Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogger Bailing and JE in TV Guide!

New kid today soooooo, I have to DVR the show!! Sonya, please do your wonderful recappin' for us-- and I will chime in later. 
Let me know how things go!! You know ol' AZ  is going to get even...can't wait to see how. Best part of yesterday's show was Luke and Tracy. 

Jane Elliot gave a fun interview with TVGuide online:

TV Guide Magazine: What's it like after all these years to still play scenes with Geary?
Elliot: It is so rich. We go back to 1978. That's 34 years! Off-screen, we're great friends. We travel together. There's nothing like having all of us — Tony, Finola, Robin Mattson [Heather] — back in the building as a group again. All those years we spent together are still in our muscle memory and it really pays off. When Tony and I look at each other on camera you see all of that history. It goes beyond the words. It's two people who have spent more than half their lives together. [Laughs] Tony and I went on a trip to Norway and we were at the bottom of a funicular, one of those trolley things that goes up a mountain, when this couple came up and said "We knew Tracy and Luke were on vacation but we never imagined you'd be here!" If we could have crawled into a hole together we would have. Tony and I have the grace of a gnat when it comes to being recognized. But it's one of the things that bonds us.

Read the whole thing on TV GUIDE  How fun they go on vacation together!!


  1. Jane states in that interview that Tracy's never been involved in a triangle. When she was married to Paul and Paul was in love with Jenny, wouldn't that be considered a triangle?

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  3. sonya said...

    Okay Karen!!! I will do the recappin!!! :) Don't worry people I won't be laughing while doing the recap. :) I promise. :)

    Oh and love4dogs, it wasn't really a triangle, because Paul was never in love with Tracy. Actually Paul never had any feelings for her. He was just using her.

  4. I know he wasn't in love with her, but she was with him. So, I guess by Jane's definition, we would be looking at Luke having feelings for both Anna and Tracy. Any way you look at it, 3s a crowd. lol

  5. I read this on GH happenings....

    (Further down the road...) We will learn that Robin has never left Port Charles...
    and that she is not alone among the undead.

    Jake, anyone?? Pleeeease let it be Jake!!!

  6. Stephanie, I will join you in my prayers for Jake! That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE LET IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Add me to that list. I want Jake back!!!

  8. Luke and Tracy: Luke tells her that he will get rid of Anthony, but he doesn't want to whack him. Hmmm maybe Luke doesn't want to kill him. He just wants to get rid of him. Luke says that Tracy will always have a piece of his heart. And then they kiss YUCK!

    Police station: Kate is yelling at Connie through the mirror while Alexis and Sonny are watching! Alexis leaves to get her new therapist, while Sonny watches Kate yelling at Connie! Great scene! Sonny is watching and trying not to cry! He is really being affected by it! Sonny runs in to comfort Kate, but CONNIE shows up!!! Alexis is on the phone trying to get the therapist. Connie tells Sonny she HATES him! Alexis comes in and Connie kicks her out! She puts a chair on the door so Alexis won't come in! Connie tells Sonny off and then finally tells Sonny she is the one who shot out the tires!

    Johnny's home: Poor wittle GrandPapa Z is scared of big bad Tracy! He kicks out the man that is working for Johnny out! Grandpapa Z wants his grandson to help him! He wants to hide. He wants to live with Johnny! Johnny says no and Grandpapa Z freaks out on him! He threatens Johnny! Johnny falls, and Grandpapa Z points a gun at him. Johnny says go ahead then we will be even. Grandpapa Z is confused. Johnny says he is the one who tried to kill him that night! HUH?!!?! Wait wait wait!!! Connie just said SHE did it!! Is Johnny lying just so that his grandpapa can kill him?

    Courthouse: Tea is so angry with Todd!! Tea is STILL holding her tummy! For the last time Tea, the baby won't just pop out! Todd tells Tea about Kate having DID and being Connie who shot out Anthony's tires. Tea brings up the past about Todd's fake DID and that Tea married him! Todd brings up the deal he wanted to make with Sonny. Tea says she shouldn't be talking to Todd about this. Todd says well we are to ex lovers catching up!!!!!!

    The hospital: Liz and Matt talk about the person who killed Lisa Niles. Matt does not tell Liz that he did it. Patrick shows up and is out of Ewen's surgery. Ewen is asking for Liz! Wow Liz's face just lit up! Patrick and Matt have a nice brother to brother moment.

    Pentonville: Maxie is not happy about Spinny breaking his promises to her! She is going to sign the papers, but pretend she has amnesia later. Spinny stops her from signing it and tells her she can't do that! They argue a bit and she talks about this lady in prison named Tiny, who Maxie said she had big eyebrows and Maxie told her she wanted to wax it for her. Well Tiny wasn't happy about it! All the women in prison call Maxie princess. After Spinny and Maxie's argument, he leaves leaving the papers.

  9. You're welcome Karen!!!!!! :)

  10. OMG today's show was great! All of the scenes were awesome but especially the Sonny/Kate-Connie and Johnny/GrandpapaZ ones. Mo, Kelly, BB and Bruce were outstanding.

    Luke and Tracy were on their game as usual. Wonder how he plans to get rid of the hubby?

    Okay, so who really shot out Grandpapa Z's tires? Johnny was in bed with Carly the whole time right? Did he get someone to do it for him?

    I wanted to slap Maxie today. Girl, either you or Matt is going to do prison time. And to be angry at Spin was out of line. She was a total selfish "witch", but then that is Maxie.

  11. One small thing about today's show really bothered me. During the Tracey and Luke scene Tracy said she might have to hire a hit man. Luke taunted her, implying she wouldn't know how to hire a hit man. HELLO LUKE...Tracy use to run a mob, she probably has better connections then Luke does when it comes to the criiminal world. Why do the writers always ignore this part of Tracy's history? Tracy is one of my favorite characters but I hate how they always portray her as needy when it comes to Luke.

  12. All I kept saying today was, 'here we go again'. How long is it going to take Maxie to leave jail???
    Geeeeeezzzzzzzz...... are correct about Paul, Jenny & Tracey.
    Great memory.

    IMO its not Jake but Fiason and they are going to work him into Robin's returning storyline. jmo

    Did you see Liz go running off to Ewan? She needs some lovin!

  13. Oh yea, the BEST PART today was PATRICK is back at the hospital lookng mighty delicious!!!

  14. I have missed the show for 3 days. Loved how Liz's face lit up when Patrick mentioned Ewan wanted to see her.I am sad that we won't see Matt and Patrick together anymore.

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