Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Carly and Sam: Snarly and Samma...

Fly jamma ramma...I'M BACK BITCHES!! :) Carly has my snark face down SO WELL. I think Laura Wright must have seen video of me.  HEH...I'M GOING on the record  that Sam/Carly are going to be the GH's Tea and Blair. They are going to be Freinemies. You wait. 
Oh God. I think we just had a girlfriend moment," says Carly to Sam.

LOVED the background music today. Good Job, especially with Sonny talking to Jason. 

"CONNIE" says Ewan and Liz doesn't know who Connie is. Connie obviously hit Ewan with one of those orbs on his desk!
 HA!! Connie gives Olivia a buck!! heh. Connie looks like she's going to break into "Billie Jean in that coat"!!

Heather eyeballs those dangerous PILLS the doc was talking to the lady about. Then she takes Maggie HOME... uh..Maggie whoops. Maggie, honey, didn't anyone ever tell you not to drink the crazy woman's TEA?! Heather put that stuff in RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! LOL 

The courtroom stuff is so stupid. Like that could EVER happen what Spinelli did!! LOL.. Whatever.  NOW Felicia interrupts. Oh come on. Like anyone can ever say all this. heh. Yeah , Flea, you can go to jail instead of Maxie--that's totally how it works. Pffft.

SaSon is all in black ...be still my aching heart! POOR SONNY...he's not even connecting the dots at all!! DUH And it's ALL ABOUT JASON-- and it's all about McBain. Not about SAM. hmmm.

WHO SAW the Mac and Cheese commercial  riffing off of the old POT Commercial??! ahahahhaa 'I learned it from WATCHING YOU"!! OMG. cracked me up


Cosmoetica said...

Not liking what they are doing to Ronnie. Yet another cop sacrificed on the Sonny altar. I don't mind a crooked cop- I'm all for realism, but Ronnie was a straight arrow- then the BS w Franco, and now this. And Marmo is one of the 4 or 5 best actors on the show. When will TPTB learn and give meatier roles to the better actors. What a waste- first Taggart, now Ronnie.

McBain HAS to bring down Sonny.

Cosmoetica said...

Maxi BS- LCD stuff. Maggie dead. Good. Heather rules. Please- no GF time for Sam and Carly.

sonya said...

Hey Karen! Where were you yesterday? :) Anyway,

The hospital: Ewen is awake! Ewen says Connie did this! Liz has no idea that Connie, is Kate! DOH! That hot doctor who has been treating Steven LARS is there!!! HOT HOT HOT! I want to know more about him! Can he stay? Heather overhears a different doctor talk to a nurse about meds. That a patient is only supposed to take 1 pill, cus if he takes more than one he will die. Heather snatches the pills and wants Maggie to take her home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven LARS;S home: HEATHER GIVES THE PILLS TO MAGGIE!!!! :) YESSSSSSSSSS! GREAT SCENE! Oh is Maggie dead?!?!! :) Goodbye Maggie? :) Heather is going to set Maggie up to make the cops think SHE is the one who killed the patient in Memphis and not Steve!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

Kate's office: Johnny won't let Connie leave town! Connie says if he doesn't let her, she will cry rape!!!!!! Damn I love Connie! :)

Sonny's home: Jason and Sonny scene!!! Jason talks about how Sam was raped and that the baby isn't his! Sonny is there for Jason and Jason is there for Sonny. Awww! :) Sonny tells him about catching Kate in bed with Johnny. Sonny brings up Ewen. Jason tells him to call Ewen. Love the bromance. :)

Jasam home: Carly and Sam have a friendship moment! OH NO!!! :) Carly even says it hahaha! They want to forget that moment. I don't really want them to be BFF's!! Yes Karen! Frienamies!!!! I like that. :) Anyway Carly talks about Jax. :( Today is their 5th year anniversary. :(

Courthouse: Maxie is going to spend 20 years in jail!!!! The camera work was a little strange. The scene felt like it was a dream. Before the judge told the sentence, Felicia tells the judge she is Felicia JONES!!! JONES!!!!! Hehehe. Anyway, she says she can go to jail not Maxie!!!

Oh and Karen, the Mac and cheese commercial, yeah I caught it right away!!!! They ARE copying the drug commercial! Makes me laugh. :)

kdmask said...

It was the end of the month yesterday which means MOUNTAINS of paperwork turn in. I was exhausted and didn't get home until 3:30 so I skipped GH.

MatchboxGinny said...

Today's episode wasn't my fave. Too much repetitive dialogue, the airhogs were on AGAIN, and the courthouse scenes were ridiculous. The over obvious writing and continual backburning of other actors is really getting on my nerves. Best part of today was Maggie dying. I enjoyed yesterday's episode much better.

LaTanya said...

Yes I saw the Mac n Cheese commercial it had me dying laughing....."You dad I learned it by watching you!"

Bye bye Maggie...that's all I have to say about today's show!

campus disco said...

"It's such a warm day, let's make it ICED" Brahahahaha!!!! Did anyone else catch that delicious nod to history? LOVE crazy Heather!

rcoug30254 said...

