Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Flat Affect

Oh, Wubbers. Did I ever think there would come a day when I'd struggle with what to say about GH? Not  really but here I am. Struggling. 
Don't get me wrong. GH is way better than it was a year ago in ever way. I enjoy the day to day dialog and feel a rejuvenation coming off the cast. So...what is it?
I think about the things going on (Jerry, Lante PG, Olivia hallucinations, yada yada) and see potential. It's just not jelling for me. I'm  being honest. You know I'm a Cartini cheerleader from day one. But I've been just underwhelmed. I love the Todd addition...but I want more integration. More people at MEnterprises. Why hasn't he taken over ELQ yet and descend on Tracy/Michael?  Anna is MIA at a critical juncture. Felicia disappeared. Mac's got one bar scene. 
GH has a history of isolation and you can feel it now all over again. Sonny's in his back room at the warehouse. Stories that are chopped up. Long lags between things happening.
To be BRUTALLY honest...? This GH makes me miss OLTL more and more. *sigh*
Scrub Up... I'm ready to unload!

The Jerry Jacks "Project of Evil" that's coming is really not grabbing me. I guess I'm done with evil plots-- mustache twirling and all the rest. I watched an old episode of Ryan's Hope the other day and was struck by the sheer wonderfulness of a STORY that was intriguing and yet didn't have a wild plot or crazy people shoving needles into arms. Anyone here watch British soaps? Same thing--it's real stuff-- not "moving satellites" ! LOL I know this is GH's M.O. I get that but  :shruggingshoulders:
Ewan's involvement? Don't care. If it was MATT doing this...maybe it would be intriguing. And I know there's more to it, probably Cassadines and other villains but...*sigh* I know Robin's alive somewhere but it's not exciting for me. Even the JaSam never ending battle of the angst is just flat. JUST GET THE BABY BACK-- JUST TELL Jason it's his. We all know it's going to happen. And for the LOVE OF GOD no more baby switches in ANY WAY on Soaps EVER AGAIN. ugh!! OR WHO'S THE DADDY. I demand it. 

And THIS?? ugh..whatever. If Johnny plotted to get Krissy and marry her, then maybe it would be a bit better. You know, he decides to 'play' with her a bit-- then falls for her but she finds out his real plans... Trey? Don't care about you. Even if you turn out to be ConKate's kid. The one fun note in the entire story is that people visit Joe in Jail in Atlantic City and are back in 5.6 minutes. LOL The actors are ok--the concept of their characters? It does nothing for me.

Olivia... well. COULD be fun. Heather is going to Llanview which should make the die hard GHers  scream. The taint in that story is stupid Steven Lars. Can't stand him. So personally, I'm hoping Olivia will kill him in some LSD induced haze. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Alexis and Jerry. I love NLG and this gave her something to do. The kiss was hot too. This is not about  her girls or her cases. Just ALEXIS. 

GOLD MEDAL: Todd is killing me in all his scenes. RH has come alive on GH and I love him. That thing behind him? I've named "Heathen Orb" ... I want it. LOL 

RUNNER UP:  Although NuXtina grates on my nerves big time, I did like she and Sonny at Kelly's. Maurice was just so giddy acting out his "I'm proposing" . Very natural scene and felt genuine.  

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Anything with Orange Jail Joe Junior in it. Because--let me tell ya I DON'T CARE! Good Actor..predictable, dull story. 

So, that's my week. 
Are you happy with Lante baby? I'm like:Eh..because you know babies on soaps bring nothing but drama. Which you think you'd want on a soap but again, it's baby drama-- AGAIN.  Stay away from every staircase! 
What about JaSam? *sigh*   

The hope of a Nurses' Ball to celebrate the 50th year makes me happy-- but I need more than the big moments. The small ones need to count too. 


My2Cents2 said...

You are so good with your words!!
Funny too!!!

Roger shines on GH. More so than he did on OLTL. jmo
Or, he has less competion on GH?

This show is so much better than it was. What is wrong with the show, is there are major storylines going on, that aren't moving.
The last year of OLTL moved fast.
They didn't have the time to drag out anything. And it made the show that much more exciting. The only thing on this show that is moving along is Felicia & Mac, and that is because they are never shown.

Lulu being preggers is sweet, but this story isn't going to have a 'happily ever after'.

Olivia waking up fell flat. It was funny when she looked in the mirror and saw Heather, however, since then it has fallen flat.

This baby story has to end soon. Since JaSam broke up, can I assume it will be over with in the near future??

Karen you should take your blogs and email them to the writers or tptb. They are entertaining, yet you are dead on. Something to think about.

Stephanie said...

At this point I think that if they let Lante have a normal delivery where she didn't die, and then they had a cute little healthy baby that doesn't get kidnapped or still born, I would be SUPRISED. That is what I want to see, a normal baby birth where mom/baby are feeling ok and not hemmorging blood or anything else. Couldn't they explore another avenue of drama like mother in law Olivia trys to control how they raise the baby, or Lulu has PPD because she can't be adventure girl (Just no baby in a tree this time). Speaking on that, does anyone remember when Lulu/Dante first got together and she had that dream where her and Dante had like 4 kids and she was pregnant and he just kept leaving? haha..Lets see that!

