Thursday, August 16, 2012


Greg Rikaart in the Huffington Post. Brilliant column and Kudos to him for having the stuff to publish it in such a public manner. 

On to the SHOW!! BTW, my hairdresser today was so NEGATIVE about GH. Wow, she hates it right now. She and her girlfriend watch all the time and are not even bothering much any more. I was surprised. She said "I only like Todd and I don't even know who the hell he is" LOL 

The only things that really happened was that Carly and Liz shared a nice moment, Mac was on and there's a new TJ.  Which, you may not have noticed because he's never really on. LOL 

Jerry and Joe...ugh..just SAY SOMETHING. Jerry's still hacking up blood. When he's BY HIMSELF only. 

Jason and McBain are going to get the Center for Diseases to Wyndemere. Hells is going to have a fit. 

Stupid Kristina called Trey and not Molly? LOL..duhhhhhhhhh. She's so useless. Oh wait, she did leave a message.  Trey tells her 'My producers want me to marry you'...ooooooo, smooth.  LOL 

Well. Today was. A. show.


Brender said...

Carly and Liz have a moment? Cant wait to see this. Been a long time coming.

Just read that Greg Vaughn is taking the role of Eric Brady (Sami's twin brother) on DOOL.

Andrea said...

Jason and McBain were entirely too civil to each other. I wanted more tension. I was hoping the person who called Mcbain was Sam. A fight, some caustic remarks. SOMETHING!

Yes, intentional DOES mean on purpose. Thank you for clarifying that Jason.

Very nice scene between Carly and Liz. I think that it is the second time this week Jake was mentioned.

Apparently Starr has moved on from the death of her daughter, she is giving away her most special toys.

Trey is such a wuss. If you are going to do your Mob father's bidding get into it, be the jerk. It would play much better. The character has nothing I don't like him or dislike him. I just want the story to end. Blah.

I never would have noticed that it was a new TJ.

It was nice to see Mac, maybe next time he will bring Felicia, not just mention her.

Stephanie said...

Andrea said...
I think that it is the second time this week Jake was mentioned..


Maybe because he is in Switzerland with Robin!!!

One can only dream...

My2Cents2 said...

Carly, Liz & the Ghost had a nice scene together.

I could do without Starr altogether, let alone a FROG she has had in her purse since she was 2.

So stupid the Kardashian wedding. Why doesn't Krissy just give the kid money to get out of his contract? Its not like Krissys dad is broke.

love2chat402000 said...

It's about time that Carly showed some respect to Liz for the loss of Jake! Nice scene between them with Joss! Tired of children in peril.

sonya said...

Joe Jr and Jerry: Joe Jr Is freeeeeeeeee! YESSSSSSSSS! Now I want to see Joe Jr working for Jerry! :)

Wyndemere: Jason has a key for Wyndemere?!!?! HUH?! McJason are on the case!!! :) Oh look Ewen shows up. McJason asks Ewen questions, and he got all nervous! Time to change Ewen's diaper. :) Later, Jerry and Joe Jr show up. :) I am very very interested in this storyline!

Joe Jr Jr Jr and Starr: Tell me what is going on with your father! I have to tell Michael! Nag nag nag. Bug bug bug. It seems like he is about to tell her, when they both got a phone call. Michael to Starr about Joss, and Krissy to Joe Jr Jr Jr about her mother.

The hospital: Children of the corn Jossy still doesn't talk much and is mute. She did say hi to Starr, but that's about it! Joss's eyeballs move around and around! She is really creepy!!! I was waiting for her head to spin! Steve FINALLY realized that it's not a bug bite! It's a needle prick! Well duh Steve geez. Ewen is there to listen in on what is going on. Alexis is awake and still remembers nothing! Altho there was a moment where she almost remembered something, but then poof it's gone. Joe Jr Jr Jr tells Krissy, that the production company is suing him for the show! They want 10 shows and for him and Krissy to get married ROFL!

Kelly's: New TJ!!! TJ, Molly, and Shawn had a double date. Shawn with this lady he is dating named Rosie. I thought at first Rosie was his dog. Where IS his dog? Molly and TJ wonder who should Shawn date? Oh Alexis!!! Oh but wait no never mind! They don't think it's a good idea ROFL! HEY MAC YAY! Mac and Shawn talk about Alexis. Good to see you Mac baby!!! :)

mosbp said...

Sonya, Rosie was Courtney's dog...what is it with me this week that I keep remembering Courtney?

Brender said...

I don't know mospq. Courtney is one girl that I try to keep way back in the end of my brain. Horrible character.

sonya said...

mosbp said...Sonya, Rosie was Courtney's dog..
Yeah I know. :)

what is it with me this week that I keep remembering Courtney?
I don't know, but stop it! :) Get her out of your mind ASAP!

Brender said...I don't know mospq. Courtney is one girl that I try to keep way back in the end of my brain. Horrible character.
Yes!!! Worst..Character... EVER!

Di said...

Sonya, I thought Rosie was his dog too. lol And I was getting a little confused by the conversation.

I'm also hoping that all this mention of Jake means he's going to be coming back. I've always hoped his "death" was a ruse and a means of getting revenge over Jason.

The director needs to tell nuJoss to close her mouth when she's not speaking. It's not very flattering.

LaTanya said...

So basically Robin was kidnapped in order for her not to find a cure for what ever it is that's about to hit Port Charles.....that's the best I can come up with!

AntJoan said...

Yes, I also thought Rosie was his dog, as her name never has been mentioned before. Oh, yes, Rosie WAS Courtney's dog. . . .

AntJoan said...

OK, IMO, this is what's happening. Jerry is dying of some dread disease that so far is incurable. So he is giving the disease to everyone in PC, and, after they all are sick and dying, he will unleash Robin to help find the cure. Does this sound right to anyone else?

dar said...

When I said I wanted less of Sonny I meant him and the violence he inflicts. Instead we have lots of violence perpetrated by other people. Not at all what I had in mind.

Di said...

Sounds about right to me, AntJoan and it would make a great plot. The only problem I see with that is that he seems to have innoculated Alexis and Joss to keep them safe. And how could he do that if there was no cure?

AntJoan said...

If Alexis and Joss were innoculated, then it would be like any other vaccine--it might give you some symptoms, but would protect from the actual illness, as I think that vaccines are made of killed viruses.

kdmask said...

OR Alexis and Joss are human incubators ala Matrix lol I'm sure it's all retroactively explained :)

Di said...

That's very plausible too. Either way it's definitely going to keep us all glued to the screen for a while.

I'm now wondering what he wants Joe Jr.'s men for, and who he was implying was supposedly dead but he's bringing them back. I'm praying it's Jake. I would hope to heavens they wouldn't bring Franco back!!