Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Josslyn, How you've grown!!

Alberta is going to miss her fave Joss--and the adorable twins that played her.  They LOVED Alberta when she visited the set. Carly was all glittery today-- kinda weird for Mom at Home in Western NY. I still don't get how Johnny could get out of the mob when no one else could. EVER.  His hair looked like low flow shower head ala Kramer today. 
Ewan is taking Josslyn 

Sonny was so cute with NuXtina !! He was all chuckly. Here's the ring giggle. (Still say if Brenda came through that door-- :HOT POTATO KATE:)
And Krissy was all bitchy at McBain in Kelly's. SHUT UP.
Sonny and John's little talk. 'I'm not gonna let dis dirt bag come near  my family'... good LAWS. lol 
Again Shaun and Molly and TJ are just hanging out there in the wind. Such a good way NOT to build a story. 

JaSam-- the angst has been going on with these two since they decided to get married.  No BEFORE they decided to get married. (should we, shouldn't we? well..maybe..ok, no...well, yes. ok. not sure).
"I never wanted that baby to be gone" says Jason. Oh now you say that. He wants forgiveness. 

We need to get a divorce. 

I'm glad  Jen Lilley was on too, I'm going to miss her. I will be happy to see Kirsten though. Both bring something to Maxie. Of course, KS was there before Jen so it will feel like 'home'. 

Jerry and Alexis-- a bit of fun. 'You moved the satellite"?? "I moved the satellite"!! Finally Alexis gets something to do besides worry about her teens or some case! Little bit of danger for Natasha.   Jerry's gonna save her--and Josslyn. 

ConKate--and Ewan (whom I feel no sympathy for) zzzzzzzzzzzz. Ewan is just a pawn. And yes he's 'hot' but hot does not a character make. (Wubs Words O' Wisdom) 

Dante was bringing Olivia gelato....let's hope she doesn't think it's a can of bugs or something. LOL 



Tammy Wynette said...

Aren't Sonny and Brenda still married??!

Andrea said...

Jason - if you want to be forgiven, you need to stop calling him "Your baby". How about "Our Baby"? Oh Yeah, thats because you only feel regret that Sam is Upset, NOT that the baby is gone.

I would have wanted to reach through the TV to smack her if Sam forgave Jason. He was a complete A$$ to her!!! G

According to my DVR, it took a total of 6 minutes for Trey to get from Atlantic City to PC.

Alexis and Jerry were great. He has surpassed Helena as my favorite villian.

Joss - Wow she grew up quick, and only one scene before her kidnapping. Oh Well. She is probably safer with Jerry than in the middle of the whole Johnny/Sonny/Joe thing anyway.

sonya said...

Wyndemere: Oh wow! That whole scene was funny! This was the scene of the day!!!! Jerry gets close to Alexis, and asks do you feel the electricity between us? She says she doesn't, but hell I DO! :) The are so hot together! He kisses her and I think she kisses back, and then she slaps him! She tries to call the police on her phone, but he moved the satelite!!! She tries to open the door but she can't!!! He is going to chloroform her, which made my jaw drop. After all these years, Jerry still shocks me! :) Anyway she tries to run in her high heels! ROFL! She can't run that fast. She tries to open the other door but is locked! He grabs her and choroforms her!! She should have taken off her high heels ROFL! Great scene! It was like a comedy skit or something. :)

Carly's home: Carly is reading to her daughter who has been recast and a little older. I'm going to miss the other little actress who likes to put the poo bear in her mouth. This new actress playing Joss, she is so white! Her skin and hair is so white. I wonder if she is an albino. Joss sees Johnny and says hi Johnny! Awwww! Johnny tells Carly that she visited Joe Jr and what he wants him to do but he turned him down. She is so proud of him. She puts Joss to bed and they make out and then they go up to the bedroom for some sex. :) Meanwhile Ewen is about ready to kidnap Joss.

Alexis's home: Sam tells Jason the kiss didn't mean anything. Jason asked McBain if it's true, He didn't even get a chance to answer him, because Sam quickly changed the subject. Oh Sam! You don't want Jason to know the truth?! :) McBain leves, and Sam and Jason talk. Jason doesn't know if he can accept McBain in Sam's life, and Sam loves Jason, but can't forgive him!!!! She says just say it because she can't. Jason says we need to get a divorce. YES! :) Karen I really hated the should we or shouldn't we scenes they had UGH!

