff way over played that we do daily.

    I LOVED Victoria Lord.. Yet when Niki came on I FF. I guess different strokes for different folks because I am loving KS as is alot of bloggers. Not sure about twitter since I don't tweet.
    But this has been one of the mail storylines..and the ratings are going up. Slightly.
    Or they going up for McNostrils??

  15. Karen says I also feel like scenes are choppy and not flowing the way I'd like them to. Lulu is a prime example...she was on talking to Luke, then nothing. Dolores and her husband and the stripper thing--nothing. Anyone else feel like this?
    Oh Karen! I know what you mean! What about Helena? Helena was going to get a DNA test done for Ethan!!! Where did Helena go? Is the test done?!!?!

  16. Huge MISS for GH --- Molly can have a love interest but LA's Kristina could not? GMAFB. If Ethan returns I hope and pray that he is a recast. New Kristina = New Ethan. I'll take a Fake Ethina over a half-assed one.

  17. It has been years--since the Labine days, when I rewound and watched scenes again just because I enjoyed them (and not just because I missed some information). Many years ago it was a frequent habit with me, but that stopped with the mostly tedious and dark Guza days.

    BUT...I have found myself rewinding several times in the last few weeks! Sometimes from the beginning.

    It is a whole new day now!! And here is my point: we have a show refreshed and revived and not so startling different that younger viewers are being jolted or disenfranchised. People used to the Guza years can still relate somewhat by Sonny, Carly & Co, so the changes aren't too upsetting to them--at least I don't think so.
    Yes, it is still a little awkward as RC moves into stuff to wrap up--too quick courtroom nonsense just to get something done, Steve and Olivia being dumb with Heather (and boy, is Heather obvious in her possessiveness) and AZ thinking of divorcing Tracy rather that 'wack' her himself, and some other stuff that seems either hurried or too slow.
    But anyone can see the new energy and the heart and pace. These are GOOD things.
    I just hope some of the fallen-away fans listen and tune in again! We need those ratings up!

  18. If a man can tell you on your birthday, standing in front of him pregnant after being raped by his brother, he "has things to do" then you are not his soulmate. Sam is by no means Jason's soulmate or the love of his life. That was just plain ice cold and I was embarassed for Sam. He treats her that way and she lets him. She raised absolutely no objection to objectionable behaviour and she will go back for much more. She has never been on equal footing with jason, sad.
    Liason is beautiful together but I want Liz with someone better than Sonny's lapdog. Don't worry jasammers, Ron Carlivati drank Frons' koolaide and in a SID interview feels that jasam is a great couple even though he said they have become dull and need shaking up. I think his endgame is boring jasam.

  19. Another missing piece: Heather poisoned Maggie and a week later she is found at her own apartment and brought in to the hospital. How did she get there? Did Heather drag her, unseen, to wherever Maggie lives? How did she survive for days at home?

  20. I agree Kat.... that was a very AJ thing that Michael did. It would be great to have AJ back on the scene, now that this son is older. I would love to see their interactions as a parent and young adult child.

    I also find the Molly, TJ relationship odd because they look so far apart in age to me. When they kissed it just looked uncomfortable and awkward.

  21. I agree, JPink. Molly is a girl who lives in LaLa land. She sees love as romantic and fairytale like. I can see her falling for an older guy who seems romantic but a little punk with attitude wouldn't relate to any of her perceived romantic heroes. I can understand that she'd want to keep hanging out with him just because she was told not to, but not to fall for him. I see no romantic chemistry there at all.

  22. Everyone's got different opinions here and I think that's cool.I personally think Kelly Sullivan is doing a great job with the DID storyline. She's chewing up the scenery in such a fantastic, soapy way... love it!

    I WISH they hadn't had Heather kill Maggie. It makes me worry that Robin Mattson won't be on very long. Back in her heyday, she plotted murder but didn't actually do it (her mother killed Diana Taylor.) She was complex and you actually rooted for a romance for her and Joe Kelly. Hopefully they'll redeem her and give her back a few more of her dimensions while still keeping that off-kilter, not sure what she'll do sort of thing.

    No-one will agree with this one but I think it's time to give the Sonny character a heave-ho! Talk about one-dimensional! The character is a murderous sleazebag whose ship has sailed. I've never understood why this small-statured, slimy guy could supposedly attract as much female loyalty as he has. The Todd character is much more appealing and sophisticated.

    And for God's sake, do whatever you've got to do. Just get Genie Francis back and send her and Luke on a fantastic adventure!

  23. Karen, I agree completely. I think the main problem with the show being so disjointed is that they are working on the remnants of current crappy storylines and the new writers write good dialogue but no new storylines. I hate seeing so much of Kate since she is a newbie and I don't really care about her. The appearances by Felicia, Luke, Tracy and Anna are too few. I like Tea and Roger, and of course McBain, but I want to see more of our vets. We know Sonny, Jason and Carly have had a big part in the show stagnating, so give some of the others a good storyline. I'm still watching but not enthusiastically yet.

  24. Michael murmur, i think you would be surprised how many people would lek to see Sonny meet his very deserved demise. I have been advocating for years a storyline that would see Sonmy actually have to answer for his long history of crime...a court case with a death sentence attached to it. To make it soapy I would love to see Alexis be elected Governor and have to decide whether to pardon Sonny or not. Heck, I like Jason simply because he is a Q but if it meant getting Sonny off our screen I'd be pleased to see Jason take a fall as well. I think Sonny is the most despicable character ever and find the actor sometimes very flat.

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