Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Back To Life?

Well, Last week I was feeling "meh" about our show---this week kicked me back into gear!! It's like I'm watching 2 shows sometimes. Swear. "boring writers" then "great writers". If you read my blogs this week you saw I was pretty happy. 

Grit, humor...a dead body just sitting around? What more can a girl want?? Not much. Monica was right on telling Jason what THE DEAL IS (the idiot)-- Heather was talking about "Finger Painting"-- AZ was shot point blank. No Foolin' around anymore with that!


We got a glimpse of a NuFace...saving my opinion until next week. Oh, speaking of, Monday is a repeat of Jason finding out Franco's his twin. SO, we wait until Tuesday for more.

In the middle of all this rich-goodness were moments of pure acting genius. My fave moment came when Carly started to "forgive" Johnny for sleeping  with Kate and his face got like a little kid's. It was heartbreaking. At that same moment you could see him thinking "but you know not what I've done"... It's my SCENE OF THE WEEK

Here we go-- SCENE TWO--Sonny gets SERVED by Todd. Oh yes, two of my fave men dueling in Sonny's office, being overseen by Bob The Badger himself. HONORABLE MENTION

"Weekend at The Q's" with Dead AZ was hilarious and I loved it. Luke was back in fine form, Heather was in the mix--just like old times. I was surprised this week many times, especially with the new Mayor "Jan".  Didn't see it comin'. Nor did I see Johnny shooting Gramps right in front of us like he did. BOOM! Susan Moore mentions were plentiful and Monica--oh MONICA!! Glorious with he line about Alan "installing Jason in the Guesthouse"!!

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I really REALLY didn't like the Maxie scene with the "ladies" in Jail... I realize Maxie had to have something huge happen to her to flip but I just didn't need to see that.  Plus, all I could think of was how are these chicks just wandering around the place?

AND Mea Culpa: Kate as Kate this week got to me. I did like KS'  interpretation of the scenes with Sonny. I was a bit sick of her crying all the time, but when Olivia got there, it was awesome. Lisa LoCicero finally got a decent scene that wasn't connected to Dr. Steve. Again,  I do hope it's over soon and the two 'merge'-- but according to some of the rumor/spoilers that's not happening.  

This week seemed way more even keeled and had a timeline I could follow. The story flowed and I looked forward to watching each day. I hope "Good Writer" is in the house the next week.

 HAVE a great Memorial Day--Ithaca for me. What a beautiful town.  I will try to get on here  Monday and we can do the Franco Dance for the repeat! Check out some of the SPOILERS coming up...a storm's a brewin'!


  1. NuKristina looks old enough to date Sonny and older than Sam...

  2. Not gonna bash NuKrissy it's not her fault she got the job but they did go overboard with aging her!

    We all know Heather has dead AZ can't wait to see their conversations together....yeah he's dead but do you think that's gonna stop Heather from talking to him! lol

    Hope the rumor about lil Hope is true wish it was Jake also! Hate the Johnny storyline but BB is doing a wonderful job with what they are giving him.


  3. Not taken by much this week other than having airtime which was priceless for Luke, Tracey, Monica & Heather. The rest? No biggie.

  4. NuKrossy looks waaaay to old.

    I loved Monica telling Jason about him as a baby.

    As much as Jason is being a JERK, Sam is so pathetic and weak and at this point I don't feel sorry for her anymore. She is asking to be kicked. Find a backbaone and tell him OFF.

  5. I think this NuKristina actually looks like she could be Sonny's daughter. OriginalKristina looked a little like Alexis - But Sonny's so dark, his features should be dominate gene-wise. She also looks more college age, imo.

