Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Back in the Saddle

HUGE Rumor flying around that Steve Burton is leaving GH. Daytime Confidential were the ones to get it out there. Steve had sold his LA home awhile ago and speculation had been he may be done with the show. Steve was a huge fave of Mr. Guza and JFP-- and who knows what the golden ones all think of the new regime. Time will tell. He does have a lot of side businesses going so-- ??? What say you? You sad to see him go if he does? If he DOES go his death needs to be gruesome and ironic. That's my wish.

OMG--THEY MENTIONED CHLOE and the music box yestderday!! This is stuff from 2000-2001 during the whole Endgame years!!! If you remember, it was stalled and then stopped because off 9/11. Stavvros and  Helena were going to poison the town.
YEAH THAT Ingo is back!! He's a GHer dang it-- we need him on the show!! 

Three shirtless men in about a minute on GH! LOL...Jax, Todd and Ewan! Now that's Cartini for ya!!
Luke as Dr. VonVorGenVonstein...see a catatonic Anna but I bet she's faking it. TOLD YA! she was You did note that although she was in an institution and in a straightjacket, she did have lipstick on and eye liner.

Jason and Liz and Ewan. Jason then tells  Liz (after Ewan) that Ewan was in Alaska. He connects Jerry to Nikolas injection. AND he mentions that Patrick/Robin were involved AND there was a Siobhan mention. So, we have some history going here. 

Todd and Carly are great friends, like them. 

Joe and Tracy just may be very interesting. Tracy looked glowing.  There's always something about a man in a new crisp shirt!! Tracy's acting all zexy  and sleeps with him day one. 

Jerry introduces himself to Todd as James Craig-- hmmm.  He wants some of Todd's cable company. He's going to GO ON THE AIRWAVES!! 
AND ANNA FINDS SOMEONE that looks like Robin...who will it BE?????????!! EMILY Q? Hmmmm. wonder--Brenda? Some other chick? 

OMG Olivia and Dr. Ewan...OMG...I'm not telling you but Well-- WELL: 


  1. Anna likely has permanent makeup. At least the eyeliner. Lot of women do that these days.

    Olivia- perfect scream for Dark Shadows....and Ewen as hallucinated would have fit right in at Collinwood too.

    Didn't Helena take over the airwaves before??

  2. Anna found Bobbie. Either Jerry has Bobbie hidden there to protect her or Bobbie is being treated for depression from being forgotten about. Will Anna recognize her? Will Luke?

    Or perhaps Anna found Katie Couric...

  3. So Olivia is seeing the truth through her "visions" Ewan looks like "the Devil" to her. And she thought the water was green poision. But it is the LSD Talking!

    Anna opened a door, in a phychiatric facility with a credit card. No wonder Heather gets herself out so easily?

    Wow, Joss can speak! And say more than 1 word at a time.

    You never even see a TV in a room on a soap unless there is something to watch for storyline purposes.

    I Loved when Johnny told Jax that that he left the mob, and Jax asked him if he was a coffee importer now.

    Luke's Fake accent and the Dr.'s fake accent were a bit too much in one scene.

    Jax was trending in the US when he had his shirt off.

    4 Men with shirts off today. Very OLTL

    And Tracy, little slutty....

    Big day on Monday! I actually set my DVR, I haven't had GH set to record in years.

  4. WOW! What a fantastic show today! Loved it!!!

    Liz's home: Jason shows up to talk to Liz! Oh Ewen comes down stairs without a shirt. :) Liz tells Jason that Ewen slept on the couch. Jason tells Liz and Ewen he was wrong about him ROFL! When Ewen leaves, Jason tells Liz he wasn't wrong about Ewen!!!! :) Liz is folding laundry and watching TV. What is she watching? THE CHEW! :)

    The hospital: Geez Karen, if you are not going to tell people of what Olivia saw, then I won't either. :) Ewen is so bothered by what Olivia saw! :) Steve wants to calm her down so he turns the TV on.

