Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TV Guide/SID confirms Steve Burton OUT

Twitter this am is buzzing with the news that Steve Burton will NOT be renewing his contract at GH and will be out. Details to come.. I'm in the middle of a workshop but thought this was important!!

go to TVGuide.com for details


  1. Hate to see a Quartermaine leave but love to see a mobster leave. Since Jason has been more mobster then Q I am glad to see him go.

  2. I have nothing against the actor, but the whole anti-hero hitman has been so old for at least half a decade now. They should have brought back his memories as Jason Q and integrated his hitman ruthlessness into a Q CEO-type character or even a doctor like AMC's David Heyward.

    So, do they recast or not? He has been the part so long, it would be hard to do.

  3. Personally, I'd like to see them kill him off in a grandiose fashion. Big funeral and all, lots of tears, and heart felt speeches.


    They killed off the potentially good Jason Q character for a muscleheaded slug.

    Please, let Sonny go- sorry Maurice!

  5. I think they should have Jason tesify against Sonny and so Sonny goes to jail ( for a while at least) and then have Sonny put out a hit on him and then Max gets to kill him.

    Jason would have the biggest funeral ever on GH. Rivers of tears.

    After the funeral you would see him sitting at a diner in a Wisconson town telling the lady pouring him coffee that he is starting a whole new life...

  6. Great idea, Andrea.

    Then, after the Wisconsin scene, cue to Sonny in prison, and Franco sends a thug after his bro's killer to do what he did to Michael. Justice!

  7. Will they kill Jason off? Oh no poor baby cheeto! (Sam and Jason's son) the poor baby will have no father! Unless Sam marries McBain haha! :)

  8. Cosmo-WI scene??

    That is the best idea to have Jason turn on Sonny. That would be mind blowing awesome.

  9. Please don't kill me...lol..I would not be against a recast. Do a recast and then have the Q memories come back. Who would have thought Carly could be successfully recast? Greg Vaughan was a good Lucky recast. Done carefully, it could be done.

  10. Really sad to hear he's done but this has been coming for a long time and with Maurice Benard's contract up in early 2013 I really don't think he'll stay as well. Both have been very honest about wanting to do other projects.

    Personally, I think it's the worst timing for GH to lose Steve Burton but it'll be interesting to see how his departure/and months after will play out in the ratings. I know soaps aren't about one specific character but his popularity does pump up the numbers. At least McBam has developed a huge following with their chemistry so that may help. Also, I'm all for putting Liz with Patrick. KimMc/Robin wants to produce and made it clear she'd be open to return for spotty scenes/show ender but nothing permanent, so in the meantime; love the one you're with, Patrick & Liz!! LOL!

    As a Liason fan from day one, I'm hugely disappointed and will always be a bit bitter because of how Guza ruined that pairing by trying to wipe their history clean, then having to endure far too many years of the most boring pairing ever put together with Jasam. I'm also bitter that I never got a full on Quartermaine story with Jason. So much potential with that as well and it was just wasted over the last few years.

    Hopefully RC/Frank will finally put Jason in prison or something like that because Steve did say he would "never say never".

    Andrea - I really do love your idea about a huge death/funeral scene then cut to him "starting over"....because in order for him to keep loved ones safe he has to vanish! Fantastic :))

  11. I hate to see any long time actor leave, although Jason isn't one of my favorites, except as part of Liason. He'll be back. He's left before and didn't have a great success at finding other work.

  12. I looooovvvee Jason. Well the original Jason. Not the one of late. He was the main reason for me watching GH and coming back to periodically check in, but I can understand the move, and I wish the actor all the best in his new endeavours.

    Honestly, I will be sad to see Steve Burton go, but the character of Jason has been so utterly destroyed over the last decade (and especially the last few years) that, me a Jason-lover- thinks its for the best and that he should be sent off in grand fashion with a huge splashy funeral and farewell.

    I do love the final redemption idea of him "vanishing" and shown someplace else still alive and starting over.

    And I feel robbed too, that we never had him change back into Jason Q (even temporarily) and that we never got a real Liason reunion.

    I may be open to a recast, but its so late in the game that it might be a mute point. I mean how long does GH itself have?

    I guess I wish, that they could retcon and repair all the destruction done over the last decade in the last few months he has left on screen.

    So I can mourn the loss of Jason and not be rejoicing that my once favorite character is exiting the canvas.

  13. Steve Burton has already signed with Y&R because Jill F. Phelps has been hired as their head. Rumors are he is disgruntled at the lack of focus squarely on him and Sonny. Of course he received better treatment with JFP. Now she will tank Y&R ( she's already talking cost cutting and cutting fan favorites ), and she loved Steve , so I expect to see him air hogging Y&R soon. Hope he dies a nasty death on GH.
    Hope Jax stays. Hope Jagger Kates comes back.

  14. I am heartbroken!!
    I love Jason and Steve.
    Im still going to hang on to hope that this does not happen.
    I cant imagine GH without Jason.
    And yes, I know GH was good before him but I still cant imagine him not being around.
    Not to mention that I am a HUGE Liason fan and was really hoping that somehow Jakey would be alive and I would FINALLY get my Liason family.

  15. I don't think they'll recast. I read that SB agreed to extend his contract for a short time so TPTB could contruct a good departute story...

  16. Apparently Steve has signed to do a telenovela with JFP and James Franco. I wish they would take Kelly Monaco with them.
    Not surprised in a recent interview that Maurice Bernard wants a big change for his character to actually leave the mob and become powerless.I think he sees it as the only way that Sonny stays front and center and gains renewed interest by fans.
    Sorry but SB and KM were absolutely dull together. Some days, SB looked like he was phoning it in. I wished for old liason but that hope died a long time ago after the horrible storylines written by Guza , under Frons and JFP's instruction. They were o.k. with the destruction of Liz and jake and liason. So, sadly, I say don't let the door hit you on the way out.
    Laura Wright is also tweeting about it.

  17. Jason and Sam were the most BORING and absolutely WORST 'supercouple' in soap opera history- ZERO CHEMISTRY!

    Sam is tolerable w McBain and Liz needs a new man- maybe this Marshall dude.

    DebK- Andrea mentioned a denouement for Jason in Wisconsin. I want the Sonny to go to prison and be raped scene to follow.

  18. Dang. That's going to be an interesting exit s/l...

  19. This is the best news. I used to love Jason, but he has become so awful. First, forgiving Sam for letting Jake get kidnapped. Then, making Sam's rape all about him. Ugh. So glad that PC will be short one mobster. Hopefully, Sonny won't be that far behind.

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    How can he leave his son??

    Obviously Sam picks McNostrils over Jason. Jason always loved Sam the best. Boo hoo.

  22. Sad about the departure. Not surprised really, a long time coming in my estimation. As like many of you, it's been very noticeable his lack of interest in scenes. Whether his restlessness was dictated by storyline or the need for a change, it was quite evident that a change was coming.

    It was time for a break. They've ruined this character in so many ways it's hard to keep count. As a fan, found it hard to stomach how they blantantly with little regard to his character history changed what made him stand out as a character.

    Too many fans across the board have/had become disheartened by how his character changed due to storyline/regime agenda and began to resent his character all together.
    Too much potential has been lost over the years. Still feel that by making Sonny the focus of the show, ruined the character of Jason Morgan. Became far too isolated and one dimensional.
    In retrospect, it hurt the show in the long run.

    Well wish Steve Burton all the best. Perhaps in time after a break, he will return and much needed rejuvenation for this character is given.