Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22nd in Vacation Land!

So how is GH? I saw a bit via twitter that Lante were the ones to watch! The false positive is a stretch--I mean in this day and age?? Maybe Jerry is spiking the water with hormones to turn men to women in PC. :Giggle: Anyway, it seemed their dialog was written well and heartfelt.

Sad news...TMZ reported earlier this morning that Vanessa Marcil filed for divorce from her husband Carmine Giovinazzo of barely 2 years. Wishing her all the best. There have been rumors of her return on GH lately. We shall see.

See you around-- I should be back to 'normal' next week, although I have work seminars I must attend. Good Lord, everything is INTERFERING with my GH STUFF!! The worst one will be when it moves to 2pm. wahh.


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  2. Vanessa Marcil and Carmine Giovinazzo are getting a divorce? How sad. :( Thanks for the picture Karen.. Never seen what he looks like before. He is handsome. Anyway on to GH from yesterday.

    The hospital: Lulu and Dante are with their doctor who is in a disguise. So let me get this straight. Lulu WAS pregnant, but it was a chemistry pregnancy, and she is no longer pregnant? :( The doc says since it's so early they don't consider it a miscarriage. I looked it up, and IT IS a miscarriage!! Who the hell is this quack?! Dante and Lulu talk alone about having a baby. Dante talks about waiting, I think he is just nervous. :) Lulu wants to start having a baby NOW! Awwww! Love their scenes! :) Love that she wants a baby! Meanwhile Todd is upset with Carly, for not calling him to tell him about Joss! Great scenes. :)

    Joe Jr and son: Joe Jr wants his son to leave Port Chuckles to marry Kristina, NOW!!!!! I think Joe Jr wants him to leave Port Chuckles because he wants to protect his son, from the hell that Jerry is going to unleash!!! Have you seen the new promo? :) Jerry gets on TV and tells everyone what is about to happen hahaha love it!

    Sonny and Kate: They talk about Joe Jr! Sonny tells her Joe Jr is freeeeeeeeeeee! She isn't sure they should get married. Sonny convinces her that she should be happy! They should get married. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Where is Connie?

    Starr and Johnny: Starr and Johnny talk about Joe Jr Jr Jr and the secret. She doesn't tell him anything about the secret tho. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Starr calls Michael. I guess she is going to tell him what is going on.

    Molly and Krissy: They are at the hospital chapel. Krissy tells Molly all about having to marry Joe Jr Jr Jr.

  3. Yes Dante and Lulu were the best part of yesterdays show. Joe Jr and Trey storyline does not make any sense.

  4. Hello Karen! I haven't posted in a while, but I read your blog almost daily. Anyway, I was sad to see VM has decided to end her marriage. Have you ever heard how her sister is fairing with her cancer?

    I would LOVE to see what RC/FV would do with Brenda!! I would TRUST them to make her who she used to be!

  5. Karen, it wasn't a false positive, it was a very early miscarriage. The pg tests these days pick up hormones so the past people would not have even realized they had been pg, they would just think they had been late. I had this type of miscarriage. Now how the doctor on GH knew this is mysterious unless she did a blood test or an ultrasound. But yes, I pretty much FF'd through the entire episoded with the exception of Lante.

  6. I posted this news earlier. First thing that went thru my mind was is Brenda going to marry Sonny now??

    Sorry Sonny needs to stay single. After 13 marriages, wouldn't a women think Sonny isn't 'marriage material'?

  7. Very nice Lante episode yesterday. They really sparkle as a couple, actually look like they enjoying acting with each other. It's nice to see that kind of natural chemistry come thru in the dialogue. I've also had the same kind of false positive/miscarriage happen so I thought the writing about how Lante felt, the roller coaster of emotions in such a short time, was so very realistic. Very nicely done!

    Still cannot stand the Joe Jr/Trey stuff. I simply don't like the characters (or the actors portrayal) and especially don't like either one of them eating up screentime at the rate they are.

    Still NOT a Skate fan. Will never be. I just don't like them together. For me, I see no chemistry and still can't get past NuKate even after all this time. KS just never clicked with me (for Sonny). She's far too young and the overprocessed blonde hooker hair with the at times, ruddy complexion, is too distracting. LOL!

    I'm all for Brenda coming back just so the mess the last writers wrote for her can be corrected.

    Sorry to hear about her marriage. Miscarriages can be so emotionally draining on a marriage. Wishing her the best :)

  8. awww they mentioned lucy coe. that made me smile :)

  9. Lucy Coe mention!!!! Please Please Please bring her back.

    Kristina annoys me to no end. Trey talks her into marrying him TODAY in Vegas,saying for the reality show they should make it seem like they are BOTH kids in love who have parents who are mortal enenemies. Like Romeo and Juliet Kristina, not the sharpest tool in the box says yes and they are about to go until Milo shows up. How could Alexis raise someone THIS dumb?

    They did 2 different flashbacks today that happen like a few weeks ago. We all can remember that far back. Can we please have a rule that they can't show a flashback unless it is more than a YEAR old.

    Todd - "crazy runs in my family"
    Todd planted thoughts into ConKates head about the accident and Connie. Might have remembered something when she saw Johnny.

