Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Kelly Monaco!

I really enjoy watching "KeMo" as we call her on GH. I've liked her since she first came on. I think she's a good pairing with Becky Herbst-- so sue me!  I just hope this whole Franco-Frenetic baby story calms down soon!! Hey, Sam is a Davis and Cassadine Girlie quite a combo! AND SHE trended in the US for her birthday!! yeah!!

TODAY'S SHOW:  Oh Johnny's losing it!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! Zombie AZ--now we need Zombie Claudia. Dante comes wanting to come in. heh..whoops

Carly and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzz but did love Kelly's set outside today. You could see the back street because the lighting was nice.

Tracy, Anna and Luke--they just needed Heather to walk in but it was FLEA!! Felicia should have been way more upset with Anna about Robin. They knew each other REALLY WELL.

Random Mayor: Name is Jan, just fired Mac. WHAT THE HELL!! Come on... a New person just FIRED MAC! I wonder if they are trying to get McBain to be Commish.

Maxie got held down by big Prison Women and they make her look like a clown with make-up. Gave her a fake teardrop tattoo with eyeliner. I guess it's to change her mind about implicating Matt. It was so campy/funny LOL. 

They asked Anna to take over for Mac!!  Tracy finds AZ in the boathouse dead-- and tomorrow Jason tells Monica about Franco.

Good day today.


  1. I didnt find the Maxie bullying scene funny at all. It was reminiscent of a gay teen being tied to a fence post and beaten for being gay. I turned away as it brought back such vile memories for me.

    Maybe now that Mac is fired he can re-open to Outback? I doubt that Anna will accept the police commissioner job. She isnt from Llanview. Its going to go to McBain.

  2. Madam Mayor and Mac: She fired him as chief of police!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?! You can't do that bitch!!!!!! How dare you!!!

    Boathouse: Tracy sees shoes. Oh I thought it was Grandpapa Z! It wasn't!! :)

    Anna and Luke: Anna is crying. :( She has a shampoo that Robin gave her. :( Luke is so sweet to her.

    Luke and Tracy: Tracy shows up and thinks Luke got rid of Papa Z! Luke says no but he has a plan! I like the plan. :) Anna is out of the shower and listens a little bit ROFL! Tracy leaves! :)

    Felicia, Luke, and Anna: Oh no! A Felicia and Luke scene!! ACK! Felicia wanted Anna. Oh wait did Felicia call her Annie?


    Madam Mayor and Anna: Oh no! She isn't going to, OH YES SHE DID!!! She wants to hire Anna as Chief of police!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!?! HOW DARE YOU BITCH!

    Pentonville Prison: Tiny and her BFF bullied Maxie!!!!! WOW!!!! Maxie has the papers to sign for the court. Matt shows up and wants her to sign it. She says she just did. DOH!

    Johnny's place: Johnny had his grandpapa there all night! He is dead, but I was wondering if he is going to move! And he did!!! I jumped! It's all in Johnny's mind! Oh and look Ghost grandpapa Z is haunting him. Oh wait it's all in his mind. Damn the ghost scene, reminded me so much of on OLTL when Todd's evil mother haunted him!!!

    Boathouse: Tracy finds Grandpapa Z's body!!!! She is in shock! ROFL!

    delcodave HEY! THE OUTBACK!!! That would be awesome! :)

  3. Gotta watch this in a bit.

    Mac was a TERRIBLE commissioner. It's been nearly 20 years that Sonny's gotten away with murder, literally, and a host of other crimes. Robert and Anna used to BEAT the bad guys. Mac just bows down and takes it like a man. He's a terrible cop! Thank God. Anna was WAY better! She'll actually give Sonny a run for his money. Bet she hires McBain as her #2 (the Bert Ramsey position!).

  4. KeMo- great body, bad actress, worse role.

  5. IF McBain somehow becomes commish I will be PISSED. Enough of the OLTL takeover of GH. Next I guess a OLTLer will buy the hospital and ELQ. Enough already!!!!