    Metrocourt hotel: Wow where do I start?!! :) Carly goes to see Todd who is shirtless YUM! Carly talks about Jax and Todd says who is Jack? ROFL! Carly talks about where Jax was sleeping, and Todd asks her, why are you telling me this? ROFL! Meanwhile Johnny (who got a haircut) sees Jax! They talk about Carly. Johnny tells him he is Carly's boyfriend. Carly shows up. :) Tracy goes to see Joe Jr! TracJo have got STRONG chemistry DAMN! :) She bought him a new white shirt from Wyndems! They kiss and then they HAVE SEX YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Sure it's way too fast but I don't care it was hot! :) Tracy says she isn't the type to do that. Monica is, and Skye is but not her!!! ROFL! They watch TV.

    Jerry and Todd: Jerry wants to buy the cable company. Todd turns him down, until Jerry gives him a lot of money. Todd agrees! :) Todd watches TV. Jax and Carly talk about the divorce. She didn't sign them yet. Strange, I thought she did! In front of Johnny. What did she sign then? Jax asks her why she didn't sign them. Does she not want it over? Then Joss comes in asking to watch some TV. Carly says you want to watch cartoons? Tom and... JERRY! ROFL! She sees Jerry on TV. :)

    Switzerland: DR. ZIMMERMAN YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) I love when Luke pretends to be Dr Zimmerman! And I love when he always corrects people about Zimmerman! ROFL! He did that to this nurse lady who is there. Anna is there and she is "catatonic" Anna looks creepy with her eyes open! Don't do that!! Well anyway Anna was faking it! Luke and her kiss awww! :) Anna asks if Luke believes her that Robin is alive. Luke says he doesn't know but he believes IN her. Awwwww! :) Come on Luke! This is Port Chuckles! People come back from the dead a lot! :)

    Jerry: He is on TV! He says who he is, and that he thinks he is interrupting soap operas ROFL! Everyone is watching Jerry talking!!! :)

  5. Friscough..I think you are on to something....(Bobbie)

    Yes Luke 'accent' drove me batty. Don't like that stuff.

    I do know there are alot of oldies coming back as well as 2 more from OLTL. Don't ask me who, I don't know.
    I do think Bobbie is one though.

  6. Did you notice Karen before Jerry interrupted the TV waves, 'THe Chew' was on??

    I like when Ron sneaks stuff like that in!

  7. Yes... I did note the CHEW AND FORGOT to mention it!!
    Laura-- yes, Helena did at the Hospital!

    wouldn't they know bobbie was missing??!! They never mention her!

    That hair was like Emily's or Brenda's or some random girlie.

    Ewan's make up was scary at first, didn't expect it and I went WHOA!

  8. Jerry = General Jack Ripper! It's the water!

  9. I don't know if I would miss Jason that much if Steve Burton left. I like Steve Burton and the character of Jason, but I hate the way they destroyed Jasam and Jason seems so one note lately. I think SB is phoning it in these days.

    Otherwise I thought today's episode was very good, suspenseful and fun! Jax!!!

  10. I thought the unknown person in the previews looked like a bit of a wild child. It could have been a long haired boy too. Unfortunately he/she looked too old to be Jake. :(

    And I love Dr.Von Dr Zimmerman, phony accent and all. His limp certainly cleared up fast though. I would have thought a transAtlantic flight would have made it worse. lol

    I love the speed at which this is unfolding. It's such a change from the snail pace of previous years.

  11. I think Olivia is psychic seeing Ewan as the devil/evil and the water as toxic sludge. Love how hurt and stunned Ewan was by her vision and how Jerry refused water from Todd, LOL.
    If SB leaves, I hope they bring Jagger Cates back, hottie, for Liz. Remeember he did a return on GH:nightshift with his autistic son.
    Duke Lavery back for Anna Devane. Ian is tweeting that he won't tell, LOL.
    Liked the return of Mr. Craig and the reminder of metro court disaster and terrorizing Nick, Robin and Patrick. Wonder who else he's working with?

