Thursday, May 24, 2012

Casting News for GH

Yep, Newbie coming read up Wubbers:  per SOD

Soap vet Richard Steinmetz (ex-Martin, PASSIONS; ex-Jeff, LOVING) has been tapped for a new role on GENERAL HOSPITAL. "Richard is playing the son of a former character who will have big story with Sonny," teases Executive Producer Frank Valentini.

A Sorrento?? Hmmm, of course another mobular person.


My2Cents2 said...

Another storyline with Sonny as the LEAD. wtf?

LaTanya said...

Exactly....more mob!!! So much for turning GH around.

Tammy Wynette said...

Gino Soleito Jr.?

More mob?


soaplover said...

Oh, please. Not ANOTHER big story with Sonny.

Doesn't Frank realize that character wore out his welcome years ago? Why oh WHY must we have more of him shoved down our throats? Awful news.

liza said...

Would be so much better if he turns out to be Sam's father