Friday, May 4, 2012

News You Can Use!

I'm letting Daytime Confidential bring you some of the breaking Soapy News this week. All I have to do is cut/past their link! WOOT! First off, Our lovely Andy Cohen from BRAVO calls Brian Frons "Jackhole of the Week". If you know Andy's show, you gotta LOVE THAT diss!

Second up, looks like the Daytime Emmys are shopping around for a network after all!! HLN and AOL seem to be interested! Here's wishing it so--online would be great, we are all on here anyway! The nominations will be announced  next week.

Have a good one..I may or may not be here-- depends on my kid's eye. LOL... might have to drive to the eyeball doc later. I hope I'm here...miss blogging!


My2Cents2 said...

Karen I read this earlier today. Isn't HLN a news channel??

I also learned yesterday that Tamara Braun is 1st cousins with the daughter of a friend, who went missing last year in Bloomington. It is a huge story among the midwest and Jewish community.

Bree Williamson is not coming to GH. Sadly. She got a gig on primetime.

AntJoan said...

My2Cents: Yes, he did tighten the gag, but she still could have made noises, even if they were muffled, the door was OPEN, McN would have heard it!

Tammy Wynette said...

Love Andy Cohen and WWHL!

His NYE party 2010 was EPIC!

My2Cents2 said...

Ant Joan... How ridiculous that Sam & McNostrils ended up at the same hotel?? The flea bag I thought was the old brownstone. (Which they need to reopen)
Only on soaps!!!
As far as Jawn McNostrils not hearing Lulu, between him putting his '2cents' into Sam's business, and crunching on doritos, he was deaf. lol

btw..I appreciate you referring to him as McNostrils. Karen did day one, and I have always thought it, never said it when he was on OLTL, but what about them NOSTRILS?
Sam likes them. And Gnat.

Andrea said...

I don't think Sam would have gone to the Metro Court. Carly would have been up her but in about 2 seconds. She would want to avoid that.

dar said...

SOAPNET is showing veronica Mars and Bradford Anderson was on today's episode.

For OLTL people : how long did the split personality stories drag on thyere. I hate this storyline!

AntJoan said...

Dar, Oh about 40 years. (I am not an "OLTL person," but my sister was, for years, and I watched it a little with her years ago.)

Leesy said...

The OLTL DID story was fabulous! Erika Slezak carried 6 different personalities gags no gimmicks. All the characters were involved, and even back story was paid homage. She didn't win 6 Emmies for being 2nd rate or sloppy. This story doesn't hold a candle to what they did. Time for Kate to find a new home in Shady Brook or Fern Cliff and give us all some peace.