Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anyone That Wants to Row a Boat To Wyndemere

Says Alexis "They can do anything..." LOL Alexis is going to take Sam's divorce case on. Yeah for the Alexis and Sam talk. 
 Jason tells Carly about the break up . Carly's got a weird look on her face--and says "I have to go talk to Sam"!!! 

So, the drug she was injected with is retro-amnesia-- and yes Joss will be ill and so will Alexis but that's a good thing. I'm telling you. They will be safe... it's all part of the plan. 

Dante can be angsty about the baby now. Awww...they are going to the doctors! 

"Nothing says I love you like tying someone up in a shack" says Todd to Heather.  She's trying to have him get her out of the mental hospital. Lots of great dialog.  They were hysterical.  Todd was picturing Olivia running naked through the woods LMAO. Todd tells Heather to keep quiet, stay at Ferncliff and he will make sure no one knows that Steven Lars killed a patient in Memphis!!

Luke tells Steven Lars that Jason is Heather's accomplice? What? where did he get that idea? OH From the MASK!! Friday the 13th!!! "He had a machete which he used to open a pineapple with". LOL Took me awhile to get the reference. 

They take Joss to the hospital because of the pin prick-- and they remembered she's on anti rejection meds!! wow. 



sonya said...

Alexis and Sam: Alexis does not remember anything about what happened in Wyndemere! :) She IS very tired tho. :) They talk about the divorce, and Alexis asks are you sure you want this? So the divorce is on, Sam has Alexis, and Jason is going to have Diane. Are we going to see Diane?!!?! :) Alexis faints!!!

Carly's home: Carly and Jason talk about the divorce. Carly isn't happy with this!!! She wants Jason happy. She isn't happy with Sam and wants to talk to her! Jason won't let her. Carly tells Jason about what happened with Joss. Carly sees the mark on Joss's arm!!! OH OH!!!!

Ewen and Jerry: Jerry is sweating and coughing a lot! :( He coughed up some blood! :( Ewen shows up and Jerry goes to get some tea. Ewen breaks into Jerry's briefcase, and sees the viles. Jerry comes back with the tea and says the vile is full of water!! ROFL! Ewen doesn't buy it! So, Jerry drinks up the vile full of "water" Mmmm mmmm good! :)

Lulu and Dante: Good morning you two! :) Lulu wakes up Dante and reminds him she is preggers hahaha! Dante kisses her tummy awwwwwwwwwww! :) Lulu wants to keep it a secret, until they found out it's 100% true! Lulu calls to make an appointment for the doctor today. There was a cancelation. Dante gives her milk, but she hates milk ROFL! Maybe she can drink lactose milk? Cus it's important to drink milk when you are pregnant right? :)

The hospital: Luke is there with Steve!! They talk about Heather. Lulu and Dante show up. Luke talks about the guy with the mask that gave him food when he was kidnapped. The guy had really good shoes!!! OH OH! :) Todd, LUKE REMEMBERS YOUR SHOES! :)

Ferncliff: Todd is visiting Heather. Heather talks about you shouldn't have your head in the sand. Todd says, where are you putting YOUR head! ROFL! Todd is wearing those shoes that Luke is talking about. The way she moved at the table, it made Todd jump back ROFL! These are great scenes. :)

Adam Easter said...

It's about time they made a reference between the guy playing Steve and his connection to Jason from Friday the 13th. I soooo was waiting for Luke to mention Jason Takes Manhattan so badly.

sonya said...

OH! I forgot to mention how whiny Ewen is!! :) He brings up how be broke his oath. I'm glad Jerry brought up that he ALREADY broke it!! :) Come on Ewen man up and do what Jerry says, or leave!!! :)

delcodave said...

I'm over Heather. Seriously. She has the SAME dialogue in every scene she is in. And now she is going to Llanview? How? Escape because the PCPD is so incompetent. She had a fun run. Its time to put her in jail or Ferncliff and move on.

(Sad post cause I love Robin M)

mosbp said...

delco dave, Heather is already at Ferncliff...

delcodave said...

mosbp, i know. I'm just saying I think the storyline has run its course.

love2chat402000 said...

Love that Carly said Sam always plays the victim and that Sam said she could handle Jason's life but she can't! Sam does not want to seek help,so get the divorce and move on!

Joanna said...

Those were the longest mother/daughter scenes that Alexis and Sam ever had and they were both wonderful!

You guys missed Jerry's mention of Jaxs' "surfing" as in real life.

Loved Todd's HYPOTHETICALS! Loved Todd on OLTL, but he's even better on GH. I have to put my CC on, so I don't miss any of his adlibs!

Zak said...

I hope they keep Heather on for good. She is a great character that has added new life again to this show. It would be boring without her stirring up so much trouble. And I think her dialogue is snappy great! Such of fun character! And her chemistry with everyone is priceless, especially with Todd.