Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scoops For Wubbers!

Heather goes to Llanview...Tea's back and Luke and Anna  go abroad!! I'm sure Luke will break out his Swiss doctor accent! LOL 

GO TO The WUBS NET!! Check it all out and report back  here with your thoughts!!


Anon said...

Like that Heather is sticking around! She and Todd teaming up are reminding me of the old Heather/Scotty teamups back in the Day.

sonya said...

**Kate plans a giant wedding...what could go wrong?! lol
What could go wrong? The murder of another cake!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :'(

Di said...

Someone must have told Carly that Joss was missing. She wouldn't notice. lol

And I can't wait to see Luke and Anna on an adventure. Break out that corny accent, Luke!

LSV422 said...

**Kate plans a giant wedding...what could go wrong?! lol
She could get shot again - she still has the old dress as a reminder. I would think she would want to keep it low key with many bodyguards around. Missing Anna and Luke - their adventure should be fun. Would just like to see a little less of NuKrissie please. Just don't like her, even though I don't mind Trey.

Anonymous said...

Here's my question: what's with Tony Geary's vacation this year? Usually he's gone from mid June through, God, at least late September. Did he scale it back to work more?

kdmask said...

I think he taped a LOT in the shed and has been gone longer than we thought!!

one of the scoops was wrong. I think Jerry tries to SAVE Alexis by giving her something that will prevent her from getting sick

Robert said...

Sounds like gratuitous shirtless shots will make the transition from Llanview to Port Charles. It's about time! ;)

My2Cents2 said...

I agree OSGHfan. I like Todd & Heather together. They work well off each other.

Di- I am hoping Jax takes Jos back with him. Carly has no time for kids.

But..we know what happens first.

Zak said...

It looks like Heather will get Tea to represent her. I like that Heather is now officially part of the OLTL history and lore! I agree that she and Todd remind me of the old days with Scotty.

Glad to see Alexis getting involved in a real storyline. My only wish is that she has more scenes (and story) with Heather. Nancy and Robin were great together on Santa Barbara!

rebeccakeen said...

I just wonder if Scotty had something to do with Heather being able to be released?Maybe he blackmailed a judge so she could be released to torment Luke.If the writers were smart they would have it turn out like that and bring Scotty/KS back to GH.

Maria said...

I love Scotty! I would love to see him (KS) back. But I'm afraid there is no room for GH characters in Llanview...I mean Port Charles...anymore. If there wasn't room for Robert Scorpio on the canvas, then I'm afraid Scotty doesn't stand a chance...I'd also like to report Felicia M.I.A.