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  13. @Laura, I think on a soap they manage to shower, they sleep all night, are in a coma, kidnapped, you name it, they always have perfect makeup. Wonder what brand can stand up to all that? I fall asleep for 20 minutes with makeup on and I wake up to Alice Cooper :D
    @Frisco, if Anna finds Katie I think she should forget about it and turn around and walk the other way...
    Enjoying the show, so very happy the Jax brothers are back! Bring on Monday!!!

  14. Sorry, I also meant to add, I think the Steve Burton thing is typical, seems when the contract is up they drop the word they may leave in order to sweeten the money pot for resigning.
    @Karen, that George Takei thing creeps me out a little! Welcome back!

  15. Someone might have said this already, but I am digging the Olivia is a psychic thing going on.
    The Chew reference was funny.
    I few mentioned this but,if that's Emily in that room, I'm going to crap...(LOVED Emily btw)

  16. I still think Faison is behind everything along with Helena. Monday has a reveal coming, surprise.

  17. I couldn't believe how good today's episode was. My mom even yelled at my cousin when he came in the room to read with her. He was like Wah?! A couple of minutes passed and he decided to watch with us--he was hooked. It is a good thing his grandmother, who has custody of him, watches it too; by the time he goes home next week, he'll be addicted. lol
    (He loved the part with The Chew--he kept going "I watch the Chew with Grandma Barbara. That's the Chew." It was HILARIOUS.)

    I think the best scene was Carly turning on the t.v. and saying to Joss that they could watch Tom and... JERRY???" The look on Jax's face was priceless. Poor guy.

    I can't wait for Monday. After reading on twitter that there is going to be a surprise twist on Monday, I told my mom and she was so upset because she has a job interview and probably won't be home in time to see it live.

  18. Oh boy, well this is when I unfortunately have to stop reading the blog when you post it! I'm pacific time and usually watch online around 9 pm. Dang! I love reading all the comments here during my lunch break, but I don't want to be spoiled! This show is frikkin good right now.

    I also hope that's Emily! (With AmTam playing her!) And I hope Faison and Hells have something to do with this!! And that we get some Anders Hove on our screens. Could Ewan possible be Faison's son?? And hence he's somehow indebted/embroiled with Jerry even though he really is a good guy? Just a crazy idea....but I like it and it could explain a few things. Then Elizabeth would be dating the son of the man who kept her first love captive and brainwashed him! Oh the drama!

  19. Hmm, I wondering if the patient Anna saw is a red herring and NOT the big surprise that was tweeted. Sounds like something they would do. I just can't wait until Monday. If you hear of anyone caught speeding in the DC area, it will be me breaking the sound barrier to get home.....I get of work when GH comes on.

  20. I now think the patient on the bed is not the actually surprise. The patient will turn out to be a nobody. Anna will later discover the "surprise" elsewhere in the building - Helena.
    The hint about a past love, could be Helena and Luke.
    Helena ties in with Ewan, Jerry staying at Wyndermere and could also be the reason Luke confesses to Anna about Ethan/Robert.
    The television / poisoning / etc also fits the Helena style.
    There were also rumours months back of her return and some folks who are in the know about the actress tweeted that they know who is returning.
    Did Helena poison Jerry as payback for what he did to Nicholas and is now forcing Jerry to do this or she won't give him medicine he needs to cure himself?
    My money is on Helena. If I am right I will be slightly disappointed. I like Helena but was expecting a much bigger someone back from the dead.
    I'll just be glad if it is not another OLTLer.

  21. I think Helena will show up but not now. I think it's Lucy

  22. kdmask said...I think Helena will show up but not now. I think it's Lucy
    So Anna finds Lucy? :) Lucy has been kidnapped?!!?! :0

  23. Friday's show was great!! Love having Jax back - hope he gets to stay for awhile. Johnny's new haircut was nice. I hope it is anyone but Emily in the bed - hated NL's portrayal with a passion. Loved Tracy and Joe - that was unexpected and well done. Anna must have told Luke where she was for him to find her so fast? I still like Carly with Jax the best. Actually looking forward to Monday.