Thursday, August 30, 2012

"We're Toast"!

Today was about panic. Note: McBain is made head of it all--not someone that's been there forever. LOL. Geeze.
They found some extras to act sick and panicked! 

I would have done it!

"Are you man enough to follow in your wife's footsteps??"
says Epiphany to Paddy. He doesn't even DO research but they have him do it on here. I guess for the drama. Seriously, he's a surgeon. That's just lazy.

Luke and Anna were such a buzz kill today, NOT THE DAY for this!! Snooze

All those poor people walking around sick with hideous gold colored blankets. LOL And the fluffy robes from the Toxic Ball incident. 

Tracy and Joe Jr. sweaty on the couch..eek.... Alice is going to get the Febreeze out.  

Luke told Anna about the Ethan Lie.
Jerry asked for a date for money 81100 million.  A date?

Dead man's hand? Aces and 8s?  YEP..Jax confirms it.  Whatever.  Spoilers should be up later when I wake up a bit lol.

"I thought you were damaged, but salvageable. I didn't know that there was nothing inside, and nothing to salvage," Alexis to Jerry


  1. Well, a nice touch to bring back the Dead Man's hand, since that's what first brought Sam to town- as Jax was her first PC lover.

  2. Lovin in the afternoon!!!
    Luke and Anna, Joe and Tracy, Jerry demanding it for the antidote with Alexis. Alexis and Sean kissing, Molly and TJ - talking about it, Carly and Johnny in the previews.

    At least we didn't have shirtless Luke.( Not so lucky with Joe)

    I wanted Monica to walk in on Tracy and Joe on the couch.

    I guess Joe thinks Sonny is going to have him killed anyway, so why bother taking the antidote. Give it to Tracy.

    OK, Now I want Jax and Sam to get together again. Just to annoy Carly.

    Dead Mans Hand revisited! The story that brought Sam to PC! Does this mean that AJ will be back? Wasn't he the guy who had the rest of the Dead Mans Hand way back when? He would want the whole town to die. If AJ comes back that would be a great way for Jason to die.

    McBain is in charge of the whole PC/FBI operation now. So we know everyone will be safe, bacause John McBAin has never failed.

    Everyone in coughing and starting to get sick. So far Edward has a fever, Joe coughing. Tracy got antidote. I guess more sick people tomorrow.

  3. Haven't watched today yet, but I think Joe should have made Tracy promise to adopt Trey if anything "happened" to him. That would be nice to have Trey, Kate's son, tied in with the Qs and therefore be "related" to Michael too. And he's just jerky enough to cause the Qs lots of trouble, but not jerky enough to ruin them. Could be fun! And doesn't Dillon Q make movies? Then they could bring him back so he and his new step-brother can work together!

  4. Anna and Luke: They had sex!!! :) Oh Luke tells Anna the truth about his lie to Robert about Ethan!!! About time Luke!!

    Kelly's: Molly is panicking and she is sweaty. TJ and Shawn are trying to relax her. Molly talks to TJ about her father. That she wishes she could talk to him. She can't reach him! She wrote letters to him and it's coming back to her!!! What the?!?! What has happened to Ric?!!?! Molly that is your father's job to contact you, not you! Where is Ric?!?!!? Molly and TJ both make a bucket list. On it, they both put down haven't made love! OH OH! DON'T DO IT!!!

    Q home: Tracy and Joe Jr have sex! WOOT WOOT! Go Tracy get your groove on! :) Hey at least she won't get pregnant! :) They have sex on the couch!! Oh oh I hope nobody walks in! Oh nobody does. Tracy talks about how her father is sick. :( Tracy is starting to have symptoms and so is Joe Jr! Joe Jr put the antitdote in the bottled water and gives it to Tracy! Awww! :) Man she is downing that water fast! :) It's like she hasn't been drinking water in 2 days haha!

    The hospital: All the day players are sick! Patrick wants to take blood from Joss to try to make a counter agent. Shawn kisses Alexis! :) That day player who his character is pushing his pregnant wife in the wheelchair, is hot! :) Where did HE come from? :)

    Metrocourt hotel: Todd and Johnny argue about the same damn thing! Carly and Joss come in. Carly wants to know what is going on and what did Johnny do now? Todd says Johnny probably knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried ROFL!

    Police station: There is a mob outside!!! The mayor is there and is going to do a press conference. Alexis is with Jerry. She wants to know what he wants!!!! Jerry wants one night with her. She agrees to spend the night with him in order to save her children. He doesn't want to sleep with her. She wants to know what he really wants!!! He tells her. She sees Jax!!! AWWWW I love the BFF's! :) She tells everyone at the police station, what Jerry wants. Money. 8 million 111! Which ties in to the dead man's hand!!!! DOH! Wow!!! The writers bring up the dead mans hand!!! Awesome! Do you remember the dead mans hand? :) I do!!! That was the time when Jax and Sam slept together. I don't remember their couple name.

