Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Incubation

So, Jerry Jack's evil plan was exposed! Told you he was saving Joss and Alexis. They sure woke up pretty quick after flat lining, didn't they? Geesh!  Friday's show was a good cut/edit of Jerry vs the people in the hospital.

One glitch? Joe Jr. and Trey. I just don't get them.  Especially Trey--with his "marry me for my TV show stuff". Whatever. I suppose Junior knowing Jerry from the Metrocourt is a "Tie In" for him. again-- Whatever.

You know the drill-- I have a new scrub shirt with lobsters on it How about YOU!?  Here's the week:

With Jax coming back, this story might pick up a bit (I guess) and explain more to us. Anna's been MIA-- and she'll be in Switzerland soon and "find" a patient she'll think is Robin. We all know how that ends.  At least Luke will be around for a bit of a laugh.

New TJ this week. He was more relaxed than the other guy--I hear he can sing so watch out for a Starr/TJ duo sometime. 
Lante was cute with the baby news and all. We can only hope Lulu doesn't lose it if she gets ill.
No real spoilers on that front yet.

Why we got a new Joss is beyond me..I guess so she could talk now--not that she did much of that. Frog from OLTL came on the scene. Todd's not going to be happy Starr gave him away! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Oh yes, it was such a brilliant scene with great dialog--love these two! Emma coming into the room was also very nice. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  This was just hilarious. Jason had to repeat what Stupid Steve said again TWICE just so we GOT IT. "you mean you're saying they were given this against their will"?? "You are saying  there's no cure"?? LOL... it was like watching a show with an audience for 4 year olds. Oh, and by the way--they showed it at the end of Thursday's show and again at the beginning of Fridays. SO I SAW IT 2x! 

The show was exciting on Friday-- the edits were good. Molly got a bit hysterical and NuXtina got a bit wooden.  NuJoss has to learn how to lay still. Mac made an appearance Thurs. 
I still think it's choppy...Luke's on for a minute then not. Olivia wasn't on-- Lante was on but then not. You'd think someone would have called Dante about the Wyndemere thing. OR Jason is on the PCPD now? Can't tell. Don't get me started on Felicia!
Ewan is on my last nerve. I don't like the character and I don't think he fits. But you know all this!! Get Nikolas back, or Hells and do it quick. 

These two could have their own show, thank you very much! 

RATINGS: were up a bit this week. Down from last year: ALL THE STATS on SON 

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,314,000 (+122,000/-273,000)
2. B&B 3,168,000 (+78,000/+222,000)
3. GH 2,316,000 (+52,000/-257,000)

Did you like the show? People either seem to really enjoy it or loathe it right now.  I'm glad we are unleashing the KRACKEN Jerry has...LOL. Think anyone will actually die from it? Hmmmmm. I keep hearing people are locked up with Robin (Alan is the biggest guess) but no one dying. Ewan is a he'll probably go. I hope it's gruesome!!  (come on, I need the make up people to do something fun!) 
BTW, Rumors are Mogan's back in the fall. How old will he be? John Ingle may be back taping as Edward. That would be so nice. Maybe Monica can be dusted off too. We'll see Old Maxie back and I think just in time for her to be sick from the stuff Jerry has. Should be a good 2 or 3 weeks.
Speaking of...this is a Wubless Week-- I am taking a break and although I will try to give you posts to use, I won't be watching the show or live tweeting. I don't think I will be active again until the very end of August and then, well, when GH switches to 2:00 on Sept 14th, the blog will be delayed. I won't finish work until 3. SO West Coasters won't see a change but East Coasters? Sorry, ABC messed with me. wahhhh.


Deb K said...

I actually enjoyed the week. From the beginning watching JaSam breaking up, to the end of the week with Alexis & Whitey getting so sick.
KM knocked her scenes out of the ballpark earlier in the week. Since I have never cared for her character, I have to say I was impressed.

I do find things choppy. Olivia is one. We see her 1 day a week and she had her LSD trip how long ago?

Where is Monica?? Another spa month?? She is sorely missed.

YES it was great to see Mac, I just wish he would take Felicia out of the house more.

Didn't hear about NuMorgan coming back, but if you look at the stats, younger people are making GH #1 in there age category.

I can't complain about this show. While there are holes still left often in the show, I find the writing and acting soo much better than last year at this time.

My man Jax is coming back this week. We know he wasn't hired back, will he give Carly a divorce?

