Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Oh, Cartini are great at made up flashbacks!! Note how they inserted the Johnny ConKate scenes? Well, that's a signature for them. SO, even if you get spoilers early they can switch them with no one knowing.

Johnny forgot the kill shot in Anthony's head. Anthony is just bleeding out. AND THE KILL SHOT COMES AT THE END!! WOW--totally Boardwalk EMPIRE on that one!! NICE! AZ is now DEAD. THUD.

Jason needs a KICK IN THE NUTTOS!! WHAT A jerk! I am such a Sam fan now!! How are they writing him?? "Alternatives" like ADOPTION. Um, you loved Michael, right? Plus,  Franco is supposedly your TWIN. ERGO most of your DNA you ejit. I hope the baby is FRANCO'S NOW so Jason can't suddenly be all "Oh I love this baby"--what a load.

Todd and Carly--yes...more please. Two peas in a nasty pod!! heh.


  1. They are setting up a who killed Johnny? Think of the suspects: Sonny, ConKate, Carly, Starr, Todd, Dolores, Dante, Lulu, and on.

    Johnny is gonzo soon.

  2. I didn't see that coming at the end. Are we seeing the end of the Z's???

    Liz Vining, really, can't you find something to do besides eves drop and put your 2 cents in!!!!!!!!
    Isn't there a patient you could have excused yourself for and walked away??


  3. Johnny and GrandPapa Z: There are more flashbacks! Johnny says that he got Connie to lie and say SHE did it!!! The story and the flashbacks are so convincing!! I am so confused!!! Oh Headwriter Ron you are good!!!! :) You were good on OLTL too. :) WOAH Johnny shot Grandpapa Z 3 more times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want Grandpapa Z to die. :(

    Police station: Kate and Sonny zzzzzzzz. Glad he finally believes her tho. Michael and Starr talking. It was fine until they sat on the bench and still talked. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    The hospital: Yeah Molly you tell Jason hahahaha! WOAH JASON WANTS SAM TO GIVE THE BABY UP FOR ADOPTION!! :0! My jaw dropped to the floor!!!!

    Todd and Carly: They talk about their kids. Carly is standing up for her son and Todd is standing up for his daughter. Todd has a plan to save his daughter. Carly is going to the metrocourt and Todd says he will walk her to it. Carly noticed that Todd was going in Kelly's. Todd says yes he wanted a burger but he can get that at the metrocourt. Carly says that the burgers at Kelly's are better! :) They go in and he gets a burger and she eats his fries awww! :) I love Codd. :)

    McBain and Tea: Cute scene. :) Tea asks him what is going on between Tea knows that McBain likes to save a damsel in distress. McBain disagrees ROFL! Poor pregnant Tea! :) She is still holding her tummy and now she is sitting and has put her legs up. McBain has her legs on his lap. Nice discussion. :)

  4. Hi Karen!

    I'm not crazy about the flashbacks. I kinda think they're over using it now and it's a redundant plot device in TV since Lost.

    Nonetheless, I'm really starting to root for Sam and McBain. Jason is being an a**hole! lol

    Todd and Carly agreed...it's fun so far!

    Sick of Kate/Connie! I wish Brenda would come back and maybe they'd right her better this time. Here's hoping.

    Not liking Johnny too much lately either!

  5. I think Liz was still there to give her support to Jason. It looked like she too thought he was going to do the right thing...and he didn't.
    I'm not much of a Jason fan right now, especially since he told Sam about putting up the baby for adoption. And that she can have another? Wasn't this one a miracle baby? Is she all of a sudden fertile now that she can start popping them out?
    I do want to say that I am not really much of a Sam fan either. The writers are making her keep giving Jason chance after chance. After a certain point, I want Sam to clock him one and be a strong woman and tell him she can do this without him, since he can't stop being a baby and pout about this child?
    The writers really had him sulking around the hospital while Sam and Molly went to Lamaze? Oh please!
    I'm tired of this storyline now.

    I'm alright with Molly being with Sam, but I really wish it were Alexis telling Jason off.

    Johnny and AZ. WOW!! Shocking. Just what I want to see.

  6. Jason is acting like a jerk, but Sam needs to find her backbone and and tell him to X@!#%!!. And she shouldn't take him back ever.

    But since they continue to write Sam as a pathetic puppy who follows Jason around asking to be kicked, that will never happen.

    This is why I have never been a Sam fan.

  7. everybody is going-next GH to be cancelled

  8. What a bit of a mess today was imo. Ron's style of writing is definitely not my style. I wasn't fond of it on OLTL and I absolutely can't stand it on GH. The continuity and flow w/storyline characters is just not there. The Patrick/Emma scenes were beautiful but should have been primary story today. Let the DID story finally be a secondary story instead of force-feeding it to us on a daily basis.

    I love Tea but damn, there's not ONE person there doing filming, producing, acting with her that said STOP RUBBING YOUR DAMN BASKETBALL FILLED TOWEL SKIRT??? C'mon. It was distracting to the conversation w/McBain. It's all I could concentrate on. Not good.

    More Todd and Carly please :))

    The writers are doing a great job of making us hate Jason. Can't believe he brought up "alternatives" in regards to the pregnancy. Unbelievable. Great scene at the end with Jason staring at Sam as she walks away then showing Liz there at the desk. You are right Brender, I thought she showed disappointment in him as well. Still can't believe Sam is taking Jason's crap over and over again but then again, look at her past. Kind of makes sense.

    Sonny actually showed Kate some sympathy/empathy today. I am now 100% convinced that if Megan Ward had been in this role now she would have had us (well, me) invested in this storyline. Kelly does not. She's a stranger and I don't see the chemistry with MB. I never have. She's like a cartoon figure overly animated and not real.