  6. I got tired of the kate story and tuned out and it seems many people did the same by the ratings.Last weeks ratings sees GH dropping back to last place amongst soaps and also losing many viewers in their key demographic. I'm not surprised by this.I did catch pieces of what I liked online ( weekend at AZ's , Luke, Tracy, Monica and Heather ).
    I've grown so beyond tired of Sam/Jason and find it insulting to watch Sam quietly accept Jason's answers where the baby is concerned. I would be ripping hell if after I was raped , my husband treated me that way. What did the marriage vows mean to jason? Only for better? I used to like his character and loved liz/jason snd feel they should have been a family but not with this fool. I hear Alexis will tear a strip off him and I can't wait for the scene. Say it again, Sam/jason are not meant to be together but I am still convinced that RC will put them back together as his interviews with SID are always about having them overcome obstacles. They are so boring.
    Liz and Ewan are supposed to date but have seen 1 day of romance between these two. Liked her scens with Jason but not sure if RC has the courage to write them together and upset the fanbase. In fact , I thought the goal was to make Jason so unlikeable that neither fanbase would want their heroine with jason. Then they could pair Sam with McBain and Liz with Ewan or their go to boring choice for the millionth time of Lucky.
    I do hope they bring back some more Q's. Of the OLTL cast , I only watch Todd and McBain and find the others too annoying. We know McBain will be in charge since Anna will turn down the offer ( clear RC favorite). Sonny is dull and repeats the same responses over and over. I like MB but just can't stand Sonny's character anymore. Jason looks ridiculous threatening McBain and ,SPOILER AHEAD, will have McBain beaten up. Silly move as it makes him more determined to get sonny/jason.

  7. I actually thought new Kristina looked like an older version of old Kristina. And she definitely looks more college age. I still can't forget that scene where old Kristina came on to Jason one time. She looked about 12 and I personally found the whole scene very distasteful. If they're going to have her act like that she should look older.

    I'm anxious to see how the character is portrayed now.

  8. I loved that Anthony was reading a copy of Crimson! That's the kind of little slipped-in fun I remember from OLTL! If you see it, a chuckle, if not, nothing lost. Kind of like Roxy's malapropisms--those were sometimes hard to pick up on, but they always gave me a giggle. She could change one word and it was marvelously 'off'. I was never sure Ilene was doing it or it was written that way. I miss Roxy.

    I thought this was a great week and the show is now actually a soap to anticipate each day! I have been bummed out by GH for SO many years, just to have it get this good is a joy. I think the OLTL people are fitting in fine--no complaints.

    Yes, I am still tired of Sonny, but I now have other things to watch, other characters, other stories. I sure wouldn't tune out just because I disliked one story...there are actually choices now. Before all we got was either Sonny, Jason or Carly, three of daytime's most unlikable specimens, but Carly seems softened and better lately. I always thought of Jason as just a non-entity of sorts, uninteresting. At least now he is stirring some controversy. He seems to be in character to me--inarticulate and rigid in his attitudes. It was always hard to change Jason's mind about anything.

    I'd like a scene with Liz and Ewan, more Anna and Luke, and less scenes with Kate/Connie, but I really can't complain much. Not with Luke back in character, Anna in the mix, Todd sticking it to Sonny--I mean, what's not to like??

  9. Crossing my fingers Kelly Monaco is a part of "Dancing With the All-Stars" on ABC this fall.

    This would equate to less Sam onscreen which would hopefully translate into MUCH, MUCH less of steroid boy!

    Please, soap gods, please!

  10. I agree that NuKrissy actually looks like she could be Sonny's daughter, but she looks about five years older than CD so it may not work...

  11. Interesting that I enjoyed it a lot this week and you guys didn't. Maybe I'm all warped lately lol. I did see the ratings were down but last week? ugh...
    It's going to be so interesting to see if #GH lasts or the GMA thing takes it's spot.

  12. You are right, it is like watching two different shows - GH and OLTL - and that is turning off people like me who want to see GH not OLTL.
    the ratings - perhaps gain a few OLTL fans but lose even ore GH fans?
    Starr and Tea are TERRIBLE. Todd is entertaining but in that I could get tired of this really quickly kinda way (like Spinelli).
    McBain is the only one I can even remotely deal with but if they fired Mac as police commish to put an OLTL in there then I will be turned off from McBain as well.
    I think the poor, over the top campy acting with Kate/Connie and the destruction of Johnny may also have something to do with the falling ratings.

  13. NuKristina is beautiful. She looks like Emmy Rossum who I love in Shameless; however, Lexi Ainsworth will always be my Kristina.

  14. Karen, I'm loving the new GH! I'm so happy with the look of the show, the new storylines, the pacing, the acting even seems better. You can tell the cast is really enjoying the revitalization. I know some people are annoyed about the removal of some of the new characters, but RC said he wanted to take it back to the core characters of years ago and to do that some of the new guys from the last few years have to be phased out. I suspect the drop in numbers is due to people who were home and watching recently not watching anymore. I wouldn't be surpised to find out the DVR numbers for long time fans who have reprogrammed this show into their recordings were huge.