Luke gets out of the hospital finally, and apparently he is headed to Switzerland. Again, no word from Anna or Tracey in weeks.

Deb K said...

Ohhhh Yea, enjoy your vacation!!

dar said...

Can anyone refresh my memory? Did we ever get an explanation as to why Jerry changed from the charming guy who almost married Bobbie to this psychopath? I hated the Metro Court story and half tuned out. I'm not a fan of violence and there is still too much of it for me.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Actually, I think NuJoss is adorable. Not much of a SORAS, going from 2 to about 4, but she's a cute kid and at least this one talks and doesn't have that stuffed animal hanging out of her mouth;) About the laying still thing, I think it kind of fit the scene that she was all twitchy and making funny faces, since she had a high fever.

I'm with dar on the Jerry personality switch. I missed a few years, but back in '98-'99, when a different actor was playing him, he had a shady racketeering side, but he was Jax's charming older brother. Now he's like the male version of Helena. Speaking of which, Jerry and Hells would make a dastardly duo, wouldn't they? She did like her Aussie men... lol

Cosmoetica said...

Come on Karen, enough w the Trey-JJr stuff. Have you actually wayched the scenes? I have not seen father-son acting that good on GH since the early 90s with Tony Geary as Bill Eckert and the Slyster, or Alan Q and David Lewis as Edward.

Why don't you like them? You complain for well acted and well written scenes and they are among the best on. Both are good actors, and you can sense a backstory w/o even hearing one. That';s what good writing and acting does. Already I'm rooting (hopelessly, I know) that they allow JJr to finally get rid of the despicable Sonny.

It's ridiculous that McBain is in the process of being co-opted by Jason.

Actually appreciate quality when it befalls you. If not, then suffer the wrath of Hell with Steven Lars!

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I'm still hoping Jake is alive and is being held captive somewhere.
Hey it's a soap so anything is possible.
All they have to do is throw in some of those flashbacks and explain it all away. ;)

I enjoyed this week over all.
Of course it had some scenes I didn't care for, but with soaps you have to take the good with the bad, so I'm not complaining.
Any week that has scenes for Becky makes me happy.
I didn't like how she was so trusting of Ewen though, but isn't that just typical Elizabeth. Jason tries to warn her, which of course makes her stand her ground even more.

Anne Casanave said...

Karen, they are moving GH to 1 PM on the West Coast; right now it still airs at 2!

tashapork said...

I am loving GH right now. The real conversations, the unborn Spencer/Corinthos grand kid. (will Olivia be stuck babysitting all the timelike Audry and Lesley, rarely with any screentime or will they allow Sonny or stepmonster Tracy to hire them a nanny? I like to make fun of some of what I call Port Charlsisms. I am glad that Josslyn got some mommy time. Carly for the most part spends time with her kids while they are hospitalized. Looking forward to more Anna, Heather, and Qs

Matthew said...

Jerry's evil side was somewhat explained with the controversial ex-girlfriend(Ilana?)who he felled in love with, then thought he saw died,(which may of caused him to become evil) however she wasn't dead and was evil and raped Jax. Jerry eventually(and he was sad when it happened)killed her. Also Jerry received plastic surgery over the years, as well.

Are they going to explain why Molly is somehow older than Cameron? I know they don't want to age Elizabeth, but come on!

GH's commerical's state that GH is moving an hour earlier on the west coast as well(aka 2pm Et/ 1PM pacific), so it will likely be at 1pm, but look at your local listings in coming weeks/contact your local station for time.

Jason and John SHOULD of notified the police of Ewan/the drugs scenario. John could of got/ or get fired for not notify the authorities.

I think they should have a league of evils storyline, with Helena, Joe Jr, Jerry, Heather, and some others partnering together to take down PC. And people having to partner up to stop them (like Sonny, and everyones who hate him for the Mob,:John McBain, Mac, Edward, Tracy, Monica, Jax, etc.)

sonya said...

Yes Karen!!! Friday's show was a very good cut/edit of Jerry vs the people in the hospital! I loved it! And Jason talking like we are a bunch of 4 year olds, well gee I thought we were!!! :) Aww Karen why are you talking a break for a week? You might miss something good!

Cosmoetica said...

Matthew: good Evil League idea, but the main GH problem is that Sonny and Jason should be the leaders of the Evil League. That they are still portrayed as heroes, despite being abusive killers is one of the reasons the show has floundered for so long.

mosbp said...