  5. I thought it was odd that Patrick was suddenly responsible for finding the antidote too. He's a brain surgeon. Just because his wife was a researcher doesn't mean he is. Do they think the ability somehow rubs off in bed if you're married to one.

    I loved the chaos at the hospital. ( Joss actually looked scared as she watched the sick people being led That was very realistic.)

    And the mob outside the police dept was great too. Again, very realistic. All those extras. lol A year ago that would have blown their extra budget for the year!

    I also hope Krissie and TJ don't do anything stupid.

    And I found the bit where Joe Jr gave the antidote to Tracey to be more than a bit unbelievable. Here's a guy who has a very bad record when it comes to respect for women, to begin with. And he's only known her a few days. It makes for good drama, but I just didn't buy it.

    I loved the crack about Johnny knowing where Hoffa was buried too.

    And, of course, McBain is now in charge of the PC Police Dept too. *insert eye roll* If Anna was on leave why didn't they ask Mac to come back and take over temporarily. That would have made more sense. He knows the town, the people and the dept.

    Nice throwback to history with the Dead Man's Hand too.

  6. Oh, what is Dead Man's Hand, will someone please explain it to me? (I'm sure I was watching the show then, but I don't remember it.)

  7. Dido AntJoan, I was about to ask that too. I briefly gave up on GH when Kelly Monaco first came on the show. Nothing to do with Kelly Monaco, I was very busy with work. Missed that whole storyline.

  8. That was supposedly the hand that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot to death in the middle of a poker game. Since then it's been called the dead man's hand.

    1. McBain said that at the end of the episode but, what I meant was what's the history of it on GH in regard to Sam and The Jax's?

  9. Dead Man's Hand was simply the plot device to tie Sam in. I forget the particulars, but it was nothing BIG like the Ice Princess or Prometheus Disk.

    Di said:

    'And I found the bit where Joe Jr gave the antidote to Tracey to be more than a bit unbelievable. Here's a guy who has a very bad record when it comes to respect for women, to begin with. And he's only known her a few days. It makes for good drama, but I just didn't buy it.'

    We have no idea of the REAL backstory between Kate and Joe, only Kat/Connie's word, and we know what a liar Connie is. Compared to Sonny, Joe's a gentleman.

  10. Found this about the "Dead Man's Hand"... its under brief history

  11. Ron C tweeted that they were wrong..seriously he said not med student, nursing student

  12. I am LOVING Joe and Tracy. Hot! Luke is not going to know how to take this... I just cannot get into Luke and Anna - way too much history.

  13. I'm not feeling and I'm praying that they DON"T do another round of Jax and Sam, as a potential spoiler for Sam and McBain now that Jason will soon be departing.

    The Dead man's hand. Sounds convoluted if all of this has something to do with Jax's father (based on the original story)...but if this ushers in AJ Quartermaine and it turns out he's the one holding all the deceased Q's then I'M ALL IN!!

    I liked Joe's concern for Tracy. Far fetched and sudden, yeah maybe, but who cares. He finds her sexy, Tracy Q is getting some loving and she's not gum on the bottom of Luke's shoe anymore. Here's hoping Luke gets jealous over her new found love. That I would pay money to see, instead of her always chasing after him, paying his bills and loaning HIM her JET to fly around the world in the pursuit of another woman..Just saying. I love Anna but that was far beyond generous on Tracy's part.

    I don't get why Patrick hasn't seen Emma or seems to even care. There was one brief line that "she's okay so far" and that was it. That's alittle off to me but everything else was good. Like the mayor and the city wide panic finally, but the rest of the world would know by now. All people out of town would be fully aware of this pandemic in PC, especially its out of town residents (Kristina, Michael, Starr, Trey!).

    Alexis!!!! And that kiss that Shawn planted on her. Whew weee I love how NLG's body language first read shock (almost affronted) and then she slowly melted into him. Bad timing. Yes. Alexis is in warrior zone right now, not the time to CONFRONT her with affection (especially if its unwanted- we have yet to see her reaction) but if no Mac to comfort her I'm glad for a hunky Shawn to assist her.

    We got a RIC Mention!!! Dare we start to hope that we may see Mr. Lansing again!!! Or are the writers throwing out every name possible to throw us off the scent of the real villain behind all this.

    TJ and Molly are all kinds of cute. Don't like seeing kids have sex, so please don't go there, but the bucket list and their retorts back and forth over it was cute. They are polar opposites and its adorable.