Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vanessa Marcil's Gagoo Launch Party!

Oh what a great time was had on Staten Island last night! This event was very different than any other GH event I've attended (in a good way)! Most of them have the actors come in at a hotel type venue and talk on stage for awhile. This was held at a small jewelry store (Vanessa's uncle) and the outside was set up like a bistro with a little red carpet and everything! They had tables set up to stand around with white linens and little floating sunflowers. Sushi, shrimp, pizza, dessert shots and even a candy bar for the kids kept you happy! (So did the free cocktails!) A DJ had music blasting and valets parked your car. Felt very VIP! 

It was actually refreshing not to have the usual Q&A period. I liked having them just be there without the GH shadow hanging around. Seemed more like a party than anything else. 

Vanessa finally arrived at about 9:00 and just started walking through the crowd outside.  She was shocked  to see the Gagoo mascot that arrived. I mean shocked! I actually told her: "Go over and see him" and she just stood there transfixed. I guess it was a giant surprise. Vanessa took photos with all the kids that were there dressed in the Gagoo Jammie line. They were so cute. Mob Wife Carla Facciolo  was inside the jewelry store to start with and I asked her for a photo with Alberta. Her son loved my lobster! 
Maurice,  Alberta and his wife Paula on the side!

Wub Hub and I had decided to look at some of the auction items inside when all of a sudden I hear "Hello, I'm Maurice Benard". He arrived through the back with his whole family in tow. Pretty fun. He also gave us a photo op with Alberta. 

We met Missy who flew in from Minnesota for the event! WOW... I think she was the furthest fan that came in. Suzanne Wang did the auction items. Kudos to Ro from SnB and all  for really doing a great job setting this up. I know Lisa helped her and Melissa from MBTV was around taking photos. Wub Hub had a ton of comments to make all night. LOL... I think he couldn't believe the turn out for a soap. 
Vanessa, her Uncle and all the kids dressed in Gagoo Jammies!
 At the end of the night we tried to go to a Burger King but it was shut so we continued on down towards our hotel on the south end of the island. We finally stopped at Mike's Unicorn Diner which was giant and gorgeous for a 24 hour place. We walk in and David says "Look who's here" and there sat Maurice and his entire entourage. Guess they were hungry too! I was not a fan girl and didn't bother them one bit. LOL When we left the waiter told us to take the back door and when I opened it, Vanessa's son Kassius ran in and scared me half to death. Then, I held the door for her crew. Ah, Karma it was nice to me last night! 


  1. Karen, it sounds like you had the best time ever! Love how you described the event. Of course you, Alberta and the Wubs Hub end up at a "unicorn" named diner with "Sonny & Brenda"...perfect :))

    So glad you had a fun #GH roadtrip! Yay!

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  3. So happy that you had such a wonderful time!!!!!!!!

  4. That is Awesome! You had quite the experience, and who says Staten Island is boring .. :) Great pics

  5. Oh, Karen, now that I read this, I am HEARTBROKEN that I didn't know about it. I went to TJ's this morning in Sl, like I told you, and passed Mike's Unicorn diner on the way back to Brooklyn. I ate in Z-One, which is close by, and, in my opinion, a better diner. I am so upset that I did not see my 2 all time faves--MB and VM--that I think I will go cry now.

  6. Joan, I can't believe you didn't know about it. I did talk about going on the blog and put up a thing on FB with the flyer!! wahh!! Next time I will BE SURE TO tell you!!


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