Personally, I hate the Joe Jr. character. I think he's an awful actor and I just want him off my screen. He's also using his son for his own purposes- it is not a great father/son relationship. Just my opinion. As far as NuJoss, I hate to say anything negative about a kid that age, but everything about her is so bad that it is just distracting.

Karen, OLTL's storytelling was very choppy too. I think we were all just so engrossed in the end that it didn't bother us at all. I also think that is why you are unhappy with GH right now- even though it is 1000% better than it was. OLTL had very limited time to get the stories out and resolved, so it was completely engrossing, and compared to what GH was at the time, it seemed almost perfect. So, you expected that from RC and FV on GH too. And the fact that they have had to slow down the storytelling and the pacing is disappointing because of what we've seen from them before.

Andrea said...

I actually watched Fridays epi on I wanted to see what happened. I don't remember the last time that happened.

It was a good week. Lante was adorable. I hope TPTB leave this baby alone and just have a fun 9ish months. Sam and Jason broke up lets hope the worlds most boring couple stays apart.

Ok now I don't understand why Jerry told Jr. That he was innoculating Alexis and Joss from the virus, Wouldn't Jr insist that head his son and himself Get the injection too? Or Ewan for that matter ( never mind about him he is not the sharpest tool in the box).

Gh is much much better than it had been for the last I'll say in the last 5 years. Dialogue is better, there is more funny. Todd is awesome,He is brilliant in every scene.

The repetivness of soaps has always been the most annoying aspect. People are NOT stupid. They need to stop treating us like idiots. Everyone knows that intentional means on purpose. If you keep repeating dialog and show flashbacks to make sure that everyone knows what you are talking about there is no need to watch everyday. You could have not seen Thursday episode at all and been fine on Friday because they rehashed everything.

Karen I think you forget that you were spoiler free for OLTL. There was surprise because you did not know what was going to happen, and that always makes a show better. There Is still choppiness n GH , because I'm sure they still block tape a lot especially in the summer vacation months. But OLTL abandoned storylines too, you didn't see it that much at the end because the cast was so small at that point, but Matthew and Destiny were seen few and far between.

I an happier with GH now than I have been for a long time, It is no longer the Sonny/Jason/Carly show. now just bring back the Q's.

kerinah said...

Deb K;

Jax did sign the divorce papers but Carly did not sign them so technically speaking they are still married. Oh Poor Johnny! first Rc screws him over with more crimes than meet the eye, then have him proclaim his feelings left right and center, surround him with his victims,. worse? one of his victims is engaged to Sonny and the other is Starr's psychotic Daddy who won't let Johnny hurt either Starr or Carly LOL then as if it's not bad enough Jax is back and going to flaunt the "Carly's still my wife" line in his face!
Johnny dearest just has to pack it in! Joe Jr is dangling the mob back into his face which is a good enough overdose for a man who has lost everyhing and at the end of the day? DEATH CONCURS ALL! Jax is a bad enough insecurity at best. To top it all off he has Todd who knows his deeepest darkest secrets! LAWD ROTFL!

kerinah said...

As for NuJoss? I just get so distracted while watching in that i start cracking up while asking my self "WTF is she doing to her face?"
Its so freaking bad. I know she's just a kid but even Mute Morgan had better acting skills than this little girl and my sis in-law just can't stop laughing. she always says that Joss is cute and creepy at the same time but what she does to her face is just hilarious for her.

Avalonn said...

Yes, Karen I enjoyed the show! And I agree with you 100% about Joe Jr and Trey. The quality of acting is not there, not in my eyes.
If they bring Morgan back soras'ed then I'd like to see him just old enough to be part of a Michael, Starr triangle.
If a bunch of people are going to perish during this next health crisis, I vote for, Trey, Kristina, Joe Jr., Johnny and Ewan.
@Tammy, I too have prayed Jake is still alive and the kid that played him last, he looked so much like Steve Burton it was crazy! I would also like to see, Alan and AJ. We need these characters back!! I want to see the Q mansion full again.
With Jax back, I'd like to see a Carly, Jax, Todd triangle. Johnny who?
Enjoy your time off Karen!

kerinah said...


there were two movies:

Children of the corn and children of the damned.

oh and yes she reminds me of those kids. while on the bed i thought she was going to shriek and make scalples fly into the air to stab Steven Lars! LMAO!

kerinah said...


