Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"What's in Your Bag? Props"?

 THAT line was Carly to ConKate. Ah, loved it. BUT other than that,  I so hate this DID story.  GET IT OFF my screen. Connie was so channeling Sarah Brown's Carly today!! She sounded just like her!! LOL..and Carly pops her in the kisser!! And they fight like 80's Divas.

Sonny tells Michael about Kate. TMI? Hmmmm. McBain is listening to Sonny--and no one swept the PH for bugs after the cops left? DUHHHHHHH Mobster 101.

Starr and Johnny. Hmmmm. Don't care.

JaSam...Hmmm. Here we go, round 400000x whatever. I am hating the writing for Jason so much they can break up because he's being a pig. 
YOU GO SAM! Plus he told Liz all sorts of crap. NOW SHE'S BEGGING him tell about how he feels about the baby!!
So Franco wins, huh Jason? You are a pussy. That's all. 

I'm officially a Sam fan first now. I hope she never looks back. She took a little bag for moving out! I know, she only has 2 black tank tops and a toothbrush. LOL 
At least she's next to McBAM!

today was all sorts of wrong... really didn't like it. The "catfight" felt campy-staged--JaSam is just maddening and ANNOYING AS ALL HELL...and everything else? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


kdmask said...

OMG I hate Jason so much right now, I had to write another comment in my OWN COMMENTS!! lol

Carrie said...

I don't watch days the Scorpios/Davis/OLTL peeps aren't on and when they are I FF. I will not remotely support this Jason crap.

sonya said...

Carly and Connie: CAT FIGHT WOOT WOOT! They were on the floor and everything! :) It was like they were going to have some rough sex ROFL! I will call them CarCon! :) I want more CarCon! :) Some guy who works at the metrocourt stopped them! No don't stop them!!!! :)

Liz and Olivia: All they were doing through the whole episode is talk about Steve, Kate, and Ewen!!!

Sonny and Michael with a side of McBain: McBain left a bug to overhear Sonny! Sonny and Michael were talking about Kate sleeping with Johnny. Sonny takes his meds. :) Good to see. :) So McBain is overhearing both of them talk. They talk about the article that McBain left for Sonny.

Starr and Johnny: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Starr still wants to talk about Sonny! Can we get on with this please?! Oh she stole Johnny's gun and goes to visit Sonny!

Jason and Sam: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Well, Jason doesn't like how Sam talked to McBain instead of her own hubby! I'm on Jason's side on that one. Team Jason! But the rest UGH! Oh Sam moved out!!!

McBain and Sam: Natalie calls McBain! UGH! As he is talking to her out in the hallway, Sam shows up! She is going to stay in the building?! :)

Andrea said...

Sam found her back bone and moved out. I'm sure that will last all of 2 days.

Sam is still acting like a wuss and begging for whatever scraps Jason is willing to give her.

This is why I cannot stand the character of Sam. Every few years or so they give her some spunk then yank it away and leave her to follow Jason around like a kicked puppy.

I'm sure they will have McBain turn out to be Sam's brother, then JASON will forgive HER for betraying him and back she will happily go back to sit on Jason's couch.

Jason is acting like an JERK and she should not forgive HIM - at least for a while- since this is a soap.

glennash3 said...

I agree with you kdmask. I'm a huge Jasam fan, but I'm fed up with this storyline. I'm a Sam fan first. I just want her to stay strong and have the baby lives this time. I don't care if Jason and Sam break up at this point. Let Liz have Jason and then McBain and Sam can give it a try. I wouldn't mind if Sam was paired with Patrick to help him thru his grief over Robin. I just don't want Jason and Sam to do something unforgivable to one another and end up hating each other again. I couldn't watch GH if that happened.

MatchboxGinny said...

Oh geeeeez. The Jasam thing. Ugh. So glad Sam finally stopped whining and stood up to Jason. You go girl, pack those bags and move on out.....right next door to McBain!! :))

How many laps did Liv and Liz do around the hospital? lol!

The Carly/ConKate catfight was just ridiculous. Once again, way overacted.

Agree with ya Karen, the Michael/Sonny scenes were TMI.

Loved that McBain bugged Sonny's house! LOL! His facial expressions and comments were fantastic!!

My2Cents2 said...

Karen, why do you hate the character of Kate soo much?? She has to be one of the best actress's on daytime.
She IS this storyline.
You loved OLTL with their DID storylines, so I have to think its the character/actress. Are you angry that Megan Ward wasn't asked back? Megan Ward could never of done this storyline as well.
I do understand though what it is like to not likr a character. I hate seeing Liz on my screen & FF thru most of her scenes!

How can McBain put a wire in Sonnys house, isn't that against the law?

LOVED LOVED the catfight. YEP that makes good tv! lol

I agree Sonya, Olivia & Liz are so boring. Who would take advice from Liz other than Olivia?? I know! Star would take Liz's advice!!! lol
Why do people confide in Liz when she 'accidentally' slips with the mouth??
Where does Star live?

Where is Lulu?? Besides being on 2-3 days, she has been gone for at least a month.

Jason did so wrong with what he blabbed to Liz. Of all people!! Have to side with Sam on this one!
Do NOT move out Sam!! As much as I think Jason can do better, he loves you the best. Don't leave!!!
You left and fell upon McNostrils? Out of all the nice places in Pt Chuckles to stay at, you chose the rat hole McNostril lives in? wtf?

