Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Irregularity

Feeling a little irregular? Sluggish? Need some probiotics? Activia perhaps? Well, that's me and GH lately. Some days are smooth sailing and others...well... not so much. I do confess that this week I was 'out of office' more than usual and didn't get to see the show live like I usually do. I did see it 3x however and every time I kept waiting--and waiting...for something.
Not sure what...but something. I mean, don't get me wrong, the show has vast improvements from what it was. The dialog is witty and actors seem "refreshed" There are maddening moments where I still think the pacing or editing or both are just "off".  I need Jamie  Lee Curtis to  help. 

Case in point: Maggie's death. Now, the lead up was terrific soap fodder--Heather mixing leathal tea in front of her face, she drinks it and gets sleepy. Then. She. Falls. OVER. Not "slumps"...doesn't have trouble breathing...just FALLS OVER. BOOM. 
And...that was how long ago? I can hear Steven Larzzzz now coming home:
"Geeze Mom what's that smell"??
Heather: (spraying fabreeze) What Smell? Oh, that? I cooked cabbage yesterday!

Steven: And what about this big stain on the couch?
Heather:  Couch what Couch??! Well, um... funny story but Olivia and I had a water balloon fight and...
You get the picture. Where IS Maggie?  Why leave it that long? Kinda takes the suspense right out of the whole thing.

Speaking of LONG --Lulu was gone forever before we saw her. I actually forgot for a bit she was even gone.
 Interesting that Franco took both LULU and Sam...and here they are again, bound and gagged.  *sigh* I don't know about you,  but I'm  sick of the damsel in distress crap. At least she's not sitting on a bomb right now.

Weider than hell:  courtroom  pleading-- I mean that judge was such a weenie.  Who lets all that happen? LOL.. We all watch Law and Order. It's just so off and so outrageous you have to say: come on, that would NEVER happen!   Everyone and Spinelli just interrupted whenever they wanted. 
Felicia came on..then disappeared again. It would have made sense to have her featured more.  Not to mention Mac. I guess they'll have scenes soon, but for the love of everything, speed it up, will ya?

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I'm going with Sam and Carly's "Girlfriend Moment". It was nice and unexpected and well, I liked it.

YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY: Um, did Liz and Olivia run in circles at the hospital for a day and 1/2 trying to figure out the Connie angle? Come on-- it took forever and made them look so stupid. Time Waster. Time Waster. And Ewan was so fun "Connnnnnnnie...Connie"....

NOT THE SCENE of the WEEK:  Connie and Carly catfight. So staged--so over the top and totally expected. Two women tied up...and two others rolling on the floor. Was Guza moonlighting this week? 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE CENTURY:  Sam begging Jason to basically love the baby--and stick by her and Jason being a complete selfish IDIOT. I wrote enough about THAT situation this week, I don't think you need me to do it again. HATE the writing for Jason. ugh. Just hate it. 

I am hearing more and more McBam are bro/sis and it makes me so sad. Wahhh. Maybe Ron will change his mind when he sees the rave reviews for them.  Personally, Jason is done for me when it comes to Sam and the baby.  If it IS his baby after all ...and he all of a sudden comes around he can just piss off. You are either IN or you're OUT. They can't seriously think that if Jason is ok with this we are going to be FINE with his compassion. Like I said before, you don't leave your pregnant wife who's found out she was raped by a madman!!  Ok, technically Sam walked out --but  Jason forced that hand. Poor Jason--needed time to get 'used to the  idea"--  cry me a river. I really loathe how this story is being written.

Oh and I haven't even mentioned the big "Matt Bombshell" about Lisa Niles because I STILL DON'T CARE. That's another story that should have just been dropped. Let the dead steward lady take the rap, we wouldn't bat an eyelash. 

That's it. GH this week was well. In need of a little Miralax.  Or maybe it was just me. Tea's a comin' and she always makes me smile! 

Hope you enjoyed the SUPER MOON last night! It was glorious here and I danced --a lot!!


My2Cents2 said...

Karen, word from word I agree with everything you said expect for the Best & Worse scenes of the week. Those were different for me.

Not good how this week played out.
However don't you see the same writing style Ron did on OLTL?? We could be in the middle of a story on OLTL, and we wouldn't see it again for a week. I see similar writing styles with these 2 shows.
Mistake to bring Felicia back over a week ago, and she has had one scene where she talked?
I missed her, I expected to see her this week.
Why was Sam taken and we weren't shown it?

