Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25th....

For you on my day...some of my very favorite things...enjoy! 

"Thou Mayest"

Blue Jay


Hells and Luke!
wisdom of life
Forget Me Not

Best Song. Ever.


Best---Worst Year ever 
Thank You Johnny Walker Black 
Franco Signs Alberta *sigh*

Northern Exposure, Xfiles,  Moonlighting, Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad, Amadeus, The Talented Mr. Ripley, INXS, Rob Zombie, Ealing England,  Kami Shots, Gus, My twitter Friends, True Crime, I.D. Channel, Whoopi, The Twilight Zone, Pulp Fiction, "We're on a  Mission From God", Jake  and Elwood, pink high heels, Road trips,   Vic Park A, champagne... and of course, General Hospital! Long Live Ruby's CHILI!!

And..yes, I was a waitress in a cocktail bar in 1982! 


skeebob said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow. I'm a few years younger, I think. I would've got carded in a cocktail bar in '82!

Loved Moonlighting. I still say "Great googly-moogly" sometimes. Loved Gilmore Girls too. The dance marathon ep is my favorite.

Have a great day!

JPink said...

Happy Birthday! Live it up!

Love4dogs said...

Happy Birthday, Karen. Thanks for the blog! Always enjoy your efforts and humor. We're probably darn close to the same age.

kdmask said...

bob!! Fellow VIRGO!!!!! wwoooott!!

AntJoan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!!!!! Hope you're celebrating!!

Happy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was wonderful with many more to come.

dar said...

Happy birthday. I loved INXS - so sad when Hutchence died!

sonya said...

Oh is that what it is, your birthday? :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!! :) Who is that guy in the 11th picture? Yum! :)

kdmask said...

Lead singer of INXS Michael Hutchence. Most Sexy man ever