Cosmoetica said...


Todd rocks. He could play with his Nerf Tree set and it would entertain.

Heather has killed every scene she's in.

Joe Jr. and Trey are interestign because when was the last time you saw a father actually SHOW he loved his son? Sonny? Jason? Luke? All bums. Plus the Joe Jr. actor is very good.

Conkate is better than it had any right to be, given it's the 1043rd time a soap used MPD as an angle.

Jerry Jax is like faison- he owns every scene and blows other actors out of the water. Faison/Jerry/Helena- that would be a great evil axis.

Robin is actually interesting now that she's off canvas. The lone negative is that KS is taking over from Jen Lilley as Maxie.

Even Sam is interesting as a character....with McBain only!

Avtually WATCH the show w/o judging it against what you WANT- that's unfair. Judge it for what it is. And it's a pretty good soap again.

What would you prefer? This or a zombie Balkan coming after Brender?

Dr Linda said...

I am LOVING this Todd version -RH is indeed killing it. I also really like him with Carly (who I previously didn't like that much, but I like her with jonny for a bit). I think Starr is fitting in very well. Also really like McBain (and love him with Sam who i also didn't previously like). So over with the mob and sonny & jason (and it hurts to say that as I was a kid in the 80s loving this show and I remember their beginnings so fondly). I really wanted Jason to revert back last year with the surgery - i thought him remembering his Q background would be a blast and a way to integrate the Qs back into the show.

I really want Lucy Coe (and Dr. Kevin!) to be on. Scotty. Laura! (Also loving Anna - having a bit of a girl crush on FH - she rocks)

sonya said...

Karen, HELL YEAH JERRY AND ALEXIS'S KISS WAS HOT! :) It's too bad they can't be a couple! They got massive chemistry. What a waste. :( And Todd's orb, you want it?! Aren't you afraid that the orb is going to come after you and eat you? ROFL! :)

Andrea said...

GH is much better now.

Todd is AWESOME - love every scene he is in.

I am liking the direction that they are taking the show. They are mixing it up a bit. -Compared to the days that it was Jason/Sonny/Carly all day everyday.

My problem is that they tell the audience everything. It would be better for the viewer if they had let Trey and Christina become a couple despite both Sonny and Alexis's objections. Have the audience root for them - THEN show a scene revealing that he is Joe Jr's son. But they rushed it.

Also, there was no need to tell the audience that Sam's baby is Jason's yet, it is irrelevent to the baby switch. The baby turning out to be Jason's is the NEXT story - either uniting Jason and Sam or breaking them apart.

And who is going to be surprised if Trey turns out to be Kate and Joe Jr's son? NOT!

The writers are trying though.If you didn't know any spoilers, you probably thought it was Helena that was holding Robin not Jerry.

I would love to see more of the Q's, but I think John Ingle's health has something to do with that. And I am hoping that the rumors that Robin is NOT the only "back from the dead" person SOME of the Q's will come back. (Alan & AJ)

GH is significantly better than a year ago. The story moves, the dialogue is better, The ACTORS seem more Buyount on the screen, as if the LIKE their jobs.

OLTL had its issues, characters would disapear for weeks at a time too. Destiny and her pregnancy? I think that your are looking back throu rose colored glasses.

cooks7570 said...

Maxie had the dream. I hope Dante and Lulu have a girl. I liked this week.

Avalonn said...

I'm enjoying the show! Look how far GH has come in this last year alone. I only see the show getting better and better. Nothing is perfect and you can't please everyone all of the time. I didn't watch OLTL but, obviously the show was in death row and they literally pulled out ALL the stops to please the audience. Unless GH is announced as cancelled then that's probably not going to happen and fine by me! For the first time in I don't know how long, I can't wait to see GH, I look forward to it! My friends, my Mom and I discuss the show and are excited to see what's going to happen next! Love any scene that has Todd in it and him and Carly are cute. Sam, I didn't really care about in the past, I could take or leave her. Now, I can't miss her and McBain on screen. Their kiss was so hot that I'm sitting in my living room and feel as though I should excuse myself for intrupting them! I'm not a Joe Jr or Trey fan either. Sick of anything mob, really. A year ago, all we saw was mob. I'm not gonna sweat the small stuff.

kdmask said...

Avalon, I'm trying, I really am!! I just tell it like I'm feeling-- maybe it's the summertime and all the other stuff going on? Not sure lol

LSV422 said...

I feel your pain, Karen. Even though there are significant improvements, I find myself fastforwarding a lot more than I should. Can't stand to watch NuKrissy at all, Starr or Sonny/Kate. There is no excuse for Anna being MIA for so long. When I can watch the whole show again I will be happy.

Unknown said...

I think that GH is a whole lot better than it was a year ago. I feel like Cartini are moving pieces around in order to build up to their stories. That is probably why things seem to be moving so slow.

Anonymous said...

Here's a refreshing pregnancy/baby storyline. Have the baby no kidnapping no disease and no custody issue. Now I have a son with special needs so I'd kind of like them to tackle that subject.