Friday, August 3, 2012

Aussie's Galore!

 With the return of  Jasper Jacks, the rumor was a foot of a "return" for his brother Jasper. SOD Has confirmed that Ingo will be back to GH...for how long? Not sure-- and not sure if it's just a cameo or more full time.


  1. I am loving this so much!!!! Yay!!

  2. Please please bring Jax back--it's not the same show without him...also would love a "Robin return" Hope that's the plan!!! Love GH!!

  3. YAH!!!
    I have missed Jax. Now if when they bring him back, they write him carefully enough to restore him to his lively smiling high-spirited self, a bit of that happy-go-lucky corp raider who first arrived and was such fun. Loved him with Alexis.

  4. OH NOOOOOO!! Not Jerry Jacks!! Didn't he die, like, a million times already? Like Helena, who was thrown off a cliff, and then came back w/no explanation?!

    Don't we have enough sociopaths on the show? I HATE SOCIOPATHS, and do not find them entertaining.

    Jax can come back, that's fine.

    Also, a comment on nuKrissy. They traded a fine actress who created a wonderful, unique character for someone with a bigger rack who can't act. People, WOMEN watch this show, do you think we care about watching someone with large breasts??

  5. AntJoan....Jerry has died a few times according to my memory.

    Jax coming back is DELICIOUS!
    I only hope its for long term!

    NuKrissy isn't cutting it.

  6. Bring Roert back too...I love the Aussie Posses :)