  6. I'm having some problems with the show lately. Starting to feel more like OLTL 2.0 with the writing than GH and that makes me sad.

    Absolutely HATED the bullying scene with Maxie. On Twitter Maxie "trended" most of the show. Very mixed feelings about it. Most thought it was stupid. Some younger people thought it was hilarious and that she deserved it...and other things. Nice going Ron. Shame on you.

    Johnny and the Ghost of AZ - good stuff!

    Loved my Anna/Luke/Tracy scenes today. Poor Anna and poor us. Once again we get 15-20 seconds every few weeks of Anna showing grief. Same with Patrick.

    Best thing about today: NO KATE and the dreadful DID story. Only Sonny's rehash to Carly.

  7. Now that Mac is fired he can concentrate on Felicia!

    Agree Sonya-ICK Luke & Felicia scene.

    Pentonville must be like a dormotory the way you walk around into others rooms.

    Cosmo...You are right, LOVE Mac, but he was a lousy commissioner.
    Better Anna than McNostrils.
    Cosmo..right again about Kemo.
    Great body crappy actress.

    I am reporting on my blog that Ewan was just fired. (Or I just found out)
    With Matt in prison, and Ewan gone, where does that leave Liz?

  8. Did anyone else notice that Johnny's door seemed not to close all the way, so you actually could see someone standing outside? I'm not sure there's really a gap in the door, maybe it's chrome and just looked like a gap to me, but I found it distracting. . . .

  9. I'm certainly not sad to see Mac go as commissioner. Although, if Anna becomes commissioner, what will that do to her friendship with Luke? I wonder if she'll look the other way as he commits crimes; just like Lucky and Dante. Will she arrest him for the murder of Jake? The man should be behind bars.

  10. What their doing to Johnny reminds me of what they did to Eli on OLTL. They made him the scapegoat for everything bad that happened in town then they killed him off. Once again the golden mobster Sonny will win.

  11. Nathin Butler says he's not leaving.I hope GW storylines are done so we can get new storylines soon. I hope we can more of the other characters soon too.

  12. I'm not a kemo fan from since dirty soap.

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  14. UPDATE: When asked by fans about his departure, Butler tweeted, "No, I'll be sticking around." Confusion reigns!
    SOD reports that Nathin Butler (Dr. Ewan Keenan) was let go in late May. No word yet on his final air date.'

    Time will tell I guess.

  15. I haven't put anything up on Nathin because I don't know for sure and frankly,his character is such a 'non issue' for, whatever.

    Guys, keep it clean about actors. Characters I can deal with bashing. People. no.

  16. My2Cents2 said...Now that Mac is fired he can concentrate on Felicia!
    Yes please! :)

    Agree Sonya-ICK Luke & Felicia scene.

    Hey Tammy Wynette! Are you going to start singing stand by your man? ROFL! :)

  17. I'm sorry- yesterday's show was the first one in a long time that had my finger on the FF button most of the way through. Thought it was really bad...

  18. I agree Mac wasn't a great commissioner but I hope this doesn't mean that JY is going to be let go. Then I will be really pissed. Anna was the commish before and a good one. Anything to give her more to do! Liked seeing Felicia and Luke - they do have a history. The Maxie scene was just bizarre and disturbing. I actually wished Anthony wasn't dead. This side of Johnny doesn't ring true. I've already forgotten about Ewan since he has been offscreen so long.

  19. Anna was speaking about how she feels useless, how Emma doesn't need her, etc., so maybe that means she will take the commish job. She is so amazing, I hope she does!! It looks like Mac and Flea might be off solving cases on their own.

  20. Well, if Anna becomes Commish, that means TR will be back as Robert, as Robert had to come in and assist/take-over when Anna was Police Chief in the '80's. So, it that's what it takes to get TR back, I'm all for it, although I love Mac.