Monday, August 13, 2012

Sarah Brown Dies Again--On Days Of Our Lives

TWEET: @sarahjoybrown R.I.P Madison James. Shot this on my last day @ DAYS. Thank you for watching, those of you who do. Love U. 

Man! She can't catch a Break!!! Blood all over, just like Claudia. Here's wishing our Sarah the best.  You know she'll be acting again soon.

Maybe Claudia is still alive somewhere! 


  1. LOVE SJB and I hate that they killed off Madison. I hope she will find another role someplace else and we will be able to see her again on our tv screens soon

  2. oh she was asked if she'd like Claudia to come back from the dead and she was like OMG No way LOL!
    she made a comment on the Claudia being Johnny's mum and added" am 3 years older than Brandon and he is like my little brother, what the hell was that? (about making Claudia Johnny's mum) LMAO!!

  3. It would be nice if they cast her as Carly's long lost sister either brunette or a red head like Bobbie. *wishful thinking*

  4. I don't watch days of our lives but that sucks that they killed her off. Who killed her? :(

  5. One of the worst decisions Days has ever made and believe me they've made quite a few over the years. The chemistry between her character and Brady was off the charts amazing.

    Sonya - she was killed in a gas explosion. It's a big storyline right now.

    I'm so disappointed she's off the show now.

  6. How can they bring Claudia back when she got an AXE to the neck?! Yes, it is soap, but still...

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  8. Matthew she died from a blow to the head by a log of wood, there was no axe or a blow to the neck.


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