Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fever (For GH Characters!)


Spinelli:  "Jason will turn to him [for help] in the unraveling of the baby mystery.  He is more open to softening toward Maxie, but he is very gun-shy when it comes to her.  It will be interesting to see if Maxie realizes that Spinelli is the guy for her - and if it will be too late by the time she figures it out."

Spinelli will be involved with that cute nursing student. 

Spinelli SKYPed with Jason from Alaska!! NICE... LOL  Ewan was treating John Jacks in the hospital. Here's the rest:
Ewan says John Jacks left his family with nothing-- He blames John for his father's death. The Jacks family got the "Dead Man's Hand" cards (real ones) and used it for the luck.  Ewan thinks his family's ruin was due to John Jack's winning the cards from his father in  a card game. 

 Ewan treated John for his depression in Alaska and then in again in Arizona. Bent on Revenge.
Do you get that? LMAO..OMG!! 

There was even a fake John Jacks flashback with Ewan and Jax!! NICE!! Ok, so Jax tells John he can find the cards, then tells Ewan to tell his Dad to hold on. Ewan goes in to kill John and Jerry sees him. Jerry won't report the murder so he could use Ewan for all sorts of mayhem. 
AJ Quartermaine helped Jerry steal the cards. 
We think Luke has the dead man's hand now..anyone know? John thinks Sam has them. 

"You passed me in the hall, you didn't know it was me because I already had my new face" Jerry to Jax
ahahahaaa. OMG Only on a soap!! 

Luke/Anna..Anna has on Brenda sleeves!! HELENA mention.  Luke thinks she's following Ethan around. That was a WEIRD JUMP to them, btw. Luke says he's going to find Robert Anna says go yourself. 

Jason breaks into the shed where Ewan has Liz..end show.

HELL IT WAS a dang confusion of sheeeze today!! LOL 

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  1. "Anna has on Brenda sleeves!! " I noticed those a few weeks ago on her too. Guess she and VM must be the same size and can share basic wardrobe pieces. Not sure if I'm embarrassed or proud to admit that I've gotten a few "Brenda-sleeved" shirts since her last stint. They look really cute on me!!

  2. Spinny and Jason: They are skyping! Love it! Spinny tells him that he looks hot! ROFL! The look on Jason's face! ROFL! Spinny ment because he looks all sweaty and doesn't look good. Spinny is on the internet and finds the SUN paper headline of we're toast! Spinny stay away from Port Chuckles!

    Ewen and Liz: Zzzzzzzzzzz. Huh? The only thing I liked in Ewen's story is the fake flashbacks, and that he killed the Jacks's father! But the rest zzzzzzzzz. I'm disappointed that Ewen isn't a Jacks! :( So let's see, Jerry walks in on Ewen killing his father, and THAT is how Jerry blackmails Ewen!!! GO JERRY GO! :) Oh look In comes Jason the hero to save Liz!

    Luke and Anna: Are they over?

    The police station: All of Sam's symptoms that she feels, it's just like she has the flu! ROFL! Todd wants to pay Jerry but McBain says NO! Jerry sees Sam and calls her sweet Sam again and says are we not on speaking terms? ROFL! Jerry and Jax talk! Jerry stole the dead mans hand from their father. Jax says YOU killed our father. Jerry says no YOU killed our father. Then Jerry says Dr Ewen Kenan killed our father. Jax has a light bulb in his head and remembers who Ewen is!!!

  3. Thank You Karen!! I thought I was the only one with a spinning head today!

  4. You had to pay attention today you missed something. They told the story in a combination of Jerry and Ewan in flashbacks.

    I guess that they need to show the scenes between Anna and Luke so she is in a relationship when Duke is seen again in a month.

    I knew Spin could find Liz, from Arizona via Facetime, no less.

    Everyone is looking all sweaty as the beginnings of mass death I guess.

    Love how McBain talks to Todd.

    Can't wait for Mondays scenes between Tracy and Todd, I'm sure they will be a hoot. I guess Todd has 71 Million because he only needs 17 from the Q's.

    Here is the you tube link of the day that Sam give the dead mans hand to the Homeless man who turns out to be Luke. (It is way at the end) I think that it is the last they are heard of; in the next scene Sam gets "kidnapped" by Sonny and that starts their affair... pregnancy...Jason etc.

    I have to say GH has me tuning in everyday to see what is going to happen. The promo looks exciting. We shall see what it brings. I guess we are supposed to have a big cliffhanger on Friday 9/7 to get everyone to tune in at 2pm on 9/10.

  5. I think the show is great now and I'm looking forward to watching everyday. I think I'm going to drop out of the blog though. I feel like the negativity here bums me out. Sorry girls. :(

  6. Elizabeth is both wise and beautiful. So hopefully her wisdom will prevent her from antagonizing him and her beauty will soothe his turmoil. :)

  7. I don't mind the Brenda sleeves...I just gag when they are used in lieu of a tissue during a crying, snivelly scene. YUCK

  8. I enjoyed today's show! I loved the reveal about John Jacks not being such a good person. Liked the Ewan tie in! Liked Liz today. Skype nice with Spinelli/Jason. Todd/Jerry scene good.

  9. As my GH-watching brother says: 'Can't miss a day these days, or you miss important stuff!'

    Back when Jerry was about to marry Bobbie and got arrested instead, it was hinted that John Jacks had played it fast and loose with the law as well. That he had done some money-laundering. Jax was pretty disallusioned, but was able to make up with his dad later. Jerry got hauled away to jail. From today, it sounded like John let Jerry take the blame for their joint misdeeds.

    I almost thought that the John lying in the bed today was the original actor. I really liked that actor as John Jacks. He and Lady Jane were superbly played.

    I actually hated that dead man's hand story--first because it bought Kelly M to GH and I had not liked her on PC. And it was a clumsy story, not well told. And mostly because it was a story they used to get rid of John Jacks who I had always enjoyed. No point to it, really, since John Jacks was not on much, I'm sure the actor wasn't on contract.

    However, that was a while ago. I am enjoying the convoluted twist and turns of this story and trying to out guess what happens next.
    But today it seemed they ended Luke and Anna, my favorite couple. They seemed so right for each other and I felt so bad for Luke. I could understand her stand on it, but at the same time, understood his explanation. I wonder if FV has some inside idea of Genie being available soon.... I don't want him to be alone and I could not stand him with Tracy.

    Today's show was like a race, leaving you out of breath at the end. Well done, FV & RC!

  10. JPink said...

    I think the show is great now and I'm looking forward to watching everyday. I think I'm going to drop out of the blog though. I feel like the negativity here bums me out. Sorry girls. :(
    August 31, 2012 6:16 PM

    People will always take time to say negative things rather than positive ones.

    Recall when Jen Lilley replaced Kirsten Storms as Maxie- she is clearly a better actress, but Lilley even had to release a video on her harassment by fans.

    Now Lindsey Morgan is getting slagged on simply because she has bigger breasts than her predecessor.

    The show is MUCH better than it was in January, b4 the new regime. At least 3 days a week are good. It's not the Golden Age 80s, but it's good.

    There's still too much quick-cutting: can we have a real conversation that lasts 3-4 minutes with no intercutting with other scenes?

    But, still enjoyable soapiness, and while the Dead Man's Hand is a lame tale to revisit, I think the Duke Lavery angle is potentially BOFFO!

  11. What is silly is that a draw of 5 cards is considered by someone to bring luck. There's nothing lucky about 'deadman's hand.'Bill Hickock was unlucky that day.