Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So, what do you think of Jagger back. I think we could use a hottie..but why would ASJ go tweeting? LOL 

Note the shaky-germ-cam at the PCPD ...good gravy, Lulu's face was HUGE!!  

Sonny and Junior.  AHAHHAAAA. "I pacifcally TOLD YOU NOTS to go in DARE"!! Says Sonny.  PFfffffffffffft! Joe uses his son as leverage. Sonny should have put tap water down his throat. Someone on twitter thought of that. It would have been great. 

I so would have rather seen a Bridezilla Krissy plan her "wedding" than this Vegas Stuff. UGH. It's just so awful. It's ruining the tempo of the whole show. UGH I HATE THIS JUNIOR MINT STUFF! 

I JUST found out that Liz' kids are in DISNEY WITH AUDREY.  They said this on the show? LMAO. Poor GRAN! Geesh!! She's only like 90. Bahahhaaaaaa. Did they get Fast Passes? Would she go on Space Mountain??! LMAO 

OK, today's show was just so hilarious in so many ways, you have to see it. 


  1. Yes, Steven told Olivia that the kids were with her and won't be affected by the poison. Then he started talking about poor Patrick who has to worry about Emma. Obviously he was more worried about Liz instead of going home to his kid. Will Emma even show up in the hospital?

    I was thinking the same thing. Grandma Audrey taking a toddler and a 7(?)year old to Disney World. I hope she brought a nanny or something.

  2. Liz's home: My poor Patrick!!! Where is Piffy when you need her? He knows he has a mild concussion! How do you know Patrick?! Call Piffy and she will take a look at ya!

    Ewen and Liz/The PCPD: Liz says you don't want to kidnap me. Uh Liz? HE ALREADY DID!!! DUH! Liz tries to contact someone from her phone, but Ewen who needs his depends changed BADLY, caught her!!! He puts duct tape on her wrists! Ewen do you ALWAYS keep duct tape in your car? :) Meanwhile at the PCPD, Dante is sweaty and Lulu stops by because she wants to be with him. Dante wants her safe and to go home. Yeah Karen, that camera work was strange! :) Jason is sweating! Dante gets a call and it's been confirmed that there is a poison in the water! Jerry was telling the truth!!! Ewen had no choice than to help Jerry he says! It has something to do with the Jax family!

    Metrocourt hotel: Carly and Jax talk about Ewen. Jax still can't put his finger on Ewen! GOOGLE HIM JAX! GOOGLE HIM!!! He says his father might know Ewen. I want CarJax to get back together!!!! I love that the camera is close to his face! :) I love Jax's eyes. :) Meanwhile Sonny and his new goons visit Joe Jr! Yeah you can't really have Milo and Max doing the job! They suck at being all mean and forceful ROFL!

    Las Vegas: Krissy is now Mrs Joe Jr Jr Jr!!! Michael confronts him about using Krissy and that their fathers know each other. Krissy got a clue and is upset!!!! WOOT WOOT! Joe Jr Jr Jr says he didn't like to Krissy, he lied to Starr. And made Krissy remember the storyline about mobsters he pitched to her. She remembers, so she believes him now! NO KRISSY! Michael is so angry he turns into the incredible hulk and chokes him! Starr stops him and they go to their hotel room. She worries that Micheal would abuse her too. Michael shares with her about him being in jail. Meanwhile, Krissy asks her new hubby to swear on the holy bible he is telling the truth! DOH! He better not or he is going to burn in hell!! And look he doesn't!! Come on Krissy wake up!

  3. Thanks to the whole Kristina wedding thing, I came in 25 minutes late, and could catch up.

    Everyone in PC is surprisingly calm considering they are all going to die in a couple of days.

    Sonny- after he finds out that everyone is going to die from poisoned water, instead of checking on his kids or his finance, goes to see Joe Jr. to have his goons "take him away" And then gives up on the idea after, Jr tells him that the baby didn't die. Sonny looked like a jerk, then he looked like a whimp.

