Friday, August 3, 2012

Jerry's Back!

McBain is in Llanview and Natalie left the photo of he and Sam and is gone. Whoops.  That house is part of  the old Webber set...that oval window has been at the top of the stairs forever. 

Starr found out about Todd's planting a camera in Johnny's office. Time to bitch at Daddy.

Speaking of bitching, Maxie's all up in Lulu's face about Patrick. I will miss Jen Lilley! Loved her outfit today. Maxie did say she visits Matt every week in jail! He's working in the infirmary.

Todd makes Sam open the safe and a paper says "You're Fired" !!! He knows she was in there.

JERRY IS BACK and basically talked about how they got Robin out of the hospital-- and switched the DNA test during her autopsy. So, there you go.

"Which is worse? To kill someone outright, or to keep them alive while their family grieves them?" asks Jerry.
another great line:"I have fond memories of Elizabeth," Jerry says, "she's a lovely girl. When she was my hostage.."
Some talk about  the Metro Crisis...
Ewan and Jerry=Aussie Mob? LOL...

Jerry Jax trended on twitter, even though it's JERRY JACKS. I won't pick that bone!  


  1. Wyndemere: Ewen is there waiting for someone for the meeting! Someone walks in, and it's JERRY JACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I giggled when I saw him. :) Jerry orchestrated Robin's "death" Hey Jerry and Ewen look alike! They look like they could be father and son! :) Anyway they are working together! Ewen says he has to meet someone, and Jerry figures out it's Liz! Ewen says he likes her. Jerry doesn't like hearing that. Jerry talking about the metro crisis and the nicknames him and Liz called each other was funny! ROFL! Karen the aussie mob? ROFL!

    Lulu and Maxie: Oh I love Maxie's outfit too Karen! :) Maxie is upset at Lulu for not telling her about Patrick. Maxie says she is just frustrated. They talk about Dante, and Matt. Maxie sees Matt once a week, and Matt has a job. Hmm does he get payed?

    The haunted star: Dante apologizes to Johnny. Oh look Starr shows up. She sticks up for Johnny when Dante thinks Johnny killed his grandpapa Z. She says she would know if she was working with a killer. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    McBain: Mcbain is in Llanview at his home with Natalie and his son. Hey! It's the Webber/Scorpio home! :) Anyway Natalie saw the picture of him and Sam kissing, and is gone!! She left! McBain calls her! She is going to London! She took his passport. The poor people who never watched OLTL are going to be so confused! They won't be happy!

    Todd's office: Todd knows Sam was in his safe, he wants Sam to look in the safe, she says she doesn't know the combination for the safe. He says he has a feeling the safe is open ROFL! She goes in, and she has a piece of paper that says YOU'RE FIRED ROFL!

  2. Anyone notice Liz forgot to feed Aiden??

    Todd sending Sam into the safe was PRICELESS. LOVE Todd.

    We were in Landview today people!

  3. Sam is a terrible PI. She needs to do something else for a living.

  4. @Gwen Hayes, I just read that he'll be back later this month.

    Also, did anyone else have a problem with Liz walking away from Aidan's carriage when she on the phone with Ewan? What was that about?

  5. @Elizabeth She's only had her children kidnapped twice and held up at gunpoint once. What's the problem? LOL.

  6. Fantastic episode today! Felt like the General Hospital I know and a certain point. Still missing the Q's. Can't believe a week of boring snooze fest episodes led up to today's great one!

    Jerry Jacks is awesome! Glad he's back to fill in the blanks, for those who have short memories/were too young, of GH history.

    Aiden...well we know who he's not...he's NOT Jonathan Jackson's REAL son. Can't wait to see what this kid looks like now! LOL!

  7. Boo! I was hoping it was Faison not Jerry Jacks...that's not fun LOL