Cameron is supposed to be 16 LOL! technically speaking he and Molly should be going on dates and in school together.
Now i always had a suspiscion that that kid that plays Camis a child of one of the GH staff and that's why he has never been sorased! ;)
i mean really think about it! How long has that boy been on GH? Even Aiden was soras'd! why not Cam? Jake was aged too and Cam was aged only once in the past few months yet we know that Aiden should not even be two years old LOL

Cosmoetica said...

Cam was born in the early 00s- he was the kid of Zander and named for Zander's father. He'd be less than 10, technically.

AS for Trey and Joe, Jr, do you guys even understand good acting? They look alike, think alike, and yes Joe Jr. is using his kid. EVERYONE in soaps uses other people- that's why they are soaps. But look how easily they speak of a past we've not seen. Look at the way they look at each other, and communicate wordlessly. Hason's never had that w his kid. Sonny's children and he have awful relationships. Luke and Lucky never had that. He had something w Ethan, but only as an adult. YOu really have to go back to Bill and Sly Eckert to see the last positive father-son relationship onscreen- before they screwed it up, and even Geary's Bill used Sly!

I'd love to see a grown Sly Eckert return.

everythingzem6 said...

Cam was born offscreen in May 2004. Molly was born onscreen in Nov 2005. So technically Cam should be over a year older than Molly. I remember reading an interview where Rebecca Hearst said the boy who plays Cam was the son of her friend. I think they haven't really aged her kids much because she looks so young.

Deb K said...

I disagree. Joe Jr is an excellent choice for his role.

And Trey? This is probably his first acting job in the industry.

kerinah said...

yes Cameron was born in 2004 and Molly was born in 2005. however he was the only kid among all the kids on GH who was never soras'd and his year of birth was also never edited. They should both be one year apart. Cameron is supposed to be Morgan's hang out buddy but someone did say that they did not want to Soras Cameron coz of some BS explanation about Liz being a yound single working mother LOL
and that boy has always been below ten years old. Just notice the fact that he has not been soras'd in years and that is the only thing that makes my theory tickle my mind. He must be someone's kid on the GH staff.
And that would also explain why thay always kept him that young.

Cosmoetica said...

My point was that someone claimed Cam should be 16. I think even Liz was barely on canvas in '96.

Lulu should only be an early teenager, too. Lucky should be only 25 or so. Jason should be under 30, not mid 40s.

Sora'ing is ridiculous.

But, Trey is actually quite good- not just a pretty boy like most newbies.

LSV422 said...

I hope they never soras Cam because he is just so adorable. Becky still looks like she is 20. I don't really mind Joe Jr. and Trey, although I hate to see everyone getting screen time but Anna Devane and the Qs. Nu Joss is ridiculously bad. I re-watched the BJ story a few weeks ago and little Maxie (Robin R.) was phenomenal. I still think NuJoss is the kid of someone associated with the show. No way could she pass an audition. And NuKrissy sticks out like a sore thumb. She must have auditioned in her bikini.
HAve a great week, Karen! We will miss you!

Di said...

I'm hoping they SORA Morgan because I didn't like the last boy who played him. I agree his acting was wooden.I'd like to see him back as a confident high school senior, his military school training evident. ( And no attitude, please.)

I also wish they'd SORA Cam so we can see him more often. Friends and cuteness aside, he doesn't seem to be really cooperative on screen and I think they must find it hard to work with him. If they don't want to make him 16, they could at least age him a few years. Liz was a teenage mother. If Kate can have Trey as a son, Liz in her thirties can have a young teenager.

And I think Joe jr and Trey rock their scenes. I agree that they communicate really well and Trey gives the impression of someone who adores his fater, and Joe Jr. obviously loves his son very much too. Trey's character is much more likeable when he's interacting with anyone but Krissy. I've actually come to like him. The boy has some very redeemable qualities, not the least of which is a conscience.

SOAPsDISH Author In Obscurity said...

I thought Jason's repetition of Dr. Steve's diagnosis was hilarious. "what are you saying that someone did this to them on purpose?" uhhh yeah Jason..that is what INTENTIONAL means. LOL..

I'm sorry I was such a JASON fan over the years, and even when I wasn't,I still kinda was... cuz his baby blues...just, always drew me in, but this dumbed down version. I can't watch without cringing. Even his fineness isn't swaying me.