    Patrick for some reason, is more concerned about Liz than his own daughter.

    Ewan has turned into a complete psycho. Jerry is holding something over his head MAKING him do all this - but he won't tell us what it is. Jax can't think of how he knows Ewan something to do with his father.

    I bet Spin could have tracked Liz's cell by now. He has got to be better than that police guy.

    The CDC confirms the water is poisoned - so maybe tomorrow there will be panic.

  4. I forgot to tell everyone, but, does anywhere here watch a Scyfy show called Perception? Spin was guest-starring on it, I was so surprised to see him on another show!!

    Karen, did you see the answers to your question about Port Charles County? Yes, Dante said it!!

  5. Yes, I saw that. YOU KNOW if I would have heard PORT CHARLES county I would have YELLED. They at least could have made up something better! LOL We don't really name counties/cities together. Maybe something like McKinley or Buffalo County

  6. Andrea, I was thinking the SAME thing about Sonny during yesterday's show. The whole town is poisoned and he goes to see Kate, and doesn't call any of his kids? That's just weird. Maybe he didn't believe Jerry, or he thinks he, his super-sperm children, and his adopted child are all immune to pathogens?

  7. Come on people haven't you learned by now that everyone is calm because St. Jase and now Wonder McBain is on the case! lol

    I was cracking up at Liz trying to escape from the car I just kept yelling "tuck and roll Liz tuck and roll!" lol

  8. Too much Trey/NuKrissy. It's just a terrible storyline with terrible actors.

    This is the number one reason why I had such trouble watching/staying interested in OLTL with Ron/Frank. They dragged out storylines, put too much time in between storylines and were too repetitive with dialogue.

    Today's episode was made to be DVR'd because watching live was painful. Thankfully, Karen kept me amused with her "Cam/Aiden Cam" from Disney. LOL!

  9. NuKrissy is dead-weight. Either kill her off or bring back the better actress in the part. Something had better be done fast though, because this chick is a disaster

  10. Jason is worried about his paramour. He's yelling and frantic. :)

  11. I think Jerry will turn out to be the hero. I think he's a spy working with Shawn and others to bring down whomever this mystery cabal is - Irene Manning, Heather, Allison. What say y'all?

    1. That certainly would be an interesting twist. But, Jerry? I don't know. I do love the character though.

  12. CarJax were beyond cute today! Carly said hunting moose and cooking what? LMAOOOOOOO that was too funny and just like that Jax got a hint!
    Even Lante wer cute but um sweeties following Dante everywhere when you've bathed in the infested water is useless LOL!

    Anyone here think Jax should get his shares of the hotel back from moppy Kate? Honestly that conversation CarJax had about why Jax sold his shares to Kate was a littel cryptic to me. He said he had his reasons! I hope he tells Kate i don't need your boyfriend and his goons making my clients in this hotel uncomfortable so as a courtey to them,am back in charge LOL! Seriously Kate is so usless even Connie could do a better job.
    Seriously Sonny had the master key for the hotel rooms? um ok whatever. Joe should have said i may be your enemy but i have rights to my own privacy!

  13. Watching Trey and Kristina is a form of punishment, the girl is as dumb as dirt, how can she be Alexis' daughter? I FF most of them today. I hoped Michael would have told Starr about the rape. Sonny and Joe, meh. Everything else I enjoyed.

  14. Please no Jagger. I remember him as a not very effective actor, hired mostly on his looks. Or maybe he just isn't my type at all, but I really don't want him back. There are better people to bring back. I wouldn't mind seeing Stefan Cassadine spare with Luke again....

  15. I would love to see Ric, Nick, Frisco or Stefan come back, and would especially like to see Jax stay. Krissy is so dumb and the actress is an insult to the caliber of talent on GH (even Starr is better). I think the other secret Trey is hiding is that he is gay, which would be a refreshing change for the show. I noticed they are making Michael look even younger with that new hairstyle. Maybe Emma is at Disneyland, too.

  16. NotKristina is HORRIBLE. Bring back Lexi Ainsworth!