  15. friscogh said...

    You are right, it is like watching two different shows - GH and OLTL - and that is turning off people like me who want to see GH not OLTL.
    the ratings - perhaps gain a few OLTL fans but lose even ore GH fans?
    Starr and Tea are TERRIBLE. Todd is entertaining but in that I could get tired of this really quickly kinda way (like Spinelli).
    McBain is the only one I can even remotely deal with but if they fired Mac as police commish to put an OLTL in there then I will be turned off from McBain as well.
    I think the poor, over the top campy acting with Kate/Connie and the destruction of Johnny may also have something to do with the falling ratings.

    May 28, 2012 6:12 AM


    Whole days go by w/o OLTL folk. Whate are you missing- Sonny angst and Jason constipation instead?

  16. I've been watching this show for decades and dont recall a character named "Hope". (see the spoilers) This show is still called General Hospital, isnt it?

    I'm getting turned off. Maybe it's time for me to turn it off for good.

    I noticed that there arent any OLTL characters in the opening credits. Are they waiting until they bring on more OLTL people and just change the name altogether to OLTL-ver2?

    It's 2 different shows. What is most frustrating for me is that every time ANY OLTL character steps into a scene, they have to spill tons of backstory of every relative (victor) or character (victor) that has ever been on OLTL (victor) so that us GH fans can have exposition and backstory.

    I do agree the writing and pace is a little better, and the recent Weekend at Q episode was CLASSIC, but at what cost? Losing loyal fans and viewership?

  17. I loved last weeks shows. I just hope we see more of the other characters soon.

  18. I've gotta say that from scene to scene..I can either love it or hate it. I have loved the Q's and Anna getting more airtime. I just want MORE of that old time GH!

    I was willing to give the whole OLTL invasion a chance, but I have to say it has been a real turn off. I don't mind McBain and Todd because they do seem to feed off the GH actors well, but Starr and Tea have to go! They are both so whiny, I can hardly stand it.

    I was sooo hopeful that we were going to get to see some of the old GH vets come back..instead we really only have had two, with Anna and Heather (I'm not even going to count Robert, Noah, or Felicia since they have hardly had any screen time!). I do appreciate that, but feel slighted that GH has only had these 2 actors return with any storyline and the OLTLers have had 4 with possibly more to come and all of them get lots of screen time.

    Wish Frank and Ron would now concentrate on us GH fans!

  19. For the record FriscoDances and I are two different people - and not in theat Kate / Connie sorta way, haha.

    That said, I agree with what FriscoDances said.

    Cosmo - no, my issue with the OLTLer's has nothing to do with them taking time away from Sonny, it has to do with the OLTLers taking time away from underutilized core GH characters. In fact, my second beef with the OLTLer's is that they are giving Sonny and gang (Jason, Michael, etc) MORE screen time if you have ever read any of my past posts you would know I absolutely deplore the character of Sonny. The only way I want to see Sonny on my screen is him being sentenced to the death penalty for all his past crimes.

  20. No LOVE2Chat people didn't stop watching because of the Kate story.
    Ever tweet?? Ever see how popular she is?? Kate IS the reason the show has grown in status from 4th to 3rd place. This is the only blog you will find negative Kate comments.

    I too am tired of Starr & Tea (OLTL). I have 2 choices. STOP watching it, or SHUT UP! lol

    Cosmo...You ROCK. Your funny.
    You are also correct. OLTL is not on 5 days a week.
    Some people LIVE to whine........

    Karem-the rating dropped a tiny tiny bit for GH. They are still in 3rd place out of 4th.

    Frisco...NOT sure if Sonny is getting more time, but we are seeing him more often. In other words, he may have been on 3 days a week but in 4 scenes.
    Now he is on 5 days a week, but in 2 scenes a day.
    BEST LINE on this board this week:

    Friscogh said...
    For the record FriscoDances and I are two different people - and not in theat Kate / Connie sorta way, haha.

    LMAO!!!!! You funny!!!!!!!!!!

  21. " too am tired of Starr & Tea (OLTL). I have 2 choices. STOP watching it, or SHUT UP! lol

    Cosmo...You ROCK. Your funny.
    You are also correct. OLTL is not on 5 days a week.
    Some people LIVE to whine........"