I enjoyed the catfight, as these are 2 of my favorite characters. I enjoy Kate Howard soo much!! More than I did Jessie on OLTL with DID.
I enjoyed the bff moment too.
Liz standing outside Dr Ewans room for a day, then another day of her and Olivia walking circles was stupid. Don't nurses have patients to care for?
I also HATED a little girl holding a grown mob man SOnny with a gun all week. Had to FF thru nonsense. I do see her shooting someone and thus Tea enters this month. As does Todd.
2 likes, 2 dislikes.

Jason: Everyone is hating on him right now. Am I the only one who understands what he is going thru? Put yourself in his place, his worse enemy who he has been chasing for 2 years turns out to be his wifes rapist as well as his brother. And he isn't allowed some slack for how he feels? He didn't ask Sam to leave. She did it on her own.

I also want to note, and I keep forgetting, and surprisingly nobody has said anything, in what airport does Kate/Connies behavior not call for immediate security? Between the names swich's and her strange behavior I just don't see any airports not notifying security.

NOPE not the best week. Good potential, but lets not forget Felica, Mac, Maxie, Maggies death, Heather, Alexis, Patrick & Emma.
Greatly missed this week.

LaTanya said...

Actually I can understand Jason's point of view but, for so long Jason has been written as perfect and the golden boy that I kinda like that everyone is hating him right now!

I cat fight was cheesy and I still say thaat one of the best daytime catfights was on the short lived soap Generations. Two sisters one played by Vivica A. Fox kicking off their shoes, snatching out their earrings and actually throwing punches. If you have time go on YouTube and type Generations won't be disappointed!

It did seem like alot of filler scenes but I did enjoy Liz and Olivia together figuring things out without the help of any man!

dar said...

Karen, I agree with everything you said. I have never liked Jason much but he is being written as a jerk. His behavior seems more like Sonny than Jason. When a character is drawn like this it usually means the end is near and we know it's not.
I am tired of the damsel in distress stuff too- it's like an old Lifetine movie.
I am trying to be patient with the characters appear and then disappear stuff and think of it as a consequence of at least showing more characters. It is annoying though.

Do you have any idea how much more of this Connie/Kate we have to endure - it's so over the top I feel as though I am watching a cartoon.

AntJoan said...

My2Cents, I had assumed that Kate/Connie would be arrested at the airport, as there was a spoiler saying that she gets arrested. I also had assumed that the ticket agent would call security, and that's how she gets arrested. I kept waiting for them to show up while Connie was sitting there babbling, but Jason showed up instead.

AntJoan said...

My2Cents, I had assumed that Kate/Connie would be arrested at the airport, as there was a spoiler saying that she gets arrested. I also had assumed that the ticket agent would call security, and that's how she gets arrested. I kept waiting for them to show up while Connie was sitting there babbling, but Jason showed up instead.

skeebob said...

Yeah, this is how RC plotted stories on OLTL. Stories would be dropped for a week or two, then picked up again. I think it is more noticeable on GH because the stories on the whole aren't as interesting. I liked seeing Felicia on Monday and Tuesday, and I do wish we'd seen her later in the week, but that is just how RC does things, for better or worse.

The Liz/Olivia scenes were silly, but I was just happy they were figuring it out and the story was finally moving forward. The Kate/Carly fight made me laugh. Was it mentioned here that Laura Wright's lower back tattoo was so visible when her shirt rode up?

The airport scenes were dumb. RC has a law degree, and I'm sure he's flown on an airplane before, but you wouldn't know either of these things based on his writing. (And yet I still think he's the best head writer this show has had since the '90's.)

The Jason/Sam story reminds me of McBain's reaction on OLTL when he found out Natalie was pregnant with Brody's baby. He was an ass. They got a happy ending, but only because McBain found out he, not Brody, was the father. (McBain is much, much more enjoyable on GH.) McBain even referenced this story in an early scene or two with Sam.

At least this stupid stripper story is wrapping up!

cooks7570 said...

I like that Lulu and Sam left clues and drove Ronnie nuts and at least got Ronnie all Flursted. At least the cops will be the heros this time.

Wickedthoughts said...

The rumor about John and Sam as siblings are everywhere. Personally I think it was started by some anxious Jasam fans. Making them related makes no sense unless GH was in their final months.Then I can see them giving Sam a brother, and making Jasam end game. Considering the chemistry they still have from their PC days. It would be a big waste to make them related. But if they are, that means John will always be in Sam's life and a thorn in Jason and Sonny side.

I enjoyed the ConKate and Carly fight. Especially after Connie gave that battle cry and launched herself on Carly. The fight scene even made Chelsea Lately.

My2Cents2 said...

