Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Children of the Damned. 

NuJosslyn looks a bit Children O' The Corn. Sorry..but tow headed blondes can  freak me out! LOL Other people said the movie above. I don't remember it! There was a Star Trek eppy like that. Creepy. 

Alexis is down... When Jason and McBain were figuring out stuff at GH it was hysterical to see their faces. 

Jerry Jacks knows JUNIOR and goes to Atlantic  City.. and he talks about making Robin's 'body' disappear in Feb. It's all connected. Somehow. They both worked the Metro Court job. 

Epiphany knows Paddy stole the drugs. She's pissed! But she won't tell Monica. She loves her some Patrick!! That was an AWESOME scene!! So wonderful. sniff. Then little Emma came in and was a doll.. awww.

Starr and Trey: Don't care.

Jason and McBain race to Wyndemere!! Here we go...the adventure will start. I HOPE!!


Andrea said...

I thought Jason's eyes were going to pop out of his head when McBain was talking to Liz.

I hope something happens at Windmere - at the very least a fist fight between Jason and McBain.

Patrick and Emma were great. Epiphany was very sweet to him.

Cosmoetica said...

It's odd, Karen, just as the show seems to finally be tying its loose ends together for the best potential storyline in this century you seem to be getting more detached and bored.

My2Cents2 said...

FUNNY photo!!!!!

sonya said...

Karen ROFL! Great picture. PERFECT PICTURE!!! So true! I have said this before, but That little actress who plays Jossy looks like an albino!

Alexis's home: Alexis passes out! McBain shows up and wants to know what happened. McBain sees the bruise on Alexis's arm! Love that McBain is there! I wonder if Sam's ta ta's were pulsating! :)

The hospital: Carly took Joss and Steve saw Joss's arm. He thinks it's a bug bite!!! Shouldn't doctors know the difference between a bug bite and a needle? McBain and Jason are at the hospital. McJason talk about Joss and Alexis's arm bruise. That hot doctor shows up!!! YAY! It's been a while hottie! :) Sam tells Mcbain about Wyndemere and Jason tells him about the Cassadines. McBain calls the alarm system and they have a call log. Nobody at the alarm system called Alexis! So now McJason are going to Wyndemere!!!! :) More bonding from McJason awww! :)

Starr and Joe Jr Jr Jr's place: Michael and Starr show up while Joe Jr Jr Jr is talking to his dad! Joe Jr Jr Jr is talking about a wedding. Starr wants to know who's wedding. He says Kristina told me about Sonny and Kate getting married. Michael had no idea and left to find Kristina. Starr and Joe Jr Jr Jr talk about his father. Blah blah blah tell me or I will have to tell Michael! Michael is my boyfriend. Blah blah blah. Joe Jr Jr Jr doesn't want to tell his new BFF anything of what is going on!

Alexis's home continuation.: Krissy is home looking for her family but nobody is there. Michael shows up and they talk about Sonny and Kate getting married. Sam calls from the hospital and tells Krissy about their mother. Krissy and Michael leave to see her mother.

The hospital continuation: Michael and Carly talk. The little actress who plays Joss looks like she is about to bust out in laughter. :) And then when she is asleep, she is smiling. :) Piffy and Patrick scene! GREAT SCENE!!! She knows he stole the drugs, and is pissed off! :) They are friends and she loves him awwww! :) Patrick and Emma scene awwww! :)

Joe Jr and Jerry: THEY KNOW EACH OTHER!!!! :0 Jerry wants to hire Joe Jr!!! :) Joe Jr agrees. Jerry should fire whiny Ewen and just have Joe Jr! :) Jerry got Joe Jr out of jail legally. HE IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

My2Cents2 said...

ALBINO is EXACTLY what I was thinking but didn't want to say.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Carly needs to share her self tan lotion with Joss.

Jason has found a new partner...

Frank Strovel III said...

Sounds awful to pick on the performance of a small child actor but NuJoss seriously needs to to stop looking at the camera in every scene she's in.

wherewolfmom said...

I just said NuJos wasn't comfortable with the camera yet. We'll give her that one for a bit. Poor little pale thing, only allowed to go out and play by moonlight.

I loved the Patrick and Piff scenes they are always fantastic together.

I know they have their fans but I cringe every time Elizabeth turns and makes goo-goo moon eyes at Jason. I'm about over Jason and Sam and all their crying and gnashing of teeth - this story has to move. But Elizabeth needs a new love or maybe just a little romance.

mosbp said...

Couldn't help comparing Emma and NuJoss today...Made NuJoss look even worse. I don't mind her looking at the cameras, but it's the faces she makes while looking at the cameras that's driving me nuts. I hate to rip on a child of this age, but surely they could have found somebody better if they had to Soras Joss?

Avalonn said...

I agree with everyone about NuJoss. So much so, it's distracting to see this little girl in scenes. Yes, super pale! I feel so mean, I've laughed at the comments about a little kid. Who knows, maybe when they tested her she was great and she's reacting differently now. Maybe she'll improve over the next few days? Loving the show for the most part though.

Brender said...

I think the same about NuJoss. There is bad acting for little kids and then there is really bad acting. She acts stiff and keeps the same facial expression, like a doll. It is kinda creeping me out.
Loved that they talked about Joss's kidney transplant, Alexis' cancer and finally got Carly to think about how Elizabeth felt when Jake ran out in the road and even say it out loud!!
John and Jason circling each other the entire I got dizzy. Loved having John learn about Wyndemere instead of him already knowing all about it. Who are they going to find there?
Not a bad day today. Trey and Starr are getting boring to me right now.
Kristina is still a bad actress. its distracting.

LSV422 said...

Yeah, there is no comparison between nuJoss and the adorable Emma. She must be related to someone who works on the show because she sure wasn't cast for her talent or Children of the Damned (yes, I remember this) appearance. Epiphany and Patrick scenes were so heartwarming, and I like seeing Jason and McBain working together. Now, where the hell is Anna Devane?

bumchickabowbow said...

I miss toddler-Joss. I just adored her and her thick, spikey ponytail :)

I'm hoping NuJoss perks up a bit.

I wonder if Sonny will get jealous of Jason's developing bromance? McMorgan...StoneNostrils? Hmm...