Friday, May 25, 2012

TV Guide Survey--Make Your Voice Heard!

On Facebook, TV Guide is asking if you'll watch the new GMA show, GAA-- ! If you have a FB account, please let your feelings be known that you will watch General Hospital and only GH. Unless of course, you WILL watch-- then, well, you can say that too!

This is a CRITICAL time for us all!!


  1. As suggested on the general hospital happenings site, I tweaked the sample letter and emailed it to the general manager of my local abc station. It's a great letter and maybe it would help if the local stations receive a lot of them.

  2. Wow. Did they get ANY favorable comments?
    Nice to know so many people feel so strongly about their soaps! It seemed totally consistent.

    Thing is, many people pointed out that there are more than enough news shows on afternoons and they are right. Monotonous. Commonplace.

  3. I saw that survey and made my voice heard-NO.When I first looked at it there 494 posts(all NO WAY). I am sure there are hundreds more. My only concern is that ABC really doesn't care.