Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Um, Michael SIT DOWN!

God...even CARLY wants him to back off!! WTF! It's  not like he's not wanted to kill Sonny a few times. This is not believable, all.

Todd and Milo--:) LOVED. Too cute the giggle Todd gave!! Todd and Sonny---*sigh* I love them. Mash-Up fantasy galore!! I didn't see the BADGER in Sonny's office. They better not have moved him!

Yeah that Paddy was back at the hospital and talking to Epiphany.

HA! Matt thinks Patrick killed Lisa... whoops.  And MAC is really sucking up to Spinelli today or what!? That photo could have been totally doctored. Why didn't they ask to see the film? Maxie and Matt just gave me a headache. Longest 'scene ever'. 

Matt and Spin Double-Reveal! 


sonya said...

The hospital: Piffy and Liz are talking about Patrick. How they shouldn't force him to work. But then Patrick is there and says only he should be the one to!! :) Piffy and Patrick scene I love!!!! :) PiffPatt bff's? :)

The courthouse/Jail waiting area: Man they freakin did it again!!! I wish they would stop going back and forth!!!! A little goes a long way!!!! Maxie has got a shiner! Matt visits her. Maxie got hit by Bubba's sister Buffy! Meanwhile the prosecuter thinks the picture of the person who killed Lisa is a fake! The judge won't budge!!! So Spinny throws the love of his life Matt under the bus and says Matt is the killer!!!! While Maxie tells Matt HE is the one who killed Lisa!!! The look on Matt's face! It looks like Matt is about to throw up! ROFL!

Metrocourt: Todd threatens Michael and then he asks Michael where is his compassion! Yeah Michael! What is wrong with you?!!?! Michael won't budge and neither is Todd. Todd leaves, and Carly is on Todd's side!!!! :)

Sonny's office: Sonny is on the phone. Milo brings Todd in. Milo pats Todd down and Todd LOVES it ROFL! I will call Milo and Todd, Tilo! :) Todd wants Sonny to drop the charges but Sonny won't! Todd tells Sonny to get Michael to change his statement, but Sonny won't budge with that either! I guess Sonny doesn't have compassion either huh Todd!?!?

Starr's jail cell: Tea kept touching her tummy, like she is afraid that the baby was going to pop out right then and there! ROFL! So she holds the baby in ROFL! Tea I'm warning you beforehand in case you do this, but don't squat cus the baby might pop out! :)

shirleedee said...

The badger was there - only for a few seconds so it would have been easy to miss it.

MatchboxGinny said...

Hey Karen....check your twitter, I sent you a pic of Bob from today's ep. LOL!

Loved the scenes with Todd and Sonny. Soapy goodness right there!

Michael, the law abiding citizen of Port Chuck. hahaha. Anyone else having issues with this or just me? Seems so abrupt.

Tea and Starr - I still can't deal with Starr and it's unfortunate because I love Tea.

Kangaroo court was held today in Port Charles...again. I seriously have never seen such ridiculousness on a soap with court scenes since Ron took over.

Too slow and very repetitive for me today. Sonny has been saying the same thing about Kate for a week. It's annoying.

Thankfully Liz, Piph, and Patrick kept my interest. Great scenes with Piph & Pat!! Need more :)

Sonya - so funny with Milo patting down Todd and Todd's reaction! Loved "Tilo"!

CareyN said...

MatchboxGinny said...

Michael, the law abiding citizen of Port Chuck. hahaha. Anyone else having issues with this or just me? Seems so abrupt.

You and I have a psychic connection! I was thinking about Michael last night, but I think his transition has been pretty natural. His little speech to Starr about killing someone, and how you'll live with that for the rest of your life, showed so much maturity and character development on his part. He did hard time in jail and was raped. He came out angry and wanting more and more to have the "power" that Sonny and Jason have. But I think by living with Dante and Lulu, and through his relationship with Abby, and then loosing her, that he's learning that "power" is pretty useless and violence really doesn't solve anything, it just leads to more pain. OK, maybe I'm over-analyzing a bit! Hahha. I think also, that he wants to feel justice for losing Abby, and since Starr almost killed his dad, he's finding some justice by locking her up...while also teaching Starr that "the system" is the right way to find justice, and you can't just take it into your own hands. Honestly, I'm quite interested in this whole dynamic and wish the writers would give it a bit more meat. AND I wish Sonny would take a lesson or two from Michael's maturity!!!!

MatchboxGinny said...

CareyN - I totally know what you're saying about Michael!! Great points!! I too wish there was more "meat" to the story because this is coming off like whiplash. I've always wanted them to explore Michael being on the right side of the law and having to deal with Sonny's mob ties, choices, etc. Looks like this is the path Ron is taking with Michael. I'm intrigued.

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry I thought Michael was amazing today as an actor.

Andrea said...

Now that Michael is so hung ho on justice. He needs to turn sonny or Jason in for doing something illegal that he has witnessed.

Oh right that will never happen because then Michael will have to face reality that his father is a mobster and Jason kills people for a living.
He didn't mature; he is in denial. Hypocrite!

rebeccakeen said...

Micheal needs to turn Sonny in for planting the bomb that got Kristina hurt,since he heard Sonny admit to doing it.He also needs to turn hisd mother in for perjury and Jason in for every crime he knows he did too.

kdmask said...

Chad is a good actor, yes... but him wanting to send a distraught Starr to JAIL where he knows how bad it is in there?
Hmmm, not buying it

My2Cents2 said...

Good point Karen. Still his acting has improved immensly and I was stating that more than the story.

But you are correct, where is he so squeeky clean?
Personally I would like to see Starr go away for a verrrrrry long time. lol

sonya said...

MatchboxGinny said... Sonya - so funny with Milo patting down Todd and Todd's reaction!
Hahahaha yeah it was perfect! :)

Loved "Tilo"!
Hehehehe you love the name? Thanks. :)

LSV422 said...

I don't understand why Michael is the one pursuing Starr for threatening Sonny when Sonny should be doing it. He was the victim. She very well could have killed him and they all treat her like a little girl. I don't feel sorry for her at all - this was abduction and attempted murder. So glad to see the cleaned up handsome Drake Jr. back at work. This whole photo of Matt stuff is beyond ridiculous. The photo, its origin, etc., should have been researched by the PCPD - on CSI they can restore a photo so why wouldn't these guys even try, LOL?

Robert said...

What a great episode! Especially the reveals. Loved it all.

For a moment it occurred to me, with Lucky not coming back, why not start building a relationship between Liz and Patrick? Assuming there will be an end to the show (we all know ABC wants out), how soapy would it be if Robin returned at the end just as these two were seriously heating up?

LSV422 said...

Forgot to mention that I really liked the way they went from scene to scene yesterday and how impressed I've been with Jason C. (Matt). And it is about time Liz had a relationship with someone!

My2Cents2 said...

Liz?? What relationship? Did you mean Maxie & Matt Linda??

LSV422 said...

My2, I meant it's about time Liz was with someone period instead of just hovering, LOL.

My2Cents2 said...

Linda..who was Liz with? Ohhh you know what?? We had breaking news here for about 15 minutes. Did I miss something?

LSV422 said...

I was just commenting after Robert suggested Liz and Patrick in a comment. No breaking news. Sorry to go over the 2 comment limit.