    Oh my Johnny. Well....AZ did have it coming to him..but still. WOW. Really going to miss Bruce Weitz and actually still can't believe they'd let a fine actor like that go with such finality. Makes me wonder what they're really up too, if you know what I mean.

  9. Ron Carlivati is acheiving what he wants concerning jasam. They have succeeded in making Sam sympathetic. Jasam is dull and Sam is a character that wasn't particularly liked especially after watching jake get kidknapped and hiring men to threaten Liz and her children in a park. However, many are now jumping to her defence because they have made Jason a complete idiot.
    I don't think he loves Sam as those wedding vows also mean that you support your wife through bad times as well as good. Imagine asking a woman who has previously lost a baby, been shot in the back years ago because of you and was infertile, to GIVE YOUR BABY UP FOR ADOPTION! Even I, who can't stand Sam, raised my eyebrows at that. He assumes she can have another child but what if she can't?! What if she did that and couldn't have another , and wahat about the pain of giving up your child?! Tell me that wouldn't poison a relationship!

    I'll say it again! Sam IS NOT the love of his life. He is asking her to sacrifice everything and him nothing. People criticisized how he treated Liz, but look at this. You would not ask the love of your life to do this, sorry. She is not , nor will she ever be on equal footing with him. He is treating her badly because he doesn't value her. She taught him to think of her as the supposed 'ride or die ' chick who is just supposed to go along with his life sacrificing herself for him, so he treats her that way. Now Sam is realizing she doesn't want that.

    However, I am convinced that this is to make Sam likeable and put jasam back together making them overcome obstacles. Yawn.Transparent.

  10. I agree they are making fans sympathetic to Sam. Since she is my fav character, I love it. I just don't want her baby to die. I was glued to the Babe/Bianca/Kelly baby switch storyline on AMC and OLTL. I so hope the writers keep the fans in the loop on the storyline. This would definitely keep me tuned in to GH.

  11. I'm a little dismayed that Johnny shot AZ. I believe this means the end of the Zacarras. Johnny will soon be gone now that we have seen him commit murder of his own grandfather. Pretty cold--and it seems out of character. At least the character we have been watching the past year or so. Yeah, he's a criminal, but but he had a soft heart. He had once taken in his father/grandfather, altho reluctantly. But here we see him point blank shoot him dead. I thought we had been assured that the rumors about BB leaving were untrue!

    Somewhere I read that the budget had really been slashed, so that there would be more firings. Sad. Guess they want to pay the big bucks to the show replacing The Revulsion.

    I keep feeling there is an editing problem. Stories left to hang too long, thus losing momentum, characters disappearing for a week or so at a time...etc. They shoot all this at least 4 or 5 weeks ahead--couldn't they edit it better?

  12. Oh dear, how sad...Johnny is now totally unrecognizable and will soon be replaced by a bunch of bad guys from another show I never watched. Grandpa Z - gone, Matt - gone, Robin - gone, Anna - barely visible, Jason - a totally other person...on and on and on, ad nauseam...death to GH by a thousand cuts. Please remember, there are many ways to kill a show.

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  14. It seems like the GH characters are disappearing and being replaced with OLTL characters. I watched OLTL until the show was overrun with Starr; couldn't stand it then, can't stand it now. If they do indeed make it to the 50th anniversary, will any GH characters be left, besides of course, Sonny, Jason, Carly, Sam & Luke, who eat the show daily.

  15. glennash3 said...I was glued to the Babe/Bianca/Kelly baby switch storyline on AMC and OLTL
    Really you liked it? :) I hated it. It went on for way to long. For a year. And I hated that Babe was BFF's with Bianca and when Babe found out the baby was not hers, she didn't tell Bianca and all she was worried about, was hurting JR! It was such a mess. I wish Babe and Bianca weren't BFF's. Then it would have been much easier to swallow.

  16. I didn't watch OLTL, but I don't resent the influx of characters...within reason. Right now I am sick of Starr. Honestly, I don't really understand what is so compelling about her character that she was one of the lucky ones that got to cross over to GH.

    I cannot stand the lack of balance once again with the show. I am tired of the Sam and Jason saga. I don't know why they are writing Jason as such a jackass but I'd like to think he is having aftereffects from the brain surgery...however, since we found out yesterday that he's just 'fine' I guess it's just how the writers are choosing to write him. Sam and Jason have never caught my interest. They are a one-note couple and have been together longer than any couple in soap history. Zzzzzzzz....

    And ugh with the Sonny/Connie/Kate story and Carly on every freaking day.

    I am trying to be patient. I want GH to stay on the air so I have been dvr'ing and replaying later as well as on ABC.com. I have no idea if that helps but whatever.

    I think if they want to get the ratings back up they need to give the show some balance and give characters like Elizabeth more to do than be everybody's sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Yes, I'm a BH fan and I'm one of the fans that was enraged not only that they tried to fire her a year ago but that they also killed off Jake.

    I'm trying to think of 'good stuff' in order to not be such a whiner. So I will say that I love seeing Tracy, Anna, and Felicia...some 'old school' characters. I guess Monica has gone back into the closet again.
    Brandon is an amazing actor and is doing such compelling work. As much as I don't like the drawn out DID story I think Kelly Sullivan has done a great job with the material. The lighting is so much better.

    How's that? LOL. :-)

  17. The lighting IS unbelievably better. I hate to see Bruce Weitz go. He was a great character.

    I could list a whole bunch I would rather see go permenently.