    Sam and McBain - I though she was going to combust when he said that he had to force himself to let her go when they kissed, and he couldn't tell Nat that the kiss didn't mean anything.

    Johnny, Joss and Carly were cute. Johnny is adorable when he smiles.

    It looks Like JAX is going to be on tomorrow!!!!!!!

  10. cant wait for jax to come back tomorrow.. i feel bad for johnny

  11. Please please but Carjax back together!!!

  12. There is a new 'Sherriff' coming to town. He debuts August 30th

    Would LOVE to see CarJax back together!!!

  13. Sorry, I cannot do another Brenda return. Constantly having these characters come back for short terms just disrupts everything else. Enough already, unless they plan on pairing her with Jax- they were great together!

  14. BRENDA AND SONNY FOREVER!! I don't care how, and when they do it, I WANT MY HAPPY ENDING!!

  15. I can't do another Brenda return either. Glad I am not alone.

  16. Hate NuKristina. Why can't she just leave and never come back? And this is from a former Kristina fan.

  17. The last Brenda appearance was enough for me. No more, please. I do not want Sonny front and center again, EVER!

    Joe jr and Jr jr are tedious. The elder is a good actor, but a tiresome character. Cannot stand young Trey.

    So good to have Luke back, lookin' so fine. Can't wait for him to get back to Anna. Loved that smart Luke caught on to Todd immediately. Luke was always a canny fellow!

    I find the show absorbing and look forward to several of the stories.

  18. I hate NuKristina, too. Old Krissie was smart if naive, and had some class. This one is such a bimbo and doesn't look the part of an offspring of Sonny and Alexis. Glad to see Luke back and that was a hot moment with Sam and McBain. He is really sexy. Can't wait to see Jax!

  19. Sonya--if you're out there...I am wearing my red "Starr" shirt today at work with a black pencil skirt and I've gotten many compliments. And I feel fantastic in it!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  20. @Matchboxginny...DITTO! Everything you said. I too had an early miscarriage and yes the emotional rollercoaster was rough. I thought it was very well done. Very. Well.DONE. Julie Berman, to me does an excelent job when the character of Lulu isnt written to be shrill and obnoxious, like cousin Carly.

    Speaking of which, this new regime is seemingly toning her down as well. I am hopeful for a CARJAX reunion too, those two together was just so pretty! Laura Wright needs a tall leading man. A Todd/Carly pairing is "almost" growing on me.


    NuKristina...please no more..recast..or send her back to college.

    I simply cannot get on board with NuKate either. She's still "new" to me because I stopped watching when this new actress made her debut and FF'ed through her scenes when I tuned back in so I've missed most of her work (where she rec'd tons of praise from other viewers) but like Matchboxginny said, the hair and the makeup are just...TOO...MUCH..for me. And the portrayal of Kate seems so forced when Megan Ward just seem to flow. Even when Kate (Megan Wards version) reached back momentarily into her Bensonhurst roots she still played it with a touch of class, this version just reminds me of old trailer park Carly when she first hit town. (anybody remember that version?? Sarah Brown used to rock those scenes..You loved to hate her) I just hate Kate/Connie.

    And I'd go for a redo of Brenda too, if only to correct all the mistakes from that FIRST HORRIBLE HORRENDOUS return, and I concur put her with Jax and not Sonny so both Carly and Sonny's heads can explode. Now that's entertainment.

  21. ...also...

    @Andrea..I agree..Enough with the flashbacks already!!! My gosh. 2-3 a day??? Of stuff that JUST HAPPENED!!! Can you say OVERKILL!!!!

    Geesh..We soap viewers are not slow. I swear.


  22. CareyN said...Sonya--if you're out there...I am wearing my red "Starr" shirt today at work with a black pencil skirt and I've gotten many compliments. And I feel fantastic in it!! Thanks for the encouragement!
    Oh you're welcome!!! That's great I'm glad!!! You should feel fantastic!! :)

  23. Nice scenes between Carly and Jax. Tomorrow we get SHIRTLESS Jax!!

    Star and Michael spend a ZZZ hour chatting about Kristina and Trey, who escaped through a window as to not alert Milo. Star and Mike spend the whole hour talking about them, and finally look on the computer to see that they are going to Vegas. I don't think Michael notified Milo or Sonny about her leaving.

    Ewan was very pushy with Liz, she told him to slow down and then he grabs her and kisses her again- creepily aggressive. He winds up sleeping on the couch because he drank too much wine.? - Jason shows up tomorrow at Liz's!!

    Apparently the thing that Jerry is going to release to kill everyone is happeneing tomorrow.

    Spinelli is being sent to Alaska to look into the connection between Ewan and Jax.

    Luke is off to Switzerland to help Anna. Tracy gave him her plane AWWW. Tracy had a cute scene with Joe JR.

    Frank Valentini tweeted that there is a GIGANTIC surpise coming!!!!

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  25. I'm sorry to hear about VM's divorce (if it's true), but nonetheless I'd love a Brenda return, if it's done right. Guza butchered her last return and the whole Balkan thing was awful. I also didn't like that she had a kid from nowhere either.

    It would be fun to have her back though, the character has a rich history on the show and VM is a good actress.