McNostrils..go home. Gnat needs you more than Pt Chuckles. jmo

bumchickabowbow said...

I think this may be the firs time I'm actually rooting for Sam. Jason is being such a jerk. He can suck it. I'm all for McBam now...

Lori said...

Hey guys - Dominic Zamprogna is now on twitter. It was confirmed by Lisa Lo Cicero this morning.

His twitter handle is Dom_Zamprogna

LaTanya said...

Yeah the fight was cheesie but I enjoyed it!

Don't reaally care about JaSam yeah their going through hell right now but we all know how it's gonna turn out in the end.

Glad to see my girl Liz on the screen was it earth shattering no but at least it had nothing to do with Jason or Sam. She was concerned about her brother and Ewan. Olivia did not bother me because at least she was being a concerned girlfriend/cousin and she wasn't offering to cook pasta!

Anonymous said...

I usually agree with most of Karen's comment but never moreso then today. I have never been a fan of Sam's but right now I am Team Sam 100%...well, until she goes back to Jason and says none of it was his fault (which we all know she will).

I would love to see a Jason and Monica scene right now.

I would love to see Sam say strong and make a life without Jason.

I would REALLY love to see another Sam and Carly friendly session where Sam confides all in Carly and Carly then goes and kick's Jasons ass for him being a total douche.

Speaking of Carly and fights the Carly and ConKate fight today was campy. I appreciated the humour of it but thought it could have been done a little less cheesy.

I have never liked the character of Kate, probably because she is/was so closely aligned with Sonny and I hate that character as well.

Sonny, the dad who tells his son all about his father and mother catching their significant others in bed. Good Lordy.

So now big mob boss Sonny answers his own door? Where are Max and Milo?

I HATE HATE HATE Starr...PLEASE get her off GH ASAP. Let's hope Heather invites her over for tea.

Does John McBain always wear dark colours?

Theresa said...

The cat fight reminded me of the one's on Dynasty(showing my age). Olivia's hair is getting on my nerves. So Maggie is dead in steven Lars apartment and I have to say her dead scene was by far the worst one I have ever seen! I think at some point Sam should talk to Alexis since the whole town will know soon (mom's always the last to know).

My2Cents2 said...

Please... This is Sam's opportunity to hook up with Jawn.
Her moving out was the end of her & Jason for awhile.
Who is he going to go running to? Carly? Sonny?? Liz??
SHAME on you Jason!!

WOOT WOOT I can't get that vision out of my head of Carly & COnnie fighting!!

I wonder who is better in bed. Sonny or Johnny?? My bet is on Johnny. jmo

Mel said...

Was it just me or did Sam look kinda happy to see McBain..? I hope she tells him what a jerk Jason was and he tells her all the right things to finally break Jasam up. I'm sorry, but Sam deserves better than a man who won't support her after everything thing she's been through. Not to mention the fact that Franco wouldn't have even been in her orbit had it not been for Jason.

kdmask said...

The DID stories on OLTL were done well...this is written weird. And I don't care for KS's interpretation of this role.
Not sure if I would have liked Megan Ward any better.

love2chat402000 said...

I don't like the kate/Connie story at all and find she's on waaay to much. The fight with Carly was like a dynasty fight , campy or cheesy.
Jason should be supportive of Sam and love the baby as it's a part of her. Guess mobster doesn't quite have the heart of gold. I still think this is fake jasam angst and that RC is drinking Frons' koolaide as there is always a reference in jasam's dialogue about how they are meant to be together or stronger together ( nearly tossed something at the screen seeing the damn dragon reference again/Sam telling jason he needs to believe it too ). Please, we know even if they break up they will have her go back to him as she has nothing going on without him.
I will say , look at the smile on Sam's face when she sees McBain!!
I really think she has more chemistry with him and that they should put them together.
Very happy to see Liz and see her focused on Ewen and her brother Steve but her and Olivia did laps around the entire hospital set, LOL!

carrie said...

so agreeing with friscogh said "I would REALLY love to see another Sam and Carly friendly session where Sam confides all in Carly and Carly then goes and kick's Jasons ass for him being a total douche.
I want a friendship between these two

Avalonn said...

Can't say I'm a JaSam fan. But, I do like Sam, especially strong independent Sam. Just seems like we only see that strong side without Jason. Sam did try to talk to her husband first. It's just that he's always caught up with his true love, Sonny. Sam deserves better, by better I'm thinking McBain :)

soaplover said...

I agree, but for me, the episode was a poor one, not so much for what was on it, but what wasn't--such as Luke, Anna, Felicia, Mac, Alexis, etc.

My favorite moment was where McBain, listening to Sonny lie to Micheal, made that nose-growing gesture of touching his nose and pulling out. I laughed out loud.

MatchboxGinny said...

Frisco - You bring up a great point about a conversation between Jason and Monica.

This has been on my mind and bugging me! I can't believe the writers haven't had Jason talk with Monica yet to tell her, ask her questions about his mother, etc. I mean, this is huge news that Alan actually had twin boys, Edward had another grandson......

I wonder how long it'll take the writers to get to it as the balance/flow in storylines seems to be way off lately.

imspncycl said...

I like the Kate/Connie DID story - and I think they need to tie it way back to her break-up with Sonny - leaving him on the corner in Bensonwhatever - becuz she found out she was pregnant with - wait for it - Spinelli! She ditches baby Spinelli and her DID begins!

Love4dogs said...

I find the fake NY accent of "Connie's" to be very inconsistent.