Wicked thoughts-THANK YOU! How funny was that bytch fight??
I don't see 'hotness' between McNostrils and Sam as 'brother/siser'. Personally its a rumor. McPain & Sam are HOTT for each other.
They falling for one another.
AntJoan...why does she get arrested? You know it may not play out. Jason to the rescue..AGAIN!
btw-I don't HATE Jason. I never could. He is to complicated to HATE. But yea, where was security?
If you people think Connie/Kate is over the top, I take it you never saw OLTL?? Because Vicki (who I adore) I couldn't watch as Nicki or whoever, and Jessie was more fun as Tess, however I ff thru her too. DID on OLTL was soooooooooo old.

MatchboxGinny said...

Well said Karen. I've also heard the McBam bro/sis rumors but I also remember when a Jasam fan first mentioned it on Twitter and from there it took off like wildfire. I really would like to think Ron is smart enough to see a "super couple" in the making with their chemistry and not blow it on making them siblings. Although, he also thinks Kristen Alderson/Starr is a good actress so who knows!! LOL!

I as well am not happy with the inconsistent storytelling, dropping a storyline for a few days/weeks and also backburnering actors for days and weeks (Patrick).

Obviously I'm thrilled with most of the changes to GH but it still has a ways to go.

At least the ratings were up, that's a plus! Who knew breaking up Jasam would increase viewing?? ;-)

AntJoan said...

My2Cents: I guess she gets arrested for beaning Dr. Ewwwwwen, I thought it was one of Karen's spoilers.

LSV422 said...

I agree with you too, Karen. For the life of me I can't understand why these and the previous writers don't have a clue about suspense. That is what keeps the viewers coming back every day. So far the only things that have impressed me are the production and direction. I do have mixed feelings sbout Jason. He probably would have been more sympathetic had Sam not lied and confided in a "stranger". After watching the catfight scene again on Chelsea Lately (love that show!) I have to agree it was a awful. I'm not disputing KS's skills as an actress, but her choice of the ways she portrays Connie borders on the rdiculous. Something better change fast since the ratings are still not great.

kdmask said...

yes, Connie/Kate is arrested for the Ewan thing...

soaplover said...

I agree that the story pacing is off--frustrating. I thought maybe RC was going back to the old format of major stories on Mon-Wed-Fri, and lesser stories on Tue-Thurs. Only my faves are the Tue-Thurs, with Anna, Luke, Mac, Alexis, Felicia, McBain, etc.

I was bothered by how Starr drove and held a gun on bad ole mob boss all the way to that highway--without him once grabbing the gun and taking over. I mean, she couldn't possibly keep her eyes on the road and Sonny at the same time! I noticed that they just skipped that part and went from his house to the road scene. This story is not developing well. (It would have made more sense for her to just shoot him in his house. (Oh, how I wish she would REALLY shoot Sonny! We could all use a Sonny vacation, including Maurice.)

I never like cat fights--they always look phony to me. I cannot imagine women going after each other that way. We are more vocal, less violent, IMO.

How could Kate get the Rio ticket after giving the guy a wrong name, one that was not on the credit card??? No matter how she explained it.

I want to know WHY Ronnie attacks women? I want to hear him explain what motivated all that.

If McBain and Sam were siblings, would that make Alexis his mother??!! Yikes! I'd rather see him in a romance with Alexis. They'd be great together. (I have never liked Sam since her days on PC so that romance is not an exciting idea to me.)

I want to see more of Anna and Luke--I really like the chem there and the human, intimate, friendship moments. Very nice. And I want to see more of Mac and Felicia. But where does that leave Alexis? She is still my favorite actress of GH and I want her to have a story and a romance worthy of her.

I also like Elizabeth and want the same for her. I could do without Steve and Olivia, but then, Heather is not so concerned about her 'boy' as she is about her sponsor out the the loony bin. Steve goes to jail and she has no place and no one to go to.

I feel there are too many stories going--yet more stories going was what was needed here because of Guza's and Wolfe's need to write for Sonny, Carly and Jason and no one else. We LONGED for more and better stories and we are getting them, but perhaps in too much abundance. Hard for any writer to keep all the balls in the air at once. (Especially if Maurice's contract guarantees him daily work which wouldn't surprise me.)

By the way, I read something that indicated that the DID story was started by Wolfe and not RC and RC just took it on. As he did so many other stories.

shirleedee said...

That airport scene was beyond stupid!!! Brazil requires a visa and a ticket to leave the country, but Connie is buying a one way ticket with cash and presenting a passport under a different name. Airport security would have been all over the situation and that ticket sales agent would have become unemployed. I do not think it's wise to take those liberties with the writing when we have the airport security we have today. Homeland security is no joke and should not be treated so lightly.

Avalonn said...