    I guess this means that people can complain about everything else that they dislike about the show EXCEPT for the addition of the OLTL characters?

    I'm afraid that I also agree that they are giving them lots of screen time when they're on, mainly because the whole back story has to be explained ad nauseam, and we've had GH vets on for nanoseconds at a time.

    I'll stop whining now and go away.

  22. Di said...I'll stop whining now and go away.


  23. My@cents, I think you're probably right about Sonny being on more days but in fewer scenes but I'd really just like him to go away. Even for a week would be welcome.

  24. I would like to see the facts that say Kate is the reason that GH went from 4 to 3rd in the ratings?
    I don't like seeing her either. I don't like seeing many of the characters on anymore, so maybe I will quit watching too.
    I just read somewhere in a spoiler (Soapzone?) that Liz is going to be on just as a friend/listener to everyone and won't really have her own storylines. If this spoiler is true, GH really has lost a viewer. I don't see why Becky would sign a 3 year contract and only be on a few scenes a day. There are only a few characters I can stand on this show anymore, and taking away my favorite = me leaving.

  25. I would like to see the facts that state Kate is the reason nobody is watching the show, yet ratings continue to climb. Hello?

    Good News about Liz, however, every storyline she has had for the past 5 years has portrayed her trouble maker, unlikeable. She was rehired because among fans she is popular, not because she is popular among writers & producers.

  26. This whole OLTL hate is really silly. McBain and Todd are the 2 best new characters on the show since, well, Ric or Faith, and Tea has been wasted rubbing her belly, but Starr is grieving. Yes, I know we see soap fat and furious most of the time, but the actress is NOT bad, her character is simply written in grief mode.

    Now, as for the OLTL hatred.

    Most people on this blog hate the Sonny-Jason-Carly-Sam axis. They also tend to not like Ewen or Kate or Michael or Dolores or Olivia or Shawn or TJ or NuKrissy- who's said 2 words. Spinelli and Maxi (Jen Lilley version) are constantly slagged.

    So that leaves Tracy, Johnny, Edward, Luke, Monica (sometimes) Epiphany, Patrick, Anna, Mac and Felicia. Not exactly primetime soap material. Who will Patrick bed next? Epiphany? Be Monica's 263rd lover?

    Gimme a break. Todd and McBain are fine. The writing has been schizo and the editing terrible.

    I wish the writers would rewatch the 80s vintage clips. Hell, I recall when the Kevon O'Connor storyline with Teri Brock was considered a bad story for it dragged on too long, but it's really a masterfully told tale, as were the Prometheus Disk and Susan Moore stories. There were multiple characters with in depth scenes, and we didn't have this hyperkinetic editing where we get six seconds of dialogue, switch to another scene for 6 secs, then back.

    But NONE of this has to do with the 4 OLTL characters now on, soon to be 3.

    Really, look at all the bitching and whining- from Jen Lilley to Kelly Sullivan to the Mob crap to the endgame of Lisa Niles. I mean, it's not vintage 80s yet, but it's far above what was happening in January.

  27. I personally love the Jen Lilley portrayal of Maxie. I don't like the jail house scenes and I'll be glad when the character is out. I've said before, I wish KS health and happiness, but I hope Jen stays for good now, for however long that is.

    I don't mind the OLTL people but I do agree that the Kevin O'Connor story and others from back in the day were better.

  28. Maybe they are climbing because of the OLTL fan base 2CENT? How am I supposed to know. All I am saying is that you just can't throw out that KATE is the reason they have climbed without evidence. I could give two craps about who it is that is making GH higher in the rankings.
    I don't mind some OLTL characters, but I just don't like them all taking over GH. I could do without a screeching TEA. We have Carly for that.
    The character of Starr is useless and I personally don't think she is that good of an actress.
    I'm just not seeing any growth in this show right now. I love watching Tracy and Luke, but what happens when Geary goes on another one of his many vacations? Lulu is hardly ever on and Dante is only on to make sure his Dad doesn't go down for crimes.

  29. Brender-if you read all the posts here, you will see where someone blamed KS for the fall of GH. Just wanted to let her know, it isn't KS.
    Of course I don't know what has made GH better lately, I do know that KS is a great actress, though I personally am tired of her storyline.
    She has been carrying the show for a month now, and we moved to 3rd place. That says something! Besides, after todays great show, we hopefully have better days coming. peace