Kelly's: Oh! Sonny is showing an engagement ring to Krissy! He is going to pop the question to Kate!! So, Krissy and Joe Jr Jr Jr will be step brother and sister awwww! :)

Jail: Joe Jr is pissed off tha Sonny hit his son. But his son had to explain about the boxing. Joe Jr says but he had one of his men grab you and take you there. His son says it's true. His father wants him to marry Krissy ASAP! His son that they have to go slow because Krissy been beated up by her last boyfriend. Joe Jr says there is two sides to every story. OH! So Joe Jr you don't believe she was beat up?

The hospital: Maxie is wanting Lulu to take the pregnancy test. Lulu keeps saying she can't be pregnant because her and Dante have been using protection! I wish Maxie would have told her that protection isn't 100%! Well Lulu finally takes the test, and Maxie asks her if she is pregnant. Dante comes in right before Lulu gets a chance to answer Maxie.

My2Cents2 said...

I think Carly brought the wrong kid home from summer camp. She doesn't see her kids too often, she took the wrong one.

Brender said...

Um, Lulu and Dillon used protection and she got pregnant then and had the abortion. Did she already forget about that? Wasn't she going to sue the Quartermaines?

kerinah said...


Joss was recast. i saw her briefly and i DO NOT like her hair. it's too white. at least the last Joss was blonde enough. am going to miss Karleigh and her twin :(.

kerinah said...


Brenduh divorced Sonny and he in turn signed the divorce papers she sent him through Diane last year.

kerinah said...

Karen i think Carly is less than glittery for a woman who lives upstate NY.
you should see the women on Y&R LOL
even on a non working day, they are all glitery and blinged up for no reason LOL! can't wait to watch today's GH for my Carly/Johnny/Joss.
am so glad Johnny told Carly that he went to see Joe Jr and that he turned him down. can;t wait to see Joss see Johnny! Awwwwwwwwww!! But as of bnow the male species have taken over the living room and they are going to commenting non stop and making fun of me as i watch my GH LOL!

kerinah said...


In Seb Roche's interview he said Jerry injects Joss and Alexis with adrug that makes them very sick.(IMO i think it's deadly serum and it's an experiment on something he was doing) That must be his ultimate plan for PC and those two are the first test subjects.Not that he intends to harm them. I also think instead of Joss his intention was to drug Carly but as he said she is a thorn in his side. Plus we all know Carly would make it very impossible for Jerry to inject her ahahahahahahahahahaaha hence "plus she is a thorn in my side" which is VERY TRUE.
He's have to lure her then she'd have to make inquiries and all to the security company.
In monday's preview we hear him say to a chlorophormed Alexis: "i never wanted any harm to come to you"

My2Cents2 said...


Love4dogs said...

I have nothing against the girl who plays NuJoss, but I sure loved those twins. They were a great cast and even had a resemblance to Jax's mother, imo.

Di said...

lol I'm laughing at everyone saying that the poor girl who is playing Joss is too white. Poor child.

I liked the other Joss but she was not an actress and was getting very hard to manage so I can see why she was replaced. This child obviously takes direction well, and stays quiet during other people's scenes. Maybe because of that we may even see more of her. (Working with small kids on set is very very difficult.)

Joe Jr says there are two sides to every story. Right. I'm sure he's beat up more than a few women in his day according to the history we've been told, and I'm sure he's always justified it. I liked it when Trey said there's never any justification for hitting a woman (or something to that effect.) Maybe it'll make Joe sr take a hard look at himself. I'm personally wondering how he managed to raise such a son. Trey is coming off as a caring young man. I'm actually beginning to like him.

And I laughed at the "I moved the satellite" line too. I love having Jerry back. He's so evil and yet so funny. And hopefully Alexis will now get more screen time too.

LaTanya said...

New Joss isn't too white everyone else is just to damn tanned! Lol....she is kinda pale but I think we're just use to everyone else being so orange.

Avalonn said...

Lol @ LaTanya! I think you hit the nail right on the head there. Summer camp was being responsible and putting SPF 60 on Joss. Keeping her out of the sun and fake spray tan that has attacked some of PC's residents.