Things were so slow, Starr had time to change her nail polish from the time she pulled the gun on Sonny, to the time she took him to were Cole and Hope died! That's SLOW!

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

Brenda comes back pg
Starr is arrested, thus introcing Tea.
Either Farah Faith or Bree is coming in the role of Avia. I am guessing Farah since I read that Bree landed a nightime gig. ICK I hate Farah since her nighttime soap.
Sean & TJ are coming back. WHY?
Trevor pays a visit.(could be good)
Felicia goes to Mac for help.
No storyline for Alexis, Diane, Liz, Mac still no storyline.
McNostrils KILLS Ronnie.

I can't blame Wolfie on this DID story. Though I am enjoying it, it has Ron & Frank written all over it.

MatchboxGinny said...

My2Cents -

Please keep in mind that some people do try to be spoiler/rumor free and by posting in a comment thread it will be seen due to the way it opens in email or simply by visiting the blog itself. Even on Karen's site, her spoilers are somewhat hidden.

Thank you :)

My2Cents2 said...

Matchbox...Keep in mind that spoilers are given out in alot of posts. I had the descency to state SPOILERS/RUMORS in the beginning. In other words, I gave you the choice not to read them.
Thank you

Happy said...

It would be nice not to have a LIST of spoilers blatantly listed in the comment section. Even though they may be marked as spoilers/rumors it is not possible to scroll past them and it is extremely difficult to not read them and just overlook the fact that they are there.

It’s a matter of community decency to use restraint and respect those members that wish to remain spoiler free. Karen is wonderful and extremely careful not to list spoilers in her blogging – she has a web page specifically for her (verified) spoilers.

I would hate to see the comments shut off again because I enjoy reading the exchange of conversations and the different takes about what IS being shown on TV.

My2Cents2 said... must be new here?? Very new here. Or did you just change your name??
I have asked Karen in the past if she minded, she did not.

Again, YOU chose to read spoiler/rumors. You have nobody to blame but yourself. I read posts daily from others here, and a spoiler or 2 is revealed. I think I am just to kind by forwarning.
Happy?? LMAO

MatchboxGinny said...

Happy, thank you for trying to explain to My2Cents why listing spoilers in the comments is not the best idea and how people still do see them even if a heading is put up. Unfortunately, as you can tell, it's fallen on deaf ears with her. Not surprising :(

gmjl said...

I see a particular poster has once again decided that the 2 comments per post rule does not apply to her...

My2Cents2 said...

When IGNORANCE is brought to my attention, I will DEFEND myself.
NOT YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

gmjl said...

Yes...and remember, it's NOT YOUR BLOG(see, I can do the all CAPs too!) either. It was stated that comments were to be limited to 2 per posts and for the most part the rule is being followed by most posters...that is except for you. One would think that at your age, you would know how to follow the rules. Perhaps if you stopped acting like such a wanker, people wouldn't despise you.

My2Cents2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David said...

My2Cents2 said...
Here you ladies go again. There appears to be a few of you, who police this blog. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is not your blog to correct. Seldom do I post. But I read everything.

I just want to say to did nothing wrong and thank you for your consideration with letting us know it was a spoiler/rumor. Good reading!

Behave like adults. Most of us enjoy one another on here. I for one, look forward to 2cents comments.
I also don't despise her nor do I see many but a few who do. Perhaps a little jealousy is involved?

Like I said, I sit back and click on this site and read. Hardly post.
Don't poison this wonderful site with your hatred and troublemaking ways.


friscogh said...

My2Cents2 - have you ever considered starting your own blog? That way you can post whatever you want, whenever you want and not be perceived to be hijacking someone elses blog / ignoring rules of someone else's blog. Folks who like to read your comments could then visit your blog and you wouldn't have to worry about folks policing you here. Could be a much more pleasant option for everyone! Just an idea...

My2Cents2 said...

frisco..have you ever considered not coming to this blog???

Last month, you tearfully said your good-byes to everyone because of me, yet you were back the next day.


kdmask said...


good gravy

David said...

kdmask has left a new comment on the post "Sunday Surgery: Irregularity":

good gravy

I enjoy your posts, thank you as well for taking the time to state your thoughts.
Done posting.


friscogh said...

2Cents - I thought you and I were trying to turn the page? I offered what I thought was a friendly suggestion. Sorry if you misunderstood (and over-reacted!). You like to post and some folks like to read you...why not start your own blog?

My2Cents2 said...

no frisco I am not trying to turn any pages. Where did you get that information from. btw....
you a chick or a guy? I thought a guy, but you behave very girlish like someone with hormone inbalance.

David..thank you. Nice you posted about what you did. True friend.