Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Molly's Barney Robe!

 Hell they showed SHAWN. What. hmmmm. Geehsh!!

Jason looked pale today compared to usual.. and he's dicking around with Spinelli about Lisa's murder?? WTF!! SAM IS GETTING an ultrasound and she's alone!

Aw, Johnny gave Carly a Cinderella coach bracelet..so cute. She throws it back at him then TODD comes on and meets Johnny. Todd doesn't like him. Wow, there's a surprise...NOT.

MOLLY'S GOING TO DO IT! lol..you just know it!! AND MICHAEL'S GONNA SEE IT!!  ahaahahaa Nope, they were just making out on the couch. Dang. Molly is going to love having a FORBIDDEN LOVE!!

MY IDEA: Since Dr. Matt is leaving, he could be working for David Hayward--and he's the one that saved/took Robin for him!! I TELL YOU IT COULD WORK! 

*SIGH* THANK you that my OLTL people are still alive and running around PC. It's just a dream come true.


  1. Jason is being such a jerk. I don't even LIKE Sam and I feel sorry for her.

    I think Star and Johnny together with Todd hating would be fun.

  2. Jason and Spinny: Jason looks different. Did Jason get a haircut?

    Alexis's home: Oh wow! WOW!!!!! The writers are writing Molly to be a REAL teenager!!! She and TJ have been sneaking around seeing each other!!! They even kissed!!!!! WOW!!! :) Michael catches them kiss! BUSTED! Michael isn't happy with what he is seeing. He asked them if they had sex! Molly says no! That is never going to happen right? HAHAHA FAMOUS LAST WORDS!!! :) TJ says no.

    Kelly's: Johnny wants to talk to Sonny! Shawn is there to protect Sonny. Johnny is talking to Sonny about getting back with Kate!!! WOAH! :) Johnny feels bad and wants Sonny to get back with Kate!!! Amazing. :)

    The hospital: Sam is having an ultrasound all by herself. :( That sucks!!! Love that the Cassadines were brought up. :)

    Police station: Kate was about to tell Starr the truth, when Alexis shows up and won't let her!!!! Todd gets kicked out of the police station again! ROFL! He tried to bribe a cop with money hahahahha!

    Metrocourt: Johnny gives Carly a Cinderella coach bracelet! Carly wanted that since she was a kid! Johnny remembered Carly telling him that when they were stuck in the cellar that one time and drinking wine. Awwww! :( Todd shows up and doesn't like Johnny ROFL! He is sticking up for Carly awww! :) Todd tells her about Kate/Connie and what he overheard. Then he tells her about his sister that has DID. That it is in the family. Carly says D.I.D. runs in the family? ROFL! Then he leaves, and Michael shows up. They talk about Starr and what happened. Michael says he was the one who called the cops on her and is a witness. Todd shows up and overhears this!!!

  3. It was haircut day at @gh Sonya.
    Jason, Sonny, Johnny all had there haircut today. I try not to look at Spinelli.

    With the exception of that obnoxious Starr, today was descent.

    Summer is here. Teens, teens, teens.
    And Krissy will be home to get in the mix!

  4. What conditiion did they say Sam's baby may have from the Cassidines?

  5. Hi Unknown - I believe it was a blood disorder, anemia. Perhaps this is the set-up to Jason really being the Daddy down the road? You never know with Ron...he'll keep you guessing over and over again.

  6. My2Cents2 said...It was haircut day at @gh Sonya.Jason, Sonny, Johnny all had there haircut today. I try not to look at Spinelli.
    Ohhhhhhh I see! ROFL! Well Spinny didn't have a haircut.

  7. I just don't like Starr, the acting is not that good and she always whines about losing Cole but rarely says anything about Hope. I'd think a mother would be more devastated over losing her child than her boyfriend.

  8. I ff'd through the Starr bits today as I just wasn't in the mood to listen to the same old stuff over and over again.

    I'm glad to see they have a new cop at the PCPD who actually acts like a cop and throws people out. I like this fella.

    Molly and TJ...sigh. I really hope they don't go there, but Alexis should know that forbidding a romantic like Kristina from seeing someone is the same as giving her a giant push in his direction. I like that they have Molly acting out a bit, like a real teenager, but I'm not ready to watch her go off the rails completely.

    Jason is just being ridiculous and JaSam is getting very boring. Nice to see them bring up Sam's Cassidine roots. A blood disease may be scary but given both the Cassidine history and Franco's, I'd be more concerned about mental conditions...lol

    I was hoping Kate would just confess and we'd get this storyline finished.

    Speaking of haircuts, did anyone else notice the way Todd's hair is cut around his ears? When he turns sideways he looks like a Romulan or a giant elf. LMAO

  9. Di, it seems that lots of the OLTL folks have giant ears and noses, at least some of the ones who have come to GH. Nothin' wrong with that, but that might be the reason for the hairstyle.

    I know that Heather is an old story, but they chose to resurrect her now, hence the 3 blonde psycho killers. And now we have 3 blondes in the pokey--Maxie, Starr and Connie/Kate--so, I repeat, I think someone has issues. . . .

  10. Di said...

    Molly and TJ...sigh. I really hope they don't go there, but Alexis should know that forbidding a romantic like Kristina from seeing someone is the same as giving her a giant push in his direction.
    Karen I'm sorry! I know this is the third post, but I'm confused about Di's post! Di, Kristina? Don't you mean Molly? :)

  11. Am I the only one who likes Shawn? I mean, here is a handsome black man, just what the show needs! A little more ethnicity is called for--Piffany is the only one at the moment, unless you count Tea and Delores.

    Actually, the actor is pretty good, and with some interesting, good writing, he could become one of the more interesting characters. What if he knows McBain from the old days in the FBI? All we've known of him so far is that he had PTS and is taking care of this kid who is the son of a friend he inadvertently shot during friendly fire in war.

    I wonder if some fans dislike him because he had a crush on Carly. But she was kind to him, so that's not too far fetched. I'd like to give him a chance.
    Or bring the other Shawn over from OLTL. It tickles me that we see his commercial during GH all the time.

  12. Anyone else feel that it was a much better episode than what we've had lately? Not that its been bad, just off somehow.

    Loved Sonny and Michael sitting at Kellys talking over breakfast. Rather than brooding at home or at the "office".

    I guess that's more of what I'm wanting from GH that OLTL had done so well, especially towards the end. Building and exploring the existing relationships. Character development instead of simply "action, reaction".

  13. YES Di everyone got new haircuts yesterday. Todd, Sonny, Jason, the whole men crew.

    Yesterday was good, with the exception of Starr. I wonder if other people on other boards dislike her as much? Or on twitter?

  14. When you've watched Star grow up - it's different I guess. I can remember that little cartoons would appear over Star's head when she would be thinking up some new scheme...

  15. I know they have been MIA for a long time, but I thought Molly and TJ were really cute together. I guess the absence made him lose his obnoxious attitude.

  16. sonya: You're right. I'm sorry. I meant Molly but you can't correct once you post here. It should say:

    ...but Alexis should know that forbidding a romantic like MOLLY from seeing someone is the same as giving her a giant push in his direction.

    And AntJoan: Do you remember Jason's ears from his younger days? lol

    And soaplover, I really like Shawn. I just thought he was wasted on Carly. I hope they keep him and give him some interesting storylines. I was actually hoping he'd take the teaching job at PCU and we might have some interactions between him and Michael, and perhaps Kristina if she comes back. I hate to see him wasted as just background for a TJ/Molly storyline.

    And I love Piffany. That was a great "awwww" moment today between her and Patrick.