Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boxing Ring o' Sonny

Oh goodness. Sonny's boxing Trey. "I don't do brunch," says Sonny. MILO was back!

Olivia's going to go a little nutty... which should be fun. She sees Lulu as giant pregnant. So, she's psychic?? HUH? Weird.  Or clairvoyant. Or something.

Starr said HONEY BADGER! She convinces Todd to drop the charges against McBain. 
"Maybe someday in the near future you can make a good decision without me having to blackmail you"..says Starr to Todd

Alexis mentioned John seeing Synchronized Swimming  when he went to London.  LOL She wanted to know why he kissed Sam. He didn't really answer.
Sam and Krissy's talk. I would have liked it with Lexi.. this was just  blah. Sometimes the new girl looks/sounds older than Kelly !! LOL. 

Johnny visits JOEY in Jail...and Joe's trying to talk him into joining forces to get Sonny. Whatever. I don't care.

LULU throws up in some random bin in the hospital.

BIGGEST QUESTION OF THE DAY? Why did TREY keep his shirt on while boxing?? I mean...why? WHY? WHY????????



  1. I agree about NuKrissy. I don't think she is bad actress but after getting used to Lexi, she just seems so old for Kristina. To me, she looks and acts more like she is 21-25 instead of 18. And she doesn't really look the part of Alexis daughter. They thought Lexi was "too young looking" but do they not realize her replacement is "too old looking"??

  2. I also don't know why they keep dressing NuKrissy in those short sun dresses. On petite Lexi they looked cute, but on NuKrissy they look kinda skanky. Wardrobe dept should try to work with the actress to give her her own look.

  3. The hospital: Olivia sees Lulu pregnant! Oh wait Olivia is just seeing things again! Or is she? I was thinking is Olivia psychic?! ROFL! Olivia is all freaked out because she is seeing things. When Lulu leaves, she throws up! OH! Olivia IS psychic!!!! :) The LSD made her psychic AND Heather. :)

    Todd and Starr: OH! More of Todd's one liners!!

    Todd: YES! I'M AWESOME!


    Todd: McBain is McFree


    Police station: Alexis and McBain are talking about the kiss. :) Todd strolls in and drops the charges. McBain is McFree YES!!! :)

    Alexis's home: Sam and Krissy chit chat about the most awesomest, the most fantastic, McBain! ROFL! Krissy talks about going to the gym to see her father, because he goes to the gym every morning. He does?!!?! When did THAT happen? Later Alexis shows up with McBain! You can just read Sam's mind. You know she is saying YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

    Gym: Woah! A gym!!! Awesome!! Milo took Joe Jr Jr Jr and put a bag over his head to bring him at the gym! ROFL! Joe Jr Jr Jr and Sonny are in the ring. Sonny gives him a couple of good punches. :) He tells Sonny he wants to marry Krissy! DOH!

    Jail: Joe Jr and Johnny bond awwwwwwww! :)

  4. Am I the only one that noticed McBains name was spelled wrong in Todd's paper??

    gh people needs to double check those little things with oltl.

  5. I'm sorry, I cannot get used to this person as Kristina. Unfortunately, she does not do those short sundresses well, I agree with JPink. They almost look too young for her. Not age wise, but build wise, I'm sure you know what I mean. Even if they were a bit longer, they would work better.

    I really love the addition of Todd Manning. I never really watched OLTL but only due to time constraints on my part. I knew the basic players due to promos, etc. He is a great character and the actor is great.

  6. Still too much OLTL!! I LOVED Sonny in the ring, but don't know enough about boxing to tell if the fight scenes were realistic.

    Karen, since you mentioned Todd's "props," I feel that's all I notice in his scenes, I swear they're multiplying, what ARE those things?

    Where are Spin, Maxie, Patrick, etc.? WHERE IS FELICIA??

  7. AntJoan..forget Felicia. She was brought back only to say she is back. There is no story with her and her mother or Mac. How disapointing that turned out!

  8. "With Honeybadger ferocity..." I lost it, lol!

    Today was fun. I (being a OLTL lovah)enjoyed the Todd/Starr takes me way back. I love Alexis any way I can get her. SHe was fun with John.

    I need to see Anna, Tracy, and Luke soon...I'm interested to see if TPTB are going to turn Olivia into the resident psychic (a la Luna on OLTL).

  9. I also notced that Todd's props were multiplying, AntJoan. Are they reproducing? lol

    I can't stand to watch nuKrissy. She looks way too old. She should be at least 10 years younger than Sam, shouldn't she? Sometimes she almost looks older. I don't get the sense of her being a teenager for sure. She now looks older than Michael too and she's way younger than him. That's what happens when you only SORA part of the cast.

    I was wondering if Olivia was having psychic flashes too, esp after Lulu threw up.

    And I love Todd's one liners too. I enjoy him being on the show. ( But I still don't like Starr.)

  10. P.S. I laughed at the name misspelling. Wasn't it a play on words; McBain being the "bane" of his existence and all?

  11. Mc Bane was deliberate. Bane is something bad or evil.

  12. The Sonny boxing scenes brought back scenes from the late 90s, when AJ (Sean Kanan version) tried to be a boxer and pounded the crap out of a young Sonny. Then, when he left the show they made AJ a wimp.

  13. Trey's a terrible boxer, poor form when throwing punches. They should have worn mouth guards for sparring and speak through those. I did like incorporating the gym into the scene as they hardly ever show anyone exercising besides jason or sam. Perhaps the comic relief with spinelli and jason tomorrow in the gym will be better. This seemed like a filler show. I have not been watching much of GH while olympics are on.

  14. My Two..I think Todd did that on purpose...spelled it "BANE"

  15. For OLTLers: Remember that Jack called McBain: McPain

  16. My Two..I think Todd did that on purpose...spelled it "BANE"

    That's what I said. He was using a play on words as he seems to do all the time with his name. And he really is the BANE of his existence. ( At least in his mind.)
    I thought it was really funny.

  17. I had to ffwd through most of the show yesterday - just awful, with the exception of Olivia and Alexis scenes. NuKrissie and Sam were so boring, as were Starr and Todd, especially when talking about stuff from OLTL. Not the least bit interested in Sonny boxing. I am really tired of seeing Todd everyday, especially when we haven't seen Anna in almost two weeks. He seems to be as nutty as Heather. Thank goodness the Jacks boys are back.

  18. I hadn't seen that Boxing ring set since Jagger used to box 20 years ago. Seems they are dusting off old sets. Can't wait to see which ones are next!

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