My comment has nothing to do with the show, which, BTW, has improved so much that I actually look forward to watching! I'd just like to know when WUBS is going to take down the Sonny picture. I really loathe the guy and am very tired of seeing his face every time I visit this web site

Anonymous said...

I am not sure who Tea and Blair are but I loved the Carly and Sam scene today. Have we come up with a name for them yet? Snarly?

I also loved everything Heather. This is the kind of evil/crazy that is fun...so much better then Connie/Kate or Lisa Niles. Did Heather ever meet Helena?

Is SR on vacation or something? We keep hearing about Steven Lars but have not seen him in days.

Connie did look a little Billie Jean 'esque. I also thought she and Johnny looked like they could break out into "Summer Lovin" or "Grease Lightening".

Melodybluez said...

There was a bit of a contrast with today's show versus yesterday's the common denominator there is when it's not the Sonny/Carly/Jason show and they use other characters, some of which are being grossly underused or not used much at all!

It seems like they are in "wrap up" mode (one can hope) with Memphis, Connie/Kate and the Stripper Beater culprit. That would be good! I just wonder who is going to grab a bullet this week...Ewen was the most recent! Lots of bullets lately needed for the GH budget.

Carly and Sam had a "girlfriend moment." Frienamies, I guess, would work. That's what the previous writers did with Maxie and Lulu. Catfights are fun, but the repeated bickering and one-upping, especially from adults, gets a bit stale after a while!

The courtroom drama was just that...over the top dramatics! I agree the highlight was Maggie going bye bye (Amongst the repetitive conversations that mob men and their relationships suck, trying to convince us that Johnny and Carly had anything genuine.) Thank you, Heather! Clean 'em out for us, please! Note to self...never accept tea from Heather Webber and don't say the word "crazy" in her presence!

I guess poor Dante is still cuffed to the desk...reminded me of Jack in Titanic without the sinking boat! If the current writers have Sonny pay for anything, anything at all, courtesy of John McBain, I will consider it an early Christmas present!

My2Cents2 said...

What a fantastic show today!! Yea the courtroom scene was stupid, however, it isn't something we haven't seen in the past.

Heather..Ohhhhhh smart move bringing you back to this show!!
I was waiting for her to pick up Maggie and throw her down the stairs. Maybe tomorrow??

LOVED LOVED the Jason/Sonny scenes.
LOVED the 'closeness' today!!
Gee Sonny sounded like he was choking he was screaming so hard!!

Karen, Sam WAS raped. She didn't ask for any of this. So it is about Sam for now. And that baby. I wouldn't wish what she has been thru on my worse enemy!!
Liked the 'girlfriend' moment too.

Olivia trips me out. She made a sarcastic comment to Liz for Liz taking too long to help her. What about the patients?? Geez O...I would like to see you fall down the steps as well.


OK Trolls come at me :)

Tammy Wynette said...

This entire show is a HOTT MESS.

AntJoan said...

This show is truly bizarre: We have 3 bona fide crazy killers running around--2 blonde women and one man--one woman who confessed to 3 killings she didn't commit, and an actual killer who doesn't know he is a killer because he was drunk. In addition, we have several professional killers, and someone who killed someone in Memphis. Add to that all the cops, PIs, WSB, all the guns--PC must be the most unsafe town in the universe!!

AntJoan said...

Oh, and PLEASE don't take down Sonny's picture, I still love him, I don't care what anyone else says.

kdmask said...

why would I take down Sonny's picture? He has ALBERTA!

carrie said...

Loved Sam and Carly. While I was watching it I was wondering if Frank V would transfer the friendship of Blair and Tea to Carly and Sam. Not surprised that Karen was thinking the same thing. I think that it is great. For years haven't many of us on this site complained about Carly being so bitchy and Sam not having friends. I hope that Frank V explores this.

AntJoan said...

I think that the back-and-forth scenes between Sonny and Jason; and Carly and Sam were brilliant. The symmetry was very clever, and it was nice to show 2 women as the equal to the 2 men. I know it's continued showcasing of the "fab 4," but at least showing the women bonding a little was somewhat different.

Anon said...

Heather! Someone please tell me she is signed to a long term contract like Fin...She is awesome and looks like she is having a blast. Between her, Luke, Anna, and Mac - the vets are all bringing their "A" game. Hoping that Flea can too!

My2Cents2 said...

AntJoan....I could not agree more with you. The 4 of them were brilliant, finally we got to see the 'weaker' side to them. Which humanizes them even more.

Sadly previews are showing Starr with Sonny, so I don't foresee great days like Tuesday continuing, but at least we will see them periodically.

I don't tweet. I can't help but wonder to those who do, how others took the bff scene with Sonny & Jason, Carly & Sam.

Please keep Felicia around. She has been missed and is much needed. I still am hoping her and Mac find there way back to one another.

LSV422 said...

Heather is starting to remind me of Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?". I don't like her much - too many crazies on the show. Robin M. is great, though. So glad to see Felicia. Will have to ffwd. Starr scenes - can't even stand to look at her. She needs to go. Maybe someone can introduce her to Heather?