Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Jacks!

Sebastian Roche just tweeted this awesome photo! 

Guys,  I have a migraine starting today-- I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog later. We'll see. Usually I have to fall asleep to get them to go away. I'll DVR it...


  1. That picture is hilarious.

    I hope you can manage to control that migraine before it gets too bad. Go have a sleep.

  2. Love the picture! Karen oh no a migraine!! You don't need to go to sleep! Take something for it!!!!! ASAP!!! :(

  3. Hope you feel better!!

  4. Ugh, migraine. I felt one coming on a couple of days ago. My doc told me to take three Advil gel caps with a huge glass of water. Works for me every time.

  5. The hospital: Lulu puking and Maxie catches her! Maxie thinks she is pregnant but Lulu thinks she is stressed. Maxie asks her about her cycle, Lulu isn't sure. She hasn't been keeping track. WHY NOT LULU?!!?! :) Maxie rushes to get a pregnancy test, and brings it back, She tells Lulu she told some people hahahhaha! Meanwhile, Liz and Patrick talk about Jason and Ewen.

    Alexis's home: Sam is just so happy to see that McBain is McFree!! Her face lights up!!! And her ta ta's start pulsating. McBain gets a restraining order from Natalie!!! He is so ANGRY! Wow! On OLTL, whenever a parent's child gets taken, Mcbain would tell them to calm down. Well now McBain finally UNDERSTANDS now how it feels. I like that. Sam gives him a hug, and Jason sees them hugging DOH!

    Wyndemere: Jerry wants Ewen to kidnap Joss!!! Ewen has a picture of Carly AND Alexis. :) Jerry misses Alexis and calls her and pretends to be someone who works at Wyndemere with an accent and tells her someone could be stealing things, Alexis shows up and sees JERRY! Awww they are having a reunion. :)

    The gym: They haven't shown a gym at GH in years!! Spinny was just cracking me up! He can't hit the bag very well! Then Jason is thinking about McBam, so he accidently hits Spinny! DOH! :)

    Manning Enterprises: Carly really wants Todd to find love again! She is trying to help him. Even to fill out a questionare. Carly and Todd are having a little moment there. :) Todd had another one liner! He had the line of the day today. He talked about Blair and Tomas. He says that Blair is with bachelor number boring! :)

  6. Just finally got to watch today's eppy, loved it! Carly and Todd, Codd? Cadd? Ooooooze chemistry. Can't wait for that pairing.
    Ewan, looking forward to him getting caught! Being Patricks friend while he's responsible for Robin's "death". Patrick trying to encourage Liz to give it a go with "a guy like Ewan" instead of "a guy that's unavailable" (Jason). Jason is the best and safest thing that could happen to Liz at this point!!!
    Sam and McBain, are so natural together. Love this pair.
    Alexis sees Jerry! That was a OMG moment for me. So happy that S.R. Is back. My favorite villain in GH's recent years.
    Happy with Jason interacting with Spin at the gym. And Liz with Patrick. Lulu and Maxie. Just characters talking and being friends to each other is good to see.
    Loved not seeing Trey, Kristina, Kate, Sonny, Joe Jr., Johnny.

  7. OMG could Jerry just makes me...Hmmmm lol Think I am reading too much 50 shades of grey.

  8. Todays show was great. Loved the interaction of friends. Loved that Jerry has Alexis go to Wyndemere so he can see her. I guess he no longer thinks about Bobbie?
    Loved Lulu and Maxie together as friends, though I dont know why Maxie would go out of her way to tell Liz that Lulu might be pregnant. Are they all of a sudden friends now?
    McBain and Sam..yeeeaaaahhhh!

    I have been watching the Gold Medal Moments of GH all week on Soap Net and for someone that started watching GH during the first Sonny/Brenda pairing, I am loving the episodes that I never got to watch in person. BJ's death, Luke and Laura on the run. Last nights episode had Rick and Jeff Webber, Steve and Audrey Hardy, Lesley Webber, Some guy with the last name Lansing that was Lesleys lawyer? I had so many questions afterwards, but I love getting to see them. Now I am anticipating seeing Luke and Laura's wedding for the first time.

  9. I'v watched a few of the Gold Medal Moments (damn I forgot to watch every night) and they really make me sad at how great GH used to be.

  10. That is a fantastic dreams tonight ;)

    Migraines are awful. I hope it releases you ASAP <3

  11. Theresa said... OMG could Jerry just makes me...Hmmmm lol Think I am reading too much 50 shades of grey.
    ROFL! Yeah Jerry